Katrina Pascual

Katrina is a freelance content writer. She has experience writing about marketing. She also writes movie or TV reviews and her travels in secret. She is a graduate of International Studies in De La Salle University.

Articles written by Katrina Pascual:

Healthcare Professionals

Hospital Logos That Were Not Designed in Vein

When it comes to hospital logos, you’ll see variations of a first aid cross, the...

Restaurants & bars

Cookbook Layouts That are Absolutely Egg-squisite

Cookbooks follow the same structure. You write down the recipe and ingredients and provide high-quality...

Logo design

Fashion Logos and the Stories Behind Their Iconic Designs

When it comes to fashion logos, it can be challenging to decipher the ACTUAL meaning....

Small businesses

Barber Shop Fonts That Sweep Customers Off Their Feet

Extensis finds that there are half a million fonts available to purchase or download. But...


Build a Strong Corporate Identity with These Design Examples

Any business wants to stand out from its competitors. And visual elements can make your...

Small businesses

25 Homepage Design Inspiration for a Website that Converts

Your website’s homepage is the gateway to more information about your products and services. That’s...

Education Leaders

Higher Education Marketing Strategies for Student Enrollment

Higher education institutions leverage marketing to boost online presence and engagement rates. While those may...


10 Bad Advertisement Horror Stories These Brands Wish You’d Forget

For brands, advertising can become a hit or miss. It could either cost them millions...

Small businesses

How to Achieve Good UI: Experts Spill the Beans

UI design isn’t simply putting icons, buttons, and menus together to make a beautiful app...

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