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4.7 (220 reviews)

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Christine B.

Christine B.

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Amiel C.

Amiel C.

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Michael M.

Michael M.

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Oscar S.

Oscar S.

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Sharpen your brand identity

Sharpen your brand identity

Give your brand a fresh look and improve consistency across all channels. Use folders to keep track of branding and work with your favorite designers again and again.

Explore new design possibilities

Explore new design possibilities

An unlimited graphic design subscription allows you to expand your capabilities with more designs and high speed turnaround. Choose from over 120 categories.

Streamline marketing workflows

Streamline marketing workflows

Cut waste from your design process and empower your team to do more with simple pricing, instant assignment, 1-2 day delivery, and an automated project queue.

Why agencies
are switching
to Penji

Why agencies are switching to Penji

Work with vetted designers

Don’t rely on third-party creatives to fit into your brand by luck. Find the perfect designers from our in-house team of professionals.

Keep track of all your projects

One simple place to hold all your graphic design and illustration. Invite the whole team, see old designs, and start new ones.

Streamline your 
content flow

Get started on your projects in an instant with our A.I.-powered matchmaking process and automated design queue.

The creative extension of your team


Types of designs available

Motion graphics


Motion & Animation

Motion graphics


Motion graphics

Graphic design

Motion graphics

Web design

Motion graphics


Motion graphics

Branding & Logos


Reduction in design costs


Designs delivered worldwide

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Customer satisfaction rate

design solution graphic

Penji is the best

design solution graphic

One simple place to hold all your graphic design and illustration. Invite the whole team, see old designs, and start new ones.

Project manager
Top 2% of talents
Quality control
Responsive communication
Delivered on time
Easily switch designers anytime
Scalable plans matching your needs
Money-back guarantee

Simple pricing

Subscribe and save thousands on graphic design services.




For Startups & SMB's looking for a creative extension of their team.

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For Marketers seeking a dependable & affordable creative solution.

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For Agencies looking to outsource client projects & expand their team.

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graphic Evan from Coinbase
logo Evan from Coinbase

“The team works around the clock to bring unity to Coinbase!

Evan from Coinbase Evan from Coinbase


Web development

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Meet your new zie graphic design godffrey partners

Partner with Penji for exclusive access to our global team of professional graphic designers. They bring passion, creativity, and years of combined experience to every project, big or small.


Frequently asked questions

intercom faq

How do graphic design services work?

Penji operates on an unlimited/subscription-based graphic design service model. Rather than paying an hourly or per-project rate, you pay an upfront rate each month, quarter, or year and receive an all-inclusive design experience.

This model is a great fit for companies that need regular design help, such as agencies and large businesses. It also has applications for startups and SMBs who need a dependable design solution at a lower cost.

The model is simple: you pay a single subscription fee and get as many designs as you need, no hidden fees or contracts required.

Our designers are in-house—not freelance or third party. When you request a project, our A.I. assigns it to an available designer who’s worked on similar projects in the past. Instead of searching high and low for a good designer, you get instantly matched within seconds and get your first draft back in under 48 hours.

What sets Penji apart from other graphic design services?

Our subscription-based model makes us an affordable and quick design solution that doesn’t have to cut corners on design quality. Our experienced, creative designers offer a level of expertise that can’t be found with A.I. or D.I.Y. solutions. And our streamlined process saves you time and money relative to in-house, freelance, or contract design work.

What about other subscription-based services? You can check out our comparison pages for more information, but the difference boils down to three things:

  • Care
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency

We pass our people-first philosophy onto both our team and our clients. For our team, it means full-time employment, professional development, and a supportive work environment. For people like you, it means dedicated support, clear communication, and constant improvement.

We avoid deceptive tactics like fake reviews and hidden fees. Our support team works tirelessly to anticipate client needs and deal with issues that arise before they become serious. We consider all of our people to be professionals, and we respect them as such.

What types of graphic design can Penji create?

Penji proudly offers graphic design services in over 120 categories, including (but not limited to):

  • Advertisements
  • Logos & branding
  • Illustrations
  • Social media graphics
  • Web pages
  • Mobile/app design
  • Characters
  • Cover art
  • Print collateral
  • Flyers
  • Signage
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Displays
  • Packaging
  • Merch
  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Game assets
  • Motion graphics
  • Presentations
  • Infographics

Every project comes with source files and is 100% owned by you from the moment it’s delivered. We can accommodate most variation and file format requests, including Figma and Canva delivery for those on our Agency plan.

How are your designers vetted?

All of our designers are hired in-house to ensure quality. When being considered for a position, they undergo a rigorous testing process that ensures they have the creativity, pace, and professionalism we require. Only the top 2% of talent is hired.

Where are your designers located?

Our designers come together from all over the world, with our largest teams being located in Southeast Asia and Latin America. We ensure their ability to communicate with clients as part of the vetting process, and Agency subscribers can work exclusively with designers in US standard time zones for faster delivery.

How do revisions work?

You’ll be notified when the first draft of your design is done. This will happen within a day or two of when you submit your request. If a project is more in-depth, your designer will communicate with you to develop a timeline.

You can view your designs by logging into Penji and opening the finished project in your design queue. From here, there are two ways to communicate revisions:

Through the in-app chat. Message your designer directly with in-depth comments. You can even attach files like additional references and videos to ensure you get the tweaks you’re looking for.
Point-and-click revisions. Open a revision in-app to add comments with a click. These comments will be tagged to a specific spot on the design, so you can simply point out what needs fixing.

Revisions are typically delivered within 24 hours. Your Penji subscription comes with an unlimited number of revisions, so you can keep fine-tuning your design until it’s exactly as you like it. If you’re not clicking with your designer, you can easily get paired with a new one.

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