Your business needs a lot of designs. First, there’s the logo. That’s the face of your whole brand. After that, you definitely need to design a website, not to mention social media feeds. Then there’s advertising, printed materials, merchandise, and the list goes on.

Penji is just one of many services that design unlimited graphics for businesses. We’ve compiled a rundown of how the process works, why it works, and what it can do for you.

So if you’re wondering how to get regular, high-volume graphics for your company while keeping your branding consistent. You can always hire designers, but the best way to truly get unlimited projects is with an unlimited graphic design service.

Why should I use unlimited graphic design?

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Need a quick design for a big presentation? You’re probably better off finding a one-time design commission, or even doing it yourself with a free template. But if your business needs regular designs, an unlimited service can be a great alternative.

Because unlimited design services work with a wide range of designers, you can get designs quickly and on your schedule. They can also put out professional quality work at a lower cost than you may get with an agency.

On top of that, unlimited graphic design is, well, unlimited. For a simple subscription fee, you get as many designs as you need, no strings attached. With Penji, you can also request unlimited revisions and take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee.

Beyond that, most designers have specialties. Even the ones who claim to be jacks of all trades have their own style, habits, and designs they prefer to make. With an unlimited graphic design service, you can explore a whole rainbow of design possibilities.

What can unlimited graphic design services create?

Screenshot from Penji depicting samples of their unlimited design service

Not sure what you’d use an unlimited design service for? The possibilities are almost endless. Some of the services that unlimited graphic design companies like Penji offer include:

  • Logos
  • Brand style guides
  • Digital ads
  • Typography
  • Merchandise
  • Packaging
  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • App designs
  • And more!

Not all design services offer the same range, so be sure to do your research before you sign up if you have specific designs in mind. Some higher-priced options may offer creative assistance, brand strategy, and other consulting services.

Streamlining your design process can ensure your company is always looking its best. When you design unlimited graphics with services like Penji, you can get the perfect blend of variety and consistency. For a brand that needs a lot of designs, that mix is the secret ingredient for standing out.

Get a Taste of Unlimited Design

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How much does a graphic design package cost?

Thumbtack estimates graphic design packages to cost anywhere from $100 to $850. But why pay that for a few designs when you can pay the same amount for unlimited designs? Companies with at least a small design budget can get access to a whole team of designers rather than just one freelancer with a limited capacity and skillset.

How can you stay on budget with unlimited graphic design?

A lot of people assume that opting for the cheapest possible freelancer is the best way to stay on budget. But if you run a company that continuously needs new designs for social posts, landing pages, ads, event flyers, and more – you might as well find a long-term design solution instead of cutting corners. With unlimited graphic design, you always know how much you’ll pay (the flat monthly fee, unless you decide to upgrade or downgrade). And you’ll always know how many designs you’ll get – as many as you need!

How to design unlimited graphics

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Unlimited graphic design services are a relatively new phenomenon, with dozens popping up in the past decade. While each service is different, they all operate on a fairly similar model.

You’ll usually submit design requests by filling out a brief form with your wants, needs, elements and reference images. The service quickly pairs you with a designer suited to your needs, and you can expect a design back within a matter of days.

If you’re interested in getting started, here’s a step-by-step guide to unlocking your unlimited design potential.

1) Choosing your service

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When you’re looking to design unlimited projects, you have a lot of services to choose from. Just a few of the unlimited graphic design services on the market include:

With all these choices, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are a few things to consider.

What’s your budget? Pricing for unlimited design services can range from $299 to thousands of dollars per month. Pricier doesn’t always equal better, but a good place to start is to consider how much you can invest in design.

What designs do you need? Ideally, you want a service that’s prepared for needs you don’t even know you have. Still, think about what your main focus is: is it advertising, packaging, site design? The sky’s the limit, but having a clear direction will help you find the perfect service.

How many designs do you need? Yes, all of these services are “unlimited,” but they still may produce content at different rates. Some services will only produce one design at a time, while others work on multiple projects at once (sometimes for a higher fee). You can also consider how quick their turnaround time is.

What kind of company do you want to work with? This is a more subjective question, but still an important one. With a little digging, you can learn about a company’s values before you decide to work with them. Consider what hours designers work, how well they’re paid, and whether the company works with nonprofits.

