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Karen Faith Garces

Karen is a Content Writer and successful Entrepreneur. She has helped various startups increase their search engine rankings through valuable content. Her ultimate passion in life is surfing, and she gets her writing inspiration from the ocean.

Articles written by Karen Faith Garces:


Designers Explain UX Design and Why You Need a Professional

Marketers believe that being at the helm of every business aspect is crucial. From advertising...


How to Stand Out by Using Product and Marketing Illustration

Nowadays, cliche stock images don’t make prospects bat an eye anymore. Aside from the fact...


Are Infographics Overrated? Cool Infographics that Stand Out

In this visually inclined era, content without stimulating graphics will fall between the cracks. That’s...


The Best Resource to Find Illustrators for Hire

Unlike graphic designers, experienced illustrators for hire are extremely hard to find. Only a few...


25 Infographic Design Examples and How You Can Request Your Own

Did you know that people read infographics 30 times more than text-based content? That’s because...


Top Resource for Illustrations to Use for Web Design

Your website isn’t only an avenue for user inquiries. It’s an indispensable business asset that...


How an Illustration Designer Can Transform Your Content (with examples)

When we think of visuals for our marketing content, hiring a graphic designer pops up....

Small businesses

Buy Illustrations for Commercial Use Through the Best On-Demand Design Service

It’s no surprise why more than 50 percent of users base their purchasing decision on...


Competitor Analysis: Penji vs Undullify

A robust marketing strategy should be in place for a business to stay afloat. However,...

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