Karen Garces, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Karen Faith Garces

Karen is a Content Writer and successful Entrepreneur. She has helped various startups increase their search engine rankings through valuable content. Her ultimate passion in life is surfing, and she gets her writing inspiration from the ocean.

Articles written by Karen Faith Garces:


24 Killer Artists and Graphic Designers To Follow on Instagram For Design Inspiration

Instagram is the perfect platform to unleash your creative juices. If your art has unique...


PPC Advertising: The ONLY 6 Factors Marketers Need for Conversions

The world of digital marketing offers marketers and business owners a handful of advertising options....

Logo design

16 Best Logo Makers in 2020

A company logo embodies the personality and identity of your brand. One wrong design element...


Check Out Santa’s Favorite Christmas Websites

The Christmas spirit always gets us extra Santa-mental. And boy, is Christmas fast approaching. Oh,...

Small businesses

Need Kwanzaa Holiday Designs? Look No Further

As people with varying ethnicities and cultures, it’s refreshing to know our heritage is celebrated...


Even A Grinch Will Love These Holiday Greeting Cards

The true essence of Christmas entails togetherness, generosity, kindness, and above all — gratefulness. People...


Uplifting Holiday Ads For The Whole Family

The Christmas holiday will give you the feels that will pinch through every bone in...


How To Create An Effective Black Friday Banner To Bring In The Crowds

Last year, the National Retail Federation estimated 164 million people who planned to shop for...

Social media marketers

Stuck On What To Post For The New Year On Social Media? Start Here

It’s time to ring in the New Year with tear-jerking social media posts. Whether you’re...

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