If you’re still unsure, you can usually find their design portfolio on their website. This will give you some idea of what quality designs to expect. Many services also make it easy to cancel if you’re not satisfied. For instance, Penji has a 30-day money back guarantee.

2) Choosing your plan

Screenshot of Penji's unlimited design pricing plans

Graphic design unlimited services typically use a subscription-based pricing model. Some will also offer one-off prices for single designs, but a one-time fee for unlimited designs wouldn’t be a great business model, would it?

Each of these models works a little differently. Some charge separately for graphic and video plans, along with a combined plan for both. Some have really in-depth pricing models with various tiers and offerings; others have credit-based systems for separate services.

Penji has one of the more simple pricing models out there. Their three-tier system gives you an idea of what to consider when choosing a plan. With Penji, you can choose between:

  • Pro ($499/mo): Unlimited graphic design, logos, branding, and illustrations, with unlimited brands and users.
  • Team ($699/mo): Everything in Pro, plus unlimited web designs, app designs, presentations, and animations.
  • Daytime ($999/mo): Everything in Team, plus same-day turnaround, USA daytime designers, and a dedicated art director.

This is an easy summary for what you can generally gain from higher-priced plans. Typically, the most basic plans just get you standard-issue graphics. Higher tiers come with more complex designs, more direct communication, and sometimes things like quicker turnaround or more projects at a time.

3) Signing up and requesting designs

penji's design dashboard
design unlimited
Penji’s design dashboard shows active projects under one tab

Again, your results may vary here depending on which service you sign up for. But generally speaking, the process of designing unlimited creations starts with an online form in the service’s web app. Some of the things you can expect this form to include are:

Description: Of course, the most important part of your request is a description of the design you want made. You’ll usually have room to be as descriptive as you want; the more details you include, the easier it’ll be for designers to complete your task.

Brand: Many design services let you organize your projects into distinct brands. This is great for if you need designs in a few different styles to represent different shows, products, or companies. You can often include logos, colors, and descriptions that signify each brand.

Elements: This includes everything already made that you need included in your design, such as logos, characters, images, and typography. It can also include whatever text you need to have in your design. For an ad banner, that might just be the product’s name and price. For a web page, it might include whole paragraphs of copy.

References: Describing visuals, especially visuals that don’t exist yet, is always tricky. That’s why design services recommend you send along reference images, to help clarify exactly what you’re looking for. Some services also have a library of previous designs you can look at to pick out which ones fit your style.

4) Getting designs and requesting revisions

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Turnaround times for graphic design services can range from same-day to upwards of a week. Generally, you can expect to see your design in 2-3 days. Some services will give you several alternate versions of the design to choose from.

The next step: revisions. Penji offers unlimited revisions, meaning you can fine-tune your design as many times as you want. This is great for perfectionists, although you might get fewer designs overall and roll them out slower if you fixate on each for too long.

Most services will let you make tweaks to your designs, but some don’t emphasize this feature. If an unlimited design service makes it a priority to have a consistent track of designs, they may want to quickly move on to the next rather than revisiting already-finished ones.

On the other hand, most services will also send you source files for your designs. With the right software and a little design know-how, you can sometimes make the necessary changes yourself.

5) Taking the next step

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Once your design is ready to go, you’re free to roll it out as you wish. That can be a whole process of its own, but once it’s all said and done, you’re left with a big question. Are you satisfied with your unlimited design service?

There are a few factors to consider. Were the designs and process up to your standards? Is the service useful for you? Do you see your business in an ongoing relationship with theirs?

If so, happy designing! If not, there are a few steps you can take. Any design service wants to keep you as a customer, so they’ll likely try to accommodate your concerns. This might involve changing your plan, trying out different designers, or opening up a communication channel.

But sometimes, an unlimited design service just isn’t the best fit for your business. Some services offer free trials and money-back guarantees. While a few higher-end services require a commitment, many will let you cancel any time.

When building a brand, the last thing you want to do is jump from one design firm to the next. How can you build a brand identity if you never work with the same designer twice? That’s why it’s best to make an informed decision before you sign up for a service and communicate any issues before you resort to cancellation.

Looking to design unlimited graphics with Penji? Sign up or get a demo today and see designs tomorrow.