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10 Book Cover Designs That Push The Envelope

Despite the saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover,” many readers are guilty of doing so. After all, book cover designs are meant to reflect what’s inside the pages. In the same vein, it’s supposed to visually represent the...

March 24, 2020, by

Education Leaders

14 Effective Higher Education Marketing Strategies For 2020

When we think of higher education, the farthest thing that comes to mind is business. But the truth is, education is business, a competitive one at that. For universities to get an increase in enrollment and revenues, a digital marketing...

January 21, 2020, by

Education Leaders

10 Ways to Successfully Brand Your University

We don’t really see universities as businesses, but they do have to market themselves to their target audience just like any other company. Without marketing and effective graphic design, a university can’t survive on its own. Even large, established colleges...

May 31, 2019, by

Education Leaders

How University Branding Can Affect Enrollment Rate

There’s a reason why the Ivy League is such a big deal to senior high school students. With a spike in tuition fees year after year, students and parents would want to spend their hard-earned money in exchange for something...

May 10, 2019, by

Education Leaders

7 Ways A University Branding Strategy Brings In Students

You need a university branding strategy to help you stand out and attract students to your campus. Every university has its programs, but they don’t know why you stand out. You have to show them what makes you unique compared...

April 8, 2019, by

Education Leaders

8 Successful University Rebranding Examples

Branding is important. Aside from a name, a logo, color scheme, and language are the most identifiable assets that an institution has in order for people to know who this entity is, or what they represent. You see it all...

March 19, 2019, by

Education Leaders

10 School Branding Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

The branding of a school often tells a lot about that school's values and culture, and goals. School branding ideas that make an impact are not only limited to logos, school colors or themes, and mascots. It should be a...

March 11, 2019, by

Education Leaders

What To Include In An Educational Marketing ‌Strategy

Educational marketing is the concept of bringing awareness to a topic of your choosing. Many opt to use ideas related to their business because it helps educate their audience to make decisions. It’s not about selling the service but making...

March 6, 2019, by

Education Leaders

How To Prepare For A University Redesign ‌

What is a redesign? Redesigning means you're changing either the function, the appearance or the content of some part of your brand. For an entire university, this might feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Updating your school’s design...

March 4, 2019, by

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