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We aim to be the world's most dependable design service while offering you the healthiest and most desirable work environment.

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More than a place to clock in and out

Career growth

Join a fast-growing team with career growth potential. Learn new skills, challenge yourself, make new friends, and become a better artist at Penji.

Friendly work environment

Be part of a relaxed environment that lets you be yourself. Participate in team activities, join our official E-sport team, and enjoy yourself.

Performance incentives

Compete for Designer of the Month, earn badges, and get recognized for being extraordinary. At Penji, your competitive spirit is celebrated.

Meet your future coworkers

“Penji gives you the right amount of pressure to improve but not too much for you to start pulling your hair. Plus, Penji make sure they're with you all the way."
Jayson works for Penji from Manila and has been a Penjian since 2020
"Working at Penji is the dream. You get to know tons of different kinds of people—and they help you a lot throughout the day."
Terence works for Penji from Zamboanga and has been a Penjian since 2019
It feels great to be part of Penji, you feel valued and get to learn new things. There are always new challenges and learning opportunities
Kathleen works for Penji from Quezon and has been a Penjian since 2020

Commit to a company that

Work from home

Penji is fully remote. Work from the comfort of your home or where ever your laptop is.

Family leave

Receive paid maternity and paternity leave to spend time with your loved ones.

Vacation days

Earn Vacation Days every month to give you time to rest and recharge.

Stay healthy

Veteran members earn healthcare bonuses to keep themselves up & running.

Annual retreat

Come together every year for a huge celebratory party with the team.

Promotional opportunity

Let your ambition shine and rise through the ranks at Penji.

Paid to learn

Improve your skills with Penji Academy and premium online resources.

Overtime pay

Overtime opportunities are offered every week for some extra cash.

Awards & Contests

Have competitive spirit? Compete in design contests monthly against your peers to earn extra coin.

Join our journey

Since 2017, we set out to be the world’s most dependable design company, one that takes care of its people. We are selective with who we bring onboard. Every member has a special place on our team.

Penji isn’t for everybody. Only those with the desire to achieve more and overcome obstacles will do well. Here, you won’t be overloaded, but you will be challenged.

Penji was born

October 2017

5 people started an initiative to help others. Due to popular demands - a company was later formed. Oct 21, 2017, Penji was born.

Software launch

June 2018

Penji's exponential growth outgrew our basic management tools. We launched our own management software - Penji App.

First retreat

November 2019

Our global team got together for Penji's first in-person retreat to celebrate the company's rapid growth.

Global expansion

July 2020

Penji expanded to over 15 countries as demands grew and provided jobs, opportunities, and support for communities we touched.

Community support

March 2021

As Penji grew, so did our ability to help others. Penji Against Hate, was launched to support organizations combating injustices globally.

Celebrating growth

January 2022

We celebrated yet another year of 2-3x growth with our entire global team spanning 20+ countries.

Penji gives me opportunities to improve my skills.
It’s an awesome experience working at Penji! The opportunities for growth are absolutely great. I’ve learned different design skills which have broadened and improved my skillset."
Rusty S.
Designer at Penji since 2019

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Great culture starts at the top

We're proud to serve and support our members. Our no-barrier policy encourages dialogue with anyone at Penji, regardless of their position.

Cuong Pham

Lead Developer

Johnathan Grzybowski


Khai Tran

CEO, Co-founder

Liam Ely


Leah Nodado

Senior Team Leader

Royce Martinez

Lead Product Designer

Billie Cordova

Design Team Leader

Godffrey Verbosidad

Design Team Leader

Karen Faith

SEO Team Leader

Jo Acierto

Design Team Leader

Andree Olvera

Design Team Leader

Jove Cagande-Ponseca

Human Resources

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Design team:

Project Manager

Project manager

Web & App designer

Web & App designer



Graphic designer

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Marketing team:

Outreach Specialist


Sales Development Specialist

Intermediate or Experienced

Customer Support Specialist

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Graphic & Video Designer

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