If there’s only one place you can showcase your brand in, it has to be Facebook. It is the world’s biggest social media platform and also the most valuable. Advertising here affords you a front seat to a wide range of demographics, giving you a fair shot at reaching your ideal audience.

One of the best ways to use it to boost your brand is through Facebook carousel ads. Here are the best Facebook carousel ad examples to teach you how to take advantage of this amazing channel.

Product Carousel

products in facebook carousel ad

Ecommerce brands thrive when they employ product carousels, and it’s one of the most popular types of Facebook ads. It’s not just about getting a slew of products in front of potential customers. It’s about careful curation and targeting. Marketing complementary products together can work well, or simply marketing best-selling products that are sure to spark interest.

Tutorial Carousel

tutorial how-to facebook carousel

Carousel ads are popular among product-based businesses, but by no means are they off limits to other types of businesses. These ads give a step-by-step process of how something works. Tutorials can be useful to a wide range of businesses, nonprofits, and other types of platforms with a message to share.

Text and Video

text Facebook Carousel Ad Example

Carousels are obviously great for imagery, but bold, well-placed text can go a long way. Some brands even mix text slides with video. You can display up to 10 images and video clips. Each slide gets its own headline, description, and link.

Reviews Carousel

graphic design facebook carousel ad

Reviews are clearly less eye-catching. But when powerful reviews are shared with viewers who have a genuine need, it could raise your social media ROI fast. People generally want to hear their pain points addressed and to know that a product or service will deliver. With carousel reviews, you can provide ample reassurance.

Facebook Carousel Ad Examples

Creating a good ad is a little science, a little art. Some key ingredients include:

  • A clear, enticing offer
  • Imagery that tells a story
  • Phrasing that resonates with the audience
  • A design that makes sense & clarifies the offer

Take a look at these Facebook carousel ad examples and see if you can find these elements.

LinkedIn Ad

Being a professional network, LinkedIn’s branding history could be considered dry. But their simple imagery and language speak to a B2B audience that wants to increase opportunities. The ad offers a sense of possibility and entices company owners to click and learn what new features LinkedIn now offers.

Linkedin Facebook Ad

Makeup Carousel Ad

Some brands can lean on the imagery of their products to market themselves. This is what ColourPop has done, centering a colorful makeup palette that’s bound to catch the eye. The brand uses images and video to display products and promote the newest product line.

ColourPop Facebook Carousel

Online Education Ad

Thinkful employs a brilliant strategy, speaking directly to what their audience wants: a higher salary. The online education platform boldly highlights the value of signing up, and they waste no time with imagery, bold colors, or lots of carousel slides. They communicate their message in just two.

thinkful platform ad

Furniture Ad

This Facebook carousel ad example features sleek, modern furniture. Their branding perfectly matches the clean, minimalist vibe of the products. The copy is concise, and though a furniture rental company is somewhat of a hard sell, each slide frames the process positively and gives more information.

Carousel Ad for Feather Furniture

Shutterstock Ad

This Facebook carousel ad has an impressive image that spans across two slides. It’s an increasingly popular strategy brands use because it catches the eye more effectively. Rather than looking at bite-sized slides, you can take in Shutterstock’s beautiful imagery all at once – a great idea when the product itself is images.

shutterstock Facebook Carousel Ad

Tips for Creating Facebook Carousel Ads that Pop

If you want to create something as eye-popping as these Facebook carousel ad examples, here are a few valuable tips:

Use your best photo for the first image

Anyone on social media can tell you that ads are everywhere. We are bombarded with them each and every day, this is why showing your best images first matters. Make sure that the first image on your carousel is impactful.

Tell a story

While most Facebook carousel ads have various images in them in the hopes of showcasing more, using one image can sometimes add more impact. Tell a story by breaking up one long image and placing it in individual cards. See example below:

Follow Facebook’s design recommendations faithfully

Facebook has recommendations for designs, text, and technical requirements for its carousel ad. If you want your ads to perform best, always adhere to these. 

Do note that Facebook gives us the option to automatically show your best images first on the carousel. This would be useful for the first tip on this list. But if you want to tell your brand story with a cut-up image, untick this option.

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