Our mission is to make graphic
design fast, simple, and affordable.
The way it should be.

We’re also a Community driven startup

We believe a company should do more than just generate profits. At our core, we’re fun loving individuals building a supportive company that cares for one another and also care for those in our community. And we want you to be proud that you’ve chosen a good company to work with.

What diversity means to us

Our story

After experiencing first hand how expensive and time consuming graphic design was for small businesses and startups, our founders created Penji. Our goal was to make quality graphic design fast, simple, and affordable for everyone. The way it should be.

Today Penji’s unlimited graphic design platform supports thousands of brands and agencies worldwide including known brands such as Rebook, Pepboys, 1800-Flowers, and Express. And at the same time remain true to our values and support our community.

We have a moral obligation to lift up those around us as we grow. And that’s why we pledge 10% of our monthly profits to help those who are helping others, in addition to offering our full service at a highly discounted rate to qualified non-profits and social-impact startups through our Unlimited programs.

Values we live by

These five values guide each and every decision we make. Our company, our culture, and the success of our customers are the reflection of our values.


Love thy customer

We always put our customers first. Our customers are the reason we exist and we want to show our gratitude by providing the best experience that a company can provide.


Give generously

Our goal is to make an impact, not an impression. And to strengthen our community, we help those who help others to provide a better quality of life for those around us.


Be dependable

We strive to be the company that both our team members and our customers can depend on.


True to oneself

Transparency and honestly can only exist if we are true to ourselves. And that we are.


Quality above all

We’ll only deliver work that we are proud to show our mothers.



Helping those who help others

Something that started as a local mission to support non-profits in the city of Camden turned into a global campaign to support countless fights in the benefits of countless causes.

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Embrace diversity and inclusion

Diversity is more than just demographic data. We understand that by promoting diversity, we have a responsibility to uphold all forms of inclusion in our workplace.

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