10 Tips That Will Make An Email Stand Out

by Ginny Nguyen, 05/11/18

Most startups thrive due to successful email campaigns. As marketers flood the scene of email marketing, it is easy for your work to just blend in. To make an email stand out requires extra work and attention to minor content. It is the marketer’s goal to create attractive campaigns to aim for a higher conversion rate. The more your email stands out, then the more clicks and awareness your business will get.

There are many elements that go into constructing a perfect email. These are the 10 tips that will make an email stand out:

The Perfect Subject Line

Take advantage of having a clever subject line to impress consumers. This is the first impression they are going to receive from your business. A company’s personality can be expressed through the subject line. Keep it brief, interesting, and straight to the point. About 47% of subscribers decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone. So make an email stand out with an appealing subject line.

Either use a concise language, pose a question, or include puns. There are many other types of themes to include in your subject line. A subject line should be fun but still business centric.

Personalize It – Use Their Name

Add an extra element of personalization to attract people. Consumers are willing to respond if the communication is direct and intended for them. Specialize the email by using their name, it’s simple but effective. Targeted emails are estimated to generate 58% of all revenue and 36% of revenues were caused by emails. There is a more urgent need to respond if the email appears to be personal.

Either you personalize the email or selectively pick the crowd wisely. You can gather subscribers who are interested in your product or service

Provide an Incentive

Most subscribers don’t know anything about your business, unless they are selectively chosen. So, give them a reason to click on your email. Talk about their gains, not about your features. Consumers only care about their self-interest, so let the focus be on them. Common consumers tend to flock towards a sale or a good deal, so capture their interest by providing an incentive. To make an email stand out, give them the most benefits. To make an email stand out, use incentives as click-bait.


Consumers expect more emails during the holiday seasons. During seasons that require excessive shopping like Christmas, consumers are on the lookout for a deal. This is the time to take advantage of the situation. Understand the perfect time to release your emails. The best three days to send an email are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Studies have shown that these days have the highest email open rates. Although the numbers have proven otherwise, it’s still all subjective. Instead, understand the demographic of your subscribers. This research contributes huge success to your campaign. Like if your company is local, then base it off of your time zone.

Amazing Content

Consumers need a reason to click on an email. The topic must be relevant to them, so create content that will interest them. Deliver an email that will benefit them, not you just yet. An email that is filled with text heavy information is unappealing to a common man.

Keep into consideration the amount of content you’re putting into the email. Put just enough content that your service or product is thoroughly explained. The most successful emails are under 750 words total. Shorter text blocks of 100 to 200 words perform successfully with a strong call-to-action and click-through-rate to your landing page.

Use Testimonials

Email subscribers are often randomly selected. These people do not know anything about your business just yet. So, use customer testimonials for consumers to better understand your business. Customer testimonials are signals of trust since they are from an objective perspective. They are seen as honest opinions. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to convert if the business have established credibility. Testimonials are perfect to make an email stand out.

About 92% of consumers read online reviews and opinions first before acting. While 72% say that positive testimonