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How To Start A Startup In Your 30’s

How to start a startup in your 30's. If you're a millennial like me, then you're probably on your way to 30's (or already in your early 30's). And social media doesn't stop reminding you how old you are compared to all the young entrepreneurs popping out everywhere. Being 30 nowadays feel like being 40 because we millennials are caught...

July 7, 2018, by


15 App Design Icon Examples that Are Pure Eye Candy

On average, Statista finds that there are 2.2 billion apps on both the App and Play stores. It can be challenging to compete with other apps of the same function. One way to do this is to create an app...

September 18, 2020, by


20 Creative Ecommerce Website Examples For Your Next Project

Having an ecommerce business entails much more than when you’re creating regular blogs or websites. Your online store has to look and feel like a real brick-and-mortar store where everything is neatly laid down to give easy access to your...

August 18, 2020, by


Mobile App Designs That Will Inspire You

The years 2016 to 2018 have seen a steady rise in the downloading of mobile apps. This is due to the rising usage of the internet on mobiles as compared to desktop computers. This, in turn, has resulted in billions...

August 17, 2020, by


Tips On Running A Successful Online Business

Back in the old days, if you wanted to start your own business, you had to secure funding so that you could open a storefront or rent an office to work. Thankfully, it's never been easier to start an online...

August 12, 2020, by


14 Best eCommerce Platforms In 2020

The eCommerce industry is a growing trend. Experts from WPForms forecast a $4.5 trillion increase in eCommerce sales by 2021! So if you’ve been dreaming of building your eCommerce store, now is the best time to create one. But before...

August 12, 2020, by


Everything You Need to Know Before Outsourcing Graphic Design

Did you ever want to outsource graphic design but didn’t know how? This comprehensive guide will help you learn the ropes in getting the best graphic design for all your marketing strategies. We’ll walk you through with this step-by-step guide...

August 11, 2020, by


Software Every Startup Needs In 2020

Starting a business is not an easy feat. As they always say, there will be birth pains. While that is true, it doesn’t mean you can’t get help. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and software that can make...

March 25, 2020, by


13 Reasons Startups Need Marketing Designers

According to Finances Online, 49 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses claim that graphic design is crucial to their success. That’s the reason the advertising expenditures surged to 173 billion dollars in 2015 as per a Statista study. And by...

March 3, 2020, by


Interactive Digital Brochures for Startups

Humans are naturally programmed to process visuals faster than texts. The main reason brochures are an essential part of a startup's marketing strategy. Communicating with your target market is imperative, and one of the best ways to send your message...

February 13, 2020, by

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