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Logo design

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Logo Design

Creating the most suitable logo for your brand is one of the most challenging tasks you’ll face as a business owner. That’s because your logo is your brand’s identity with which your customers and prospects will recognize you. Brand awareness, trustworthiness, authoritativeness, and many other attributes depend on that single design that can lead your business to either success or...

February 28, 2020, by

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Facebook Ads: The Last Guide You’ll Need for Advertising on Facebook

Connecting with over 1 billion users sounds like a marketer’s dream. With Facebook Ads, you can do just that.  Using the world’s largest social network has its own challenges, but the reach and visibility can level the playing field for...

April 3, 2020, by


Don’t Scroll Past These Amazing Web Pages

Any company, regardless of industry, knows its business website can rake in the goodies. It’s the conduit between the brand and its audience. Of course, this fact no longer needs emphasizing. Every brand initially builds its website from the get-go....

April 3, 2020, by


Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Designs Are Trendy Again

If an ad tells you to buy brand X and a friend urges you to buy brand Y, whose suggestion do you choose? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably go for the brand your trusted buddy suggests. Statistics tell...

April 2, 2020, by


Body Positivity And Inclusivity In Marketing Campaigns

Some brands have taken part in body positivity marketing campaigns over the last few years. It has changed the way not only other brands market their products or services, but also empower their customers or consumers. The rise of body...

April 1, 2020, by


The Hot New Topics In Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is an interesting field because the techniques change over time. It’s challenging and you have to be on the lookout for new trends. You can’t use the same strategy that worked ten years ago. Chances are, it is...

March 31, 2020, by


Graphic Design Isn’t Visual Communication And This Is Why

Most of us know that graphic design is the use of art to communicate visually using a variety of mediums. So it's relatively easy to confuse it with visual communication. When you examine carefully, these two have a lot in...

March 30, 2020, by

Social media marketers

Infographic: 6 Best Practices For Social Media Posts

Growing on social media doesn’t have to be rocket science! Learn simple strategies and the best practices for social media posts. Billions of people are on social media as you’re reading this. Whether they are posting, liking, following, commenting, or...

March 28, 2020, by


12 Major Branding Lies We’ve Been Told

Achieving success for your business means using the most effective branding and marketing strategies. However, strategizing doesn't come in a one-size-fits-all scheme. What works for one won't necessarily mean it will work for you, but learning from them surely helps....

March 27, 2020, by

Social media marketers

11 Types of Facebook Ads And How To Use Them

Facebook Ads give businesses a competitive advantage when used correctly. In order to have a sound Facebook Ad Strategy, it’s essential to have knowledge of the different types of Facebook Ads and Facebook Ad design. When used correctly, the value...

March 26, 2020, by

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