Karen Garces, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Karen Faith Garces

Karen is a Content Writer and successful Entrepreneur. She has helped various startups increase their search engine rankings through valuable content. Her ultimate passion in life is surfing, and she gets her writing inspiration from the ocean.

Articles written by Karen Faith Garces:


Illustrations for Websites: The Best Free and Paid Options

Since a website bridges the gap between brands and audiences, it must be buit around...


Hire a Professional Custom Illustrator Because DIY Just Won’t Cut It

Businesses, regardless of industry, use one thing in common — illustrations. Although most companies prioritize...


What to Consider When Requesting a Website Redesign from Penji

A company website is a conduit between a brand and its customers. However, merely operating...

Email marketers

Top Newsletter Examples from Brands that Killed It

Sending out email newsletters can be a hit or miss. But it doesn’t have to...


Forms of Marketing Promotional Activities You Should Try

Any marketer knows how crucial brand promotion is, especially if brands are yet to gain...


Business Advertising Ideas Guaranteed to Get You Sales

Whether you’re running a startup or a large corporation, investing in business advertising is the...


Online Advertising Costs 2021

The upper hand of investing in online advertising is that marketers get to choose from...


Ad Designer Software for Banner Ads and Flyers

Digital and print advertising are more robust when used in tandem. Whether you’re creating social...


iOS App Design vs. Android App Design: What are the Differences?

There are over four million apps available for download on Google Play and the App...

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