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Entrepreneurship organizations

“Penji has been a fantastic partner to work with. Their team is very easy to work with, efficient,  and they have allowed us to expedite our design process. We look forward to continuing to us their services as our business grows.”

Michael Marra
CEO, Entre

Accelerators & incubators

“CIC has had the pleasure of working with Penji in a number of ways and we’ve always been impressed with their professionalism, talent, and quick turnaround. They truly support the startup community and have provided essential resources to the companies in residence here, from workshops to starter kits, to help accelerate their growth.”

Francesca Galarus
Relationship Manager, CIC

Coworking spaces

“Whether Penji is curating panelists for speaking events or offering 1776 Cherry Hill member startup companies their unlimited graphic design, I know that Penji adds credibility and value for my members. Penji is collaborative and responsive. I consider them a trusted partner.”

Scott Poris
Campus Director, 1776

What our partners get

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Join a growing team and start your career at Penji. Learn new skills, and take on new challenges alongside the top creatives in the world.

Premium discounts for your members

We give you the support to do your best work. Joke around with your colleagues on Slack and talk to any of the leaders when you need help.

Referral introductions for preferred partners

We are fans of self-improvers and go-getters. That’s why we award the top designers each month and offer raises to the highest performers each year.

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