Celeste Zosimo, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Celeste Zosimo

Cel is a traditional animator for over than 15 years. She is also a Fine Arts Graduate who majored in Advertising and is now a Content Writer.

Articles written by Celeste Zosimo:

Small businesses

Affordable Web Design That Your eCommerce Business NEEDS

Having a strong online presence can be costly, especially when it comes to getting an...


Different Types of Illustration Styles that Will Transform Your Content

Top influencer Neil Patel says that high-quality visual content can build a good reputation and...

Small businesses

25 Examples to Help You Create the Ultimate Homepage Design

Your website only has 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression, according to studies...

Small businesses

Your Last Stop to Finding an Illustrator for Remote Work

Contrary to what most people know, illustrations aren't for book cover designs only. Illustrators create...

Small businesses

The Ultimate Resource of Illustrations for Presentations

It's common for business owners to make presentations to inform, motivate, educate, or persuade. Whatever...


Hire an Illustrator: Finding the Best Illustrator for the Job

According to Contently, content has a connection to quantifiable business outcomes. This could be the...

Small businesses

Major Differences Between Illustration Design and Graphic Design

It's a fact that graphic design and illustration are integral parts of a successful business....

Small businesses

Web Graphics: Why Your Website Will Fail Without Them

According to the World Economic Forum, there are around 1.7 billion websites as of September...

Small businesses

Why Hiring Infographic Designers is the BEST Solution for Your Content

Researchers from the Wharton School of Business can attest to the fact that content with...

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