Penji - The Community Conscious startup that gives back

We believe great
design has the ability
to bring great success

We’re a lovable team of people who look to make a difference in people’s lives.

We believe great design has the ability to bring great success
Penji has been selected as a 2018 startup to watch!

Penji has been selected as a 2018 startup to watch!

Philadelphia Magazine has recognized us as one of the top 10 startups to watch out for in 2018.
We’re a fast growing startup that’s empowering others to grow and scale with confidence.

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Who are we?

Who are we?

We used to be an agency. We’re now a startup. And we’re definitely NOT androids despite mounting evidence of us always being online and reliably delivering awesome designs 24/7.

We’re a team of creative individuals who loves to have fun and help others achieve their goals. Penji allows us to help others in meaningful ways and be ourselves.

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Why did we launch Penji?

We used to be an agency ourselves and saw a huge problem that no one was talking about. Why was graphics design so darn expensive?!

Doing it yourself was too time consuming.
Hiring an in-house graphic designer was too expensive.
And outsourcing/freelancing was unreliable.

Frustrated, we decided to solve it ourselves. The original side project was called “Penji”. It was a tool for designers and customers to communicate ideas and give feedbacks rapidly. Penji reduced emails to 0% and improved communication by at least a bajillion percent. Designs that used to take weeks, now took days, sometime even hours. Penji was a major success for us internally and for our customers.

Our pet project was soon responsible for dramatically increasing our revenue, productivity, and customer retention. One day, it occurred to us that others out there can use this solution. Thus...Penji was born.

Ben Franklin Bridge, Camden, NJ

Why did we launch Penji?

Our values

Our company, our team culture, and the success of our customers are the reflection of these values. Every decision we make as a company are guided by these values.

Love thy customer

Our customers are the reason why we exist and the reason why we’re able to give back and make an impact.

Give generously

We give to make an impact, not an impression. And we help those helping others.

Be dependable

We strive to be the company both our team members and our customers can depend on.

True to oneself

Transparency and honesty can only exist if we are true to ourselves. And that we are.


We’ll only deliver work we’re proud to show our mothers.

We give back to our community

We give back to our community

We believe in helping those who help others, and who does that better than the non-profit organizations in our community? So we decided to launch Camden Unlimited, where qualified non-profit organizations can register to use Penji for $1/month. No strings, no personal favors, and no expiration date.

Camden Unlimited has one specific mission, and that is to help non-profit organizations grow, thrive, and succeed. All that we ask from them (besides $1 every month), is that they stay true to their mission and continue helping others.

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What makes our company great

What makes our company grea

We embrace diversity

We believe it takes a diverse team of people with different background, race, and belief in order to innovate and create.

What makes our company great

We value personal growth

We encourage each of our team members to constantly grow, learn, and one day pursue bigger and better things.


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