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Case Study: Leveling Up Red Queen’s Digital Advertising

About Red Queen Red Queen is a gaming startup based out of Philly. Their website provides tools for gamers to get better at video games such as damage calculators and deck builders. As a marketplace, they provide resources for everything you need for some of the most popular games right now like Pokemon Go and Battle Hordes.  However, they’re more...

September 25, 2019, by

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Small businesses

Custom Packaging for Small Businesses: Why You Need It (Free Ideas Inside)

Most small businesses settle for generic packaging due to affordability. But ordinary packaging doesn’t make your business stand out. Imagine covering your product in mundane packaging on a store’s shelf side by side with other products in beautiful packaging? More...

September 18, 2020, by


15 App Design Icon Examples that Are Pure Eye Candy

On average, Statista finds that there are 2.2 billion apps on both the App and Play stores. It can be challenging to compete with other apps of the same function. One way to do this is to create an app...

September 18, 2020, by


Most EFFECTIVE Online Ads for Small Businesses (with examples!)

Today's circumstances and advancements in technology have made consumers flock online. The year 2019 saw a 2.7% increase in mobile phone users around the world, according to We Are Social. Now, roughly 5.11 billion people are using mobile phones, and...

September 17, 2020, by

Small businesses

21 Dashboard UI Design Ideas That are Too Dashing to Ignore

An app’s dashboard is meant to offer users the crucial info they need at any given time. It’s the first screen that you see when you log-in, and what you do next may greatly depend on the data that you...

September 16, 2020, by

Small businesses

Marketing Materials for Small Businesses: What You ACTUALLY Need

There are approximately 30.7 million small businesses in the US as of 2019, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. And as per the data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 20% of these small businesses fail...

September 15, 2020, by


A Non-Designer’s Guide to Good App Design

In 2019, there are roughly five billion mobile phone users around the world. Thus, it isn’t surprising that both established companies and startup businesses build their own app. Imagine what it can do to your business just to penetrate a...

September 14, 2020, by

Small businesses

Top Creative Small Business Advertising Ideas (with examples)

It’s challenging for small businesses to go neck and neck with the big industry players. Big companies have more resources and budget to cover for their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, small businesses have to be frugal when it...

September 11, 2020, by

Small businesses

Leveling Up Your Small Business by Investing in a Mobile App

The average American checks their mobile phones once every 12 minutes, according to the New York Post. Smart Insights also tells us that 90% of their mobile time is spent on apps. How do all these affect small businesses? A...

September 11, 2020, by

Small businesses

10 Best Mobile App Design Examples You NEED to See

When we say ‘design’, most people think it’s about being creative and artsy. While that is true, you have to understand that the best mobile app design is not just confined to creativity. You should visualize that millions of people...

September 11, 2020, by

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