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Shontae Smarr: Rescuing Philadelphia From Food Insecurity

Episode # 39 of Shades of Success features Shontae Smarr, Director of Philly Food Rescue Program at Uplift Solutions. I recently came across Philly Food Rescue on Linkedin and reached out to Shontae to learn more. She’s passionate about tackling...

September 18, 2019, by


Tiara Zolnierz: Why Following The Good Vibes Will Always Lead You To Success

Episode #37 of Shades of Success focuses on the entrepreneur, artist, and athlete, Tiara Zolnierz. I’ve heard about EnrichHer for quite some time, and through the referral by the founder, I was able to talk with Tiara in depth. EnrichHer...

September 4, 2019, by


TeLisa Daughtry: Powering Women & Girls To Become Innovators in Tech

Episode #36 of Shades of Success features the autodidact and founder of FlyTechnista, TeLisa Daughtry. FlyTechnista has been on my radar for a while, and the wait was worth it. TeLisa's ardent advocacy in empowering women and girls in the...

August 28, 2019, by


Ron Choi: Love Gaming Creates A Safe Space for Competitive Gaming and Mental Health

Episode #35 of Shades of Success talks about the never-ending stigma on mental health in the eyes of Ron Choi. Ron Choi is the founder of Love Gaming, an organization that uplifts like-minded individuals in the gaming space. In this...

August 14, 2019, by


Charlie Bonner: How MOVE Texas Registers Over 35,000 Young Voters Per Year

Episode #34 of Shades of Success features Charlie Bonner, the passionate political operative and advocate that empowers the youth to use their voice in shaping their future. MOVE Texas, the brainchild behind Charlie’s drive to combat voter suppression, has helped...

August 7, 2019, by


Cullen Schwarz: The Amazon for Social Good Wants to Empower You With Every Dollar You Spend

Episode #33 of Shades of Success features Cullen Schwarz, a driven individual who aims to empower others to make informed decisions of their purchases. He’s passionate about helping brands that leave a social impact. Even Forbes Magazine recognized the start-up...

July 31, 2019, by


Claire Coder: Providing Menstrual Products To All Those In Need

Episode #32 of Shades of Success features Claire Coder, the proud 22-year-old founder of the menstrual movement — Aunt Flow. Claire’s unique vision of how available menstrual products can change a woman’s life compelled me to do an in-depth interview....

July 25, 2019, by


Andrea Demichelis: How This New Search Engine Will Provide Clean Water To 1 Million People

Episode #31 of Shades of Success features Andrea Demichelis, a young Italian man striving to leave an impact in the world, one water donation at a time. His mission towards helping people in developing countries by providing them with clean...

July 25, 2019, by


Izzy Jackson: Promoting Housing Equity in Philadelphia

Episode #29 of Shades of Success features Izzy Jackson — the ambitious founder of Dwell City LLC. One of the highlights of the recent Philly Tech Week symposium was meeting Izzy Jackson. In our interview, I marveled at her passion...

July 11, 2019, by

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