Logo design

Custom Logo Design: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever judged a brand based solely on its logo? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. After all, a venture’s logo is its most important visual asset. Brand awareness, trustworthiness, authoritativeness, and many other attributes depend on that one design.  That said, your logo surely needs careful thought and planning. For instance, many of our clients don’t...

April 21, 2021, by

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Design Packaging Inserts to Increase Brand Loyalty

Meta: Increase product value and customer loyalty. Learn why you shouldn’t miss out on packaging inserts.  Your package should no longer just contain the product itself. Sure, you may have a stunning packaging design, but as a branding tool, it’s...

September 23, 2021, by


13 Quick Facts About Dan

Past Dan would be proud of present Dan with all that he has accomplished, especially at Penji! He rose to the occasion when asked to lead a team of designers, and we couldn’t be happier. Want to learn more about...

September 22, 2021, by

Small businesses

What are the 12 Brand Archetypes?

Archetypes in branding are pretty much the persona of your brand. Think of your brand as a fictional character from your favorite movies. You have your antagonist, protagonist, confidant, or tertiary characters. Then think of these characters’ general traits —...

September 22, 2021, by


Prime Examples of Visual Metaphors Used in Creative Advertising

The word metaphor is a figure of speech that represents a thing or person with something symbolic. On the other hand, a visual metaphor in advertising pertains to graphics that associate a thing or person via similar characteristics. It’s primarily...

September 21, 2021, by

Logo design

The Only Logo Design Checklist You’ll Need for Your Brand

The logo design process is both an exciting and nerve-wracking undertaking. One wrong design element and your logo and brand are bound to fail. And this is why putting a checklist logo design before hiring the experts is recommended. Here’s...

September 20, 2021, by

Ad agencies

Where Can I Hire a Digital Artist Online?

Digital artists are individuals who use tech as a medium for their artwork. Contrary to traditional techniques, digital art is made using computer software to create illustrations, 3D animation, custom logos, and more. Think of digital artists as your go-to...

August 30, 2021, by


Hire a Storybook Illustrator for Your Next Children

It’s amazing how little kids gawk at beautiful illustrations in children’s picture books, all thanks to a storybook illustrator. If authors want to complete the narrative, interpret the story, and encourage engagement from kids, hiring an illustrator is recommended. And...

August 29, 2021, by


User Interface Designer: What does a UI designer actually do?

A user interface designer or UI designer is tasked with the user-friendliness of a website, app, or software. UI designers focus on a human-centered approach that revolves around the user’s needs. The goal of a user interface designer is to...

August 28, 2021, by

Social media marketers

25 Digital Artists to Follow on Instagram

Looking for inspiration for your next passion project or marketing campaign? I’m sure you’ll find these 25 digital artist examples interesting as they showcase their works of art on Instagram. 1. Dan LuVisi Followers: 174k Dan LuVisi is not only...

August 27, 2021, by

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