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Small businesses

Even Cupid Loves Our Valentine Ideas

Marketers see an opportunity in promoting their brand on holidays. It’s those days in a year where they see an increase in revenue because more and more have intent to buy. Not only that, brands try to establish a stronger...

January 14, 2020, by

Small businesses

Break Hearts With These Valentine Card Designs

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and for marketers, this is an excellent time to come up with a way of showing customer appreciation. This is a big holiday and a great opportunity to show them that you value them. It's...

January 9, 2020, by

Small businesses

The Use of Graphic Design In Interior Spaces

Every day, we're exposed to graphic design but sadly, many of us aren't even aware of it. From the billboards we pass by on the way to work to the logo on the candy bar that we snack on. It's...

January 2, 2020, by

Small businesses

Business Cards That Networkers Will Actually Keep

One of the things that networkers should keep in their arsenal is aesthetically pleasing business cards.  Business cards aren’t like flyers that networkers hand over. They are an extension that represents who you are as a networker. If you want...

January 1, 2020, by

Small businesses

Going All Out For Chinese New Year? Use These Party Ideas

The Chinese make up about 5% of the 44 million immigrants in the US as of 2016. That's a whopping 2.3 million, making them the third-largest foreign-born group after the Mexicans and Indians. About 20% of the world celebrate Chinese...

December 30, 2019, by

Small businesses

Get The Biggest Party Crowd By Using A New Year Poster 

The moment the gust of winter trundles in December, many businesses, agencies, or organizations prep for explosive New Year parties. As with welcoming a new year with renewed beginnings, celebrants also attend a myriad of New Year jamboree to commemorate...

December 16, 2019, by

Small businesses

Need Kwanzaa Holiday Designs? Look No Further

As people with varying ethnicities and cultures, it’s refreshing to know our heritage is celebrated year after year. Hannukah for the Jews, St. Paddy’s Day for the Irish, Cinco de Mayo for the Mexicans, and the Kwanzaa holiday for the...

December 13, 2019, by

Small businesses

Don’t Start 2020 Off Without A Good New Year’s Eve Invitation

When you think of New Year's Eve, the first thing that comes to mind are the parties! Hosting one can be an exhilarating yet exhausting experience. Even getting the right words on your invites can be quite a challenge. Well,...

December 12, 2019, by

Small businesses

Naughty or Nice, You’ll Love Our Christmas Graphics

You know that the Holidays are coming when you see colorful lights, festive Christmas trees, and ribbon-festooned wreaths everywhere.   For entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers though, Christmas graphics is one of the most exciting things to watch out for as soon...

December 11, 2019, by

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