A Social Media Examiner report found that 85% of the 5,000 online marketers they surveyed use visuals. In another study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 51% of B2B marketers place graphic design as a top priority in their content marketing strategies. Why? Because these people know that excellent visual assets can boost businesses to dizzying heights.

And out of all the visual content available, original graphics such as infographics get the most engagement, according to a Venngage study. Penji has a team of professional graphic designers that can help you create high-quality graphic design in business. Here’s how you can improve your brand growth through the use of good graphic design. 

The Commercial Benefits of Graphic Design in Business 

There are maybe a hundred ways to get consumers to buy from you. You can advertise via print and other forms of media. But why use graphic design? Every business owners’ goal is to get people to buy from them, but in a sea of stiff competition, how do you stand out? Through eye-catching graphic design. Here are the fiscal advantages of using graphic design: 

Influence Buyers’ Decisions 

Businesses that underestimate the importance of graphic design may be missing out on a few excellent selling opportunities. A study made by MarketingProfs shows that one-third of consumers base their buying decisions on the packaging. Great graphic design inspires purchases and attracts new customers that will increase your revenues. 

Stand Out from the Crowd 

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The effective use of graphic design can make consumers choose you over the competition. This portion of Urban Decay’s website shows how different they are from the usual cosmetics brand. Instead of the usual pinks, oranges, and tan hues, they went for a black and purple theme. 

Improved Market Positioning 

Establishing a name for your brand in the industry you’re in requires high-quality graphic design. First and foremost, your logo is your brand’s face that you show to everyone. When you have an effective logo, people will remember you. Match that with an excellent overall design, people will see you as an authority and someone they can trust with their business. 

Less Time to Advertise 

When your brand has good recall in consumers’ minds, you’ll lessen the time you have to spend advertising new products or services. Since you already made your mark in their memory with brilliantly designed digital assets, conversion comes easy. They’ll actively seek you out over the competition. 

Customer Loyalty 

Getting customers is one of the biggest challenges a business owner faces. But getting them to stay loyal is another thing. Word-of-mouth advertising is real, and loyal customers will do this for you when they see your brand as worthy of their trust. Aesthetically pleasing graphic design can inspire loyalty, which can also lessen customer complaints. 

Adds Value 

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A research done by the New York University Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) has found that buyers today shop with sustainability in mind. When your brand uses design that incorporates environment-safe practices, you’re adding value to your products and services. This example from Häagen-Dazs is made from steel that can be reused, but with its design, you know you’ll want to keep it. 

Why Use Graphic Design in Business 

Many would think that graphic design in business is the task of creating an outward appearance that’s visually appealing. Graphic design can indeed give your brand a lift in these areas: 

The list can get longer, but the point is, graphic design can do more for your business in ways that aren’t downright obvious. From ergonomics to interior design, you can use graphic design to benefit your business. With good graphic design, you can instill professionalism for your customers as well as your employees. 

Effective graphic design can make a good lasting impression on prospects and gain loyalty from existing ones. It can also create a pleasant working environment for your staff that can lead to more productivity. Compelling graphic design can relay a message of authority and professionalism for your customers. It can also make your business be a company that your employees would want themselves to be a part of. 

Graphic Design to Win New Customers 

Good design can help you provide a good experience for prospects. You can do this through your website, social media channels, or even your physical store if you have one. With pertinent research and understanding of your buyer persona, you can design prototypes that will answer their needs. 

You can create graphic design that goes with the trends to help you gain relevance. It helps keep existing customers interested while grabbing the attention of new leads. You’ll be able to do all these and become a business that is dynamic and never boring. 

Maximize the Use of Graphic Design 

Businesses shouldn’t think of graphic design as just an accessory to their marketing strategies. It is one of the essentials that needs careful planning from the get-go. Because of this, you have to include design in all aspects of your business. 

Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also result in a smoother flow of business. One right way to do this is by taking the time to understand your customers’ needs and creating design accordingly. Testing if your website fulfills your viewers’ questions is one example. Your social media posts will also show you how much you need to tweak in your designs. The key here is to know what your audience wants. 

Unlimited Graphic Design  

One of the reasons many entrepreneurs put off getting good graphic design is the cost. If this is what holds you back, unlimited graphic design services are your best bet. Penji offers unlimited graphic design service for as low as $369 per month. You can submit as many design requests as you need without the hassles of contracts or hiring a graphic designer. 

Our “Scan my Brand” feature will go through the pages of your website and social media platforms. We’ll give you a list of design improvements that you can take to help you give your customers a better experience. We’ll provide you graphic design to help you move forward with your business.