Maintaining Forbes’ Legacy and Embracing Innovation with Penji

Forbes is one of the leading business publications across the globe, with over 100 years of history. They are especially famous for their lists and rankings, such as their 30 Under 30 list and their annual list of the 400 richest Americans.








By having engaging and informative infographics to accompany articles and reports, Forbes witnessed a 7X increase in engagement rate on social media.

Scott from Forbes

Modernizing Marketing

Forbes is known as a reputable institution, giving them a leg up in the competitive world of SEO. At the same time, increasing digital reach requires upgrading branding for a digital audience.

Expanding Brand While Maintaining Consistency

Forbes is an iconic, highly recognizable brand, posting the unique challenge of creating new content that stays true to it.

Increasing Social Media Engagement

Forbes is interested in increasing its reach across new media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


By leveraging Forbes’ established style guide, Penji’s designers created new elements that stayed true to the trustworthy, business-savvy brand.

Utilizing Instagram’s unique features helped Penji create new forms of content for Forbes, experimenting with A/B testing to find the most engaging content.

Penji’s designers analyzed trends in the digital marketplace, Penji helped Forbes modernize their brand presence through social media.

single-hero-case-study single-hero-case-study single-hero-case-study


Forbes saw engagement on social media improve by 700% across channels.

With redesigned graphics, Forbes developed a more consistent brand image for their social feeds.

Forbes improved their average SEO ranking by 5.6 points using Penji blog illustrations and graphics.


social media improved across channels


increase in engagement rate


points average SEO Ranking

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