Ginny Nguyen, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Ginny Nguyen

Ginny is a Marketing Assistant and Content Writer focused on technology, innovation, and business.

Articles written by Ginny Nguyen:


8 Ways Billboard Advertising Drives Up Sales

Many marketers choose digital marketing over traditional ones. In an age of viral Facebook posts...


8 Types of Effective Outdoor Advertising

Companies clamor for high foot traffic spots, areas, and spaces for their outdoor advertising. That’s...


How Startups Can Get Unlimited Graphic Designs On Demand

Most startups will not consider design as the main priority in the early stages of...

Social media marketers

Save Money On These YouTube Banner Design Tools

For YouTubers, it’s important to get noticed by potential subscribers. In doing so, they create...


Eye-Opening Words of Advice from Top Graphic Designers ‌

Graphic designers play a significant role in developing a brand’s visual presentation of all its...


17 Best Kept Secret Digital Advertising Hacks Agencies Use

Ever wish you could create breakthrough advertising design - without paying an agency $1000/hr? Well,...

Email marketers

9 Genius Email Design Inspiration That Will Double Your Clicks/Open Rate

Email marketing essential for any marketing strategy. Here are 9 genius hacks you can apply...

Restaurants & bars

Food And Beverage Advertising Agencies In Philly

The food in Philadelphia is rich in culture, taste, and experience. There is a diverse...

Small businesses

Ignite Philly 22: Johnathan Grzybowski On The Flaw With Passion

In order to build a community in Philadelphia, you would need a fun location with...

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