Almost all businesses using Facebook or Instagram marketing use carousel ads to promote their products. Since it can include visually-appealing images or videos, it can lead to higher engagement, more clicks, and more conversions. Before we discuss the ten profitable uses of Facebook carousel ads, let’s learn the basics of this advertising strategy. 

What are Facebook Carousel Ads? 

Carousel ads are a type of advertising format that combines multiple images or videos into a single ad. Each carousel ad consists of up to ten pictures or videos. In addition, it has a URL that users can click to view a particular product page or landing page.

Below is an example of a Facebook carousel ad: 

example of FB carousel ad

Viewers can swipe left or right to see the clickable cards on mobile. Meanwhile, desktop users click the left or right arrow buttons. We’re sure you’ve seen these ads while scrolling down your newsfeed.

Carousel ads are a helpful social media marketing strategy for any business or industry. But, some sectors still need to see more significant benefits of a visual ad format. 

6 Uses of Facebook Carousel Ads

1. It showcases different products

Carousel ads allow marketers to feature various products or services within one ad. For example, a clothing brand can post a carousel ad with separate “cards” or images featuring their dresses, shirts, or pants. The images let you represent your brand and emphasize the varying usage of your products. Some studies report that Facebook carousel ads are ten times better than regular-formatted ads.

2. Increase Traffic

Most brands use the carousel ad format to showcase their products. On top of boosting brand awareness, it also increases traffic to your website. To make your ads more engaging, you must format your ads with a compelling headline, description, URL, and call to action. 

3. Increase Conversions

example of FB carousel ad

Ads are only effective when they drive conversions and sales to your business. Check out this fantastic carousel ad that got results for Shein. Shein is a clothing brand for women known for its trendy yet affordable items. The carousel ad below was made to promote its Black Friday sale and big discounts available on different clothing categories. Each carousel card showcases another product with a short headline and search ID of the product shown.

4. Create Better Engagement

FB ad illustration

Facebook carousel ads can also promote blog posts, share infographics, and downloadable content to engage with your target audience. Since it is a multi-faceted advertising method, it can attract more attention and drive conversions.

It’s best to remember the following tips to maximize your carousel ad campaign, 

  • Incorporate Interactivity. To maximize engagement, use elements like animations or videos to capture user attention creatively. Incorporating interactive features such as quizzes, polls, or surveys can also add another layer of engagement for users.
  • Utilize Storytelling. Share stories about your brand to create deeper connections with potential customers through emotionally resonant content. Visual storytelling is especially compelling when combined with other elements, such as videos, images, GIFs, etc., in carousel ads.
  • Target Specific Interests. Use target audiences based on their interests to ensure that people who see your carousel ad are likely interested in its contents. This will help you ensure that only relevant users are exposed to your message and will increase the overall conversion rate.

5. Generate Leads

All companies want to generate more leads, and carousel ads can do this. Carousel ads provide users with an interactive, eye-catching experience that can increase customer engagement and drive conversions. Check out some tips to get the most out of your carousel ad campaigns:

  • Keep it short and straightforward. The best carousel ads have short, straight-to-the-point messages that communicate your offer. 
  • Use Strong Visuals. With carousel ads, visuals are critical in grabbing attention and helping users understand your message quickly. Use photos or videos that are clear and of high quality to make sure they have maximum impact.
  • Optimize Your CTA. Make sure your call to action button is easy to find and stands out from other elements on the page. 
  • Set Target Audiences – When setting up a carousel ad campaign, target specific audiences that are most likely to respond positively to your offer so you can focus on reaching the people who will be interested in it.

6. Get Brand Recognition

FB ad illustration

Facebook carousel ads can also be used to generate interest and awareness. With carousel ads, you can create engaging visuals that capture the attention of potential customers and help them remember your brand. Here are a few tips for leveraging the power of Facebook advertising to boost brand recognition.

  • Make It Stand Out. When creating a carousel ad, ensure your message stands out by incorporating attractive graphics, animations, or videos that catch users’ eyes.
  • Keep It Consistent. Maintain a consistent look and feel across different ad messages so that people quickly recognize your brand at a glance. This will ensure that each time someone sees your brand’s ad, they have an immediate association of familiarity with it.
  • Use Straightforward Messaging. Please explain how your product or service can benefit them so they understand why they should choose your company over others. 
  • Incorporate Brand Elements. Include elements like logos, images, slogans, or any other type of visual associated with your company to strengthen its presence in people’s minds when they see carousel ads related to it.


Once you put these tips into action today and start using Facebook carousel ads, you’ll notice significant results from your social media marketing efforts. But it would be best if you learned how to design a Facebook ad that works. And to focus more on crucial strategies, entrust the design job to professional graphic designers at Penji! They know what to do when it comes to Facebook ads. Visit this page for the demo video, and if you’re ready to work with us, open this link to sign-up.