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A Non-Designer’s Guide to Good App Design

In 2019, there are roughly five billion mobile phone users around the world. Thus, it isn’t surprising that both established companies and startup businesses build their own app. Imagine what it can do to your business just to penetrate a...

September 14, 2020, by


How Visuals Can Level Up Your Marketing Game

Visual content marketing is on the rise. Businesses and start-ups find the value of using visuals in their marketing strategies for their engagement and conversion rates. With that, we also notice how businesses are using design services to help them...

August 21, 2020, by


Banner Ad Design Best Practices Every Non-Designer Should Know

According to eMarketer, banner ads are some of the most popular types of display ads. They’ve been around since 1994, but sadly, they’re not as effective now as they were back when they first appeared. As early as 2015, a...

August 17, 2020, by


8 Types of Effective Outdoor Advertising

Companies clamor for high foot traffic spots, areas, and spaces for their outdoor advertising. That’s because out-of-home advertising is still very effective today. According to Trailerad, 98 percent of people worldwide see a minimum of one outdoor billboard advertising weekly....

August 12, 2020, by


Body Positivity And Inclusivity In Marketing Campaigns

The rise of body positivity campaigns enabled more people to support brands that embrace and accept themselves. The internet has given way to make others aware of not accepting skinny as the only body standard. Brands should realize they should...

August 11, 2020, by


Web Page Design Inspiration that Gets Sales (And how you can get your own)

Every business owner dreams of having a website that rakes in sales. They want one that gets visitors to either contact or buy from them. And this goal is totally doable if you know what you need to do.  Many...

July 28, 2020, by


Brand Style Guide Examples Every Startup Needs to See

Do you ever wonder how brands make their logo, text, and color consistent in ads, packaging, and other materials or marketing visuals? That’s because they follow a brand style guide that sets the standard for all of those. Without it,...

July 23, 2020, by


Mobile UX Design Principles Marketers Should Know

How can marketers help designers in building mobile UX designs? What principles can these two professions share?  At first glance, you might think that being a marketer and a UX designer fall on different ends of the spectrum. However, there...

July 13, 2020, by


A Marketer’s Guide to Basic Lean UX Principles

Every marketer or entrepreneur strives for an excellent UX design. Moreover, the burden is passed onto the UX designer for the best outcome as possible. Inescapably, the results are impacted by several factors. And where traditional UX design failed before,...

July 9, 2020, by

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