Custom-made graphics are essential for businesses to enhance their blogs, websites, social media posts, and other marketing materials. Design Pickle is undoubtedly a popular solution for niche sites requiring unlimited graphic design services. Are you looking for the perfect Design Pickle alternative? We’ve got you covered! This post dives into several options and our pick for the top contender.

Overview of Design Pickle

It was the first subscription-based graphic design service to hit the market. Today, Design Pickle’s services have expanded into graphic design, custom illustration, presentation design, video editing, and motion graphic design. 


Companies can benefit significantly from the cost-effective pricing packages of Design Pickle. Their flat-rate subscription plans have recently increased from $499.

Below is Design Pickle’s pricing options: 

  • Graphics Pro – $1124
  • Graphics Premium – $1754
  • Power Plans – you’ll need to request a quote for these

Turnaround Time

The average turnaround time for most requests is 1 to 2 business days. However, the company provides various creative services, from simple graphics to complex illustrations, explainer videos, and presentations. The type of service and the complexity of the request may affect turnaround time. 

Design Team

The Design Pickle’s workforce comprises over 500 designers, including graphic designers, illustrators, motion graphic artists, and video editors. This graphic design platform boosts hiring the best talent worldwide, providing creative resources on-demand and hassle-free. 


Clients can discuss their requests with Design Pickle through the following modes of communication: 

  • Via request forms, email, or comment threads within the platform
  • Real-time communication via Slack

24/5 access to customer support is also available. When you subscribe to a Graphics Pro subscription, you can directly access the dedicated Slack workspace and communicate with your designer in real time.

Get a design team for a fraction of the cost

Get unlimited designs with a 30-day money back guarantee

Design Pickle: The Downsides

Design Pickle is a well-known graphic design service, trusted by brands like 7-11 and Yahoo! However, not everyone is suited to working alongside Design Pickle for their graphic design projects.

One area of concern that people note is the interpretation of designs based on the design brief. 

Like other unlimited graphic design services, Design Pickle uses a dedicated platform to communicate with clients. The clients use the platform to submit a design brief and select other preferences to ensure that the designs meet the customer’s standard. 

However, some client expectations fall short, and they mention that communication is an issue. In turn, the design quality could be subpar. 

Another issue some users have pointed out is that they don’t get to work with their preferred designer when submitting a new project. That could be a drawback for some clients who prefer working with one designer. By default, unlimited graphic design services assign the best designers for the project. A client can’t fully monopolize a designer. However, some services allow you to select your favorite designers so you can work with them again and again.

Finally, some clients notice the slow turnaround times and delays. Many graphic design subscription services promise a 1 to 2-day or 24 to 48-hour turnaround time. However, due to some complex designs, that could take longer.

Some Design Pickle users have noticed that their projects have taken longer than the 24 to 48-hour promise. That’s a no-no for businesses that rely on graphics for marketing or selling products. In turn, some users have canceled and moved on to other graphic design services like the ones listed below!

1. Penji

design pickle alternative

Penji offers a comprehensive graphic design solution for businesses and individuals requiring constant design work. With Penji, users can submit design requests and collaborate with professional designers to bring their ideas to life.

Penji provides a quick turnaround time for design projects. Most design requests are completed within 24 to 48 hours, allowing users to receive designs promptly. In addition, users can request unlimited revisions on their designs until they are satisfied with the final result. This helps ensure that the designs meet the user’s expectations and requirements.

Both Design Pickle and Penji share the convenience of allowing users to upload assets and information for multiple brands, simplifying the request process. Additionally, both platforms enable users to annotate revisions directly on the designs.

Penji stands out by providing a three-tiered pricing structure, allowing additional services as you upgrade. The base plan (Pro) offers graphic design, while the Team and Agency plans accept more projects, including custom illustrations and UI/UX web and app design.

Penji’s unlimited graphic design plans start at $499 per month. Unlike other Design Pickle alternatives, Penji offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Do you want to make the switch from Design Pickle to Penji? Watch a demo to see why Penji is the better choice for all your design projects!

