Whether you’re an upscale local restaurant or a global snack empire, Facebook advertising can help you reach a whole new audience.

A good food ad doesn’t necessarily make someone want to buy right away. By selling your product well, you can get your audience to think of you the next time they’re buying groceries, ordering takeout, or planning an event.

These ad templates are created by professional designers using best practices for Facebook advertising. Use them as inspiration, or download them and make them your own right here.

10 Facebook ads for restaurants, snacks, drinks, and more

Whether your products are hand-made or mass-produced, successful ad campaigns create a sensory memory with their audience. This might involve the actual sensations of eating/drinking your product, or the happy occasions where that consumption takes place.

The pro designers at Penji have prepared these examples of Facebook ads for restaurants, food, and beverages that get results.

1) Heineken beer ad Facebook template

Heineken Facebook ad template

This ad for Heineken illustrates a simple-yet-effective way to recall fond memories in your audience. Rather than portraying a specific event, it uses sparkling, mystical imagery with the effective slogan, “Good beer, good times.”

What are those good times, exactly? The audience fills in the blanks themselves.

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2) Soju company Facebook ad template

Soju marketing template

What’s the first thing that catches your eye about this soju company Facebook ad? Chances are, it’s one of two things. First, the bursting splash graphic, utilized by many drink companies to convey refreshment. Second, the punny tagline underneath.

This is an ad that can mean different things to different people. Some will find it funny, others refreshing, exciting, subdued, the list goes on. If you can strike a balance between tones, your ad can have a much broader appeal.

3) Facebook ad for wine template

Wine advertising template with rustic vibe

Facebook ads for restaurants and brands on the upscale side require a certain finesse. If you try too hard to be fancy, you might just come off as cheesy.

This rustic wine ad sort of moves in the opposite direction. It advertises wine the same way an earlier ad advertised Heineken: with a product shot and a lighthearted slogan. This isn’t pretending to be a high-class catalog; it’s an ad for Facebook, with all the attention-grabbing tricks that entails.

4) Facebook ad template for Sprite

Facebook ad template for Sprite

We’ve mostly looked at alcoholic beverages up to this point, but the same principles apply for advertising any beverage on Facebook. Keep refreshment in the customer’s mind, showcase your product, and keep the concept simple.

That being said, you’ll notice that this ad is a little more complicated than it first appears. The swirl of sparkling Sprite, with limes, lemons, and leaves floating around it. It doesn’t distract from the Sprite can at the center, but it gives the ad a sense of character and professionalism.

5) Summertime juice Facebook ad template

Ad template for orange juice drink

I promise, this is the last beverage ad on the list. Seasonal marketing is a great way to make your brand stand out. You’ll see it in clothing ads a lot, but it can be just as effective for marketing food and beverages.

Here, a citrusy juice drink is associated with summertime refreshment. Note that the only thing specifically “summer” about this ad is the word “summertime” in big, bold text. With that suggestion, the oranges and the juice become summery by association.

6) Snack food Facebook ad template

Facebook ad design for chocolate snack stick

These Pocky-like Korean treats consist of cookie sticks coated in chocolate with almond chunks. Not a hard sell, right?

That’s why this ad uses the same simple principles we’ve already seen on display: the product, a catchy slogan, a simple color scheme, and an array of ingredients to make it pop. You can apply these ideas to advertising almost any product, especially snack foods and beverages.

7) Facebook ad template for M&Ms

M&Ms marketing design for Facebook

M&Ms have such an iconic brand, they hardly need to advertise. Still, there are lessons to be learned from the way they give their product personality—or personalities. Note how they manage to have such a vibrant brand despite muted brown packaging and a black-and-white logo.

The “fell in love” motif makes this a great ad for Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, falling in love with your brand is a theme you can use any time of year.

8) Peanuts snack Facebook ad

Spicy peanuts snack advertising template

You get the picture by now. Product shot, slogan, burst effect. The unique thing about food advertising is that you’re usually not trying to get someone to click on your website or contact you for a service. Facebook ads for restaurants, food & beverage are often just trying to remind their audience that their product exists.

Even if you’re selling a product or brand to try and reach a new audience, you don’t want to deviate from the formula too much. Convey what your product brings to the table (in this case, a spicy crunch) as succinctly as possible.

9) Facebook ads for restaurant crispy chicken

Facebook ad for restaurant with crispy chicken sandwich

The same principles that apply to snack food ads can also apply to restaurants, especially fast food restaurants advertising specific menu items. There are a few subtle differences, however.

When you’re advertising restaurant food, you want to convey that it’s hot and fresh. Cooked food is more likely to be presented on a surface, as you see above, rather than floating in a void. Finally, there’s a specific call to action: “Order now.”

10) KitKat Facebook ad template

KitKat Facebook ad template

The chunky popcorn KitKat is an exotic flavor you’re not likely to find in the US. You’ll note that, while this ad still has a product shot, it goes out of its way to obscure the form of the KitKat itself. That’s because the primary thing it’s selling is a brand new form of KitKat.

You can apply this lesson to any type of food ad. If your restaurant has a new vegan menu, you’ll still want to use some of your branding, but the first thing your audience should notice is the difference in design from your standard branding.

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Hopefully, these ads have given you some ideas to think about for your next Facebook food ad. You can download and customize them here, but you always want to make sure that your advertisements are specifically tailored to your brand.
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