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Media kit

Resources for anyone interested in writing about Penji.

Brand assets

Product screenshots

Need some shots of what Penji looks like from a customer’s view? Find those right here.

Leadership photos

Checkout high resolution photos of our forward thinking leadership team.

Our people and offices

Tons of talented people work at Penji, both in our main office and our other spaces world wide.

Our Logo

This is our logo. Use the purple and pink version when possible, otherwise use what looks best for that use.

Describing Penji


Penji helps startups, agencies, and marketing teams achieve more with unlimited graphic design support at one flat monthly rate. Their easy-to-use online platform pairs you with a professional designer and lets you create as many design projects as you want for your designer to work on. No contracts. No hourly billing. Just fast, simple, and affordable graphic design for all.

Short description

Penji is an on-demand graphic design membership trusted by top brands around the world.

Trusted by 1000+ brands globally

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