2. Flocksy

design pickle alternative

Flocksy is a subscription model that offers unlimited design and marketing projects for businesses. It provides various creative services, including graphic design, web development, copywriting, video editing, and social media management. 

Flocksy assigns a dedicated team of professionals to handle each client’s projects. This team typically consists of graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, and marketers who work collaboratively to deliver high-quality results. They offer a few unique services compared to other Flocksy alternatives.

Depending on the complexity and scope, most projects are completed within 24 to 48 hours, allowing businesses to receive their deliverables promptly.

Flocksy’s services are divided into three tiers:

  • Silver – $499
  • Gold – $995
  • Platinum – $1695

Like Design Pickle, Flocksy offers unlimited requests and revisions at a flat monthly fee without binding clients to a contract.

3. Design Shifu

design pickle alternative

Established in 2018, Design Shifu is a US-based flat-rate graphic design company with a team of experienced in-house designers dedicated to providing consistent quality designs. 

Design Shifu is a one-stop website for all your company’s daily design needs offering the following services:

  • Event banners
  • T-Shirt design
  • Social Media posts
  • Web Banners
  • Blog Images
  • Book designs
  • Brochure designs
  • Logos

You can add multiple design requests (up to 5) at once. The turnaround time is 24 hours. Additionally, Design Shifu’s interactive dashboard saves all the requests, conversations, and designs in one place.

Design Shifu’s pricing packages include the following: 

  • Limited for $199 per month 
  • Unlimited for $399 per month 
  • Unlimited Plus for $599 per month 

4. ManyPixels

design pickle alternative

ManyPixels provides a platform that connects users with a team of talented graphic designers to assist you with various design needs. The company offers a cost-effective solution for those requiring consistent design work without hiring in-house designers or freelancers.

One exciting feature of the ManyPixels website is its Free Illustration Gallery. In the gallery, anyone can download simple, premade vector art where you can customize a key color right from the browser. This is similar to FreshStock, Design Pickle’s proprietary library of premium stock vectors.

ManyPixels offers competitive pricing as one of the best Design Pickle alternatives; it also offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 14 days if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the work.

Here are the pricing plans available at Many Pixels:

  • Advanced for $549 per month
  • Business for $999 per month
  • Dedicated designer for $1,299 per month

5. Kimp

design pickle alternative

Kimp offers unlimited designs for logos, infographics, campaign banners, and blog images. Their services aim to assist entrepreneurs, marketers, agencies, and small business owners. You can get their cost-effective solution without recruiting freelancers or hiring designers.

Kimp has three plans based on their two primary services of Graphics and Video: 

  • Graphics at $599 per month
  • Video at $699 per month
  • Graphics + Video at $995 per month.

Similar to Design Pickle, the platform offers Zapier integrations to help users blend the creative service more easily with their existing workflow. Likewise, they use the Trello productivity platform to manage projects intuitively. 

6. Kapa99

design pickle alternative

Kapa99 is a design subscription service that provides professional graphic design services to businesses and individuals. Their design services include logo designs, book covers, packaging, brochures, podcast covers, and illustrations.

The platform streamlines the design process by assigning a dedicated designer or team of designers to each client. This personalized approach ensures consistent communication and efficient project management.

Kapa99 has two pricing packages:

  • Business: $349 for the first two months 
  • Business Express: $849 for the first two months 

The Business Plan delivers designs within 24-48 hours, whereas the Business Express delivers within 12-24 hours. Both plans provide unlimited designs, unlimited revisions, and all source files. 

Which Graphic Design Service to Go With? 

If you need graphics and videos for your branding and marketing materials, go with Kimp. If you only need a few types of visuals monthly, Design Shifu is your best bet. However, if you need more than 120 design types monthly in the mid-priced range with quality and efficiency in mind, go for Penji. 

Here’s some of Penji’s design samples:

Penji only hires the top two percent of graphic designers, ensuring every design project is top-notch. Check out how you can work alongside them when you watch a quick demo here! Or sign up now and get a discount when you use the GETPENJI25 code!