Celeste Zosimo, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Celeste Zosimo

Cel is a traditional animator for over than 15 years. She is also a Fine Arts Graduate who majored in Advertising and is now a Content Writer.

Articles written by Celeste Zosimo:


Graphic Design Isn’t Visual Communication And This Is Why

Most of us know that graphic design is the use of art to communicate visually...


12 Major Branding Lies We’ve Been Told

Achieving success for your business means using the most effective branding and marketing strategies. However,...

Social media marketers

Setting Facebook Ad Goals for the Most Effective Campaign

Don't waste your time creating Facebook campaigns that fail. We've done our research on Facebook...

Social media marketers

Which Facebook Ad Formats to Use with Examples

The best way to get results from your Facebook Ads is by creating an experience...

Social media marketers

Is Facebook Audience Network Worth It?

Facebook Audience Network announced that beginning April 11, 2020, the platform would no longer accept...


10 Unspoken Graphic Design Rules You Shouldn’t Break

Graphic design is everywhere. Not many people realize it, but even the most mundane things,...

Social media marketers

Online Advertising: Facebook Ad vs Google Ad

Should I invest in Facebook Ads or Google Ads?  Advertisers are looking for channels to...

Logo design

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Logo Design

Creating the most suitable logo for your brand is one of the most challenging tasks...

Small businesses

14 Amazing Websites to Open Your T-Shirt Store

If you’re one of the many people aspiring to go into the online t-shirt business,...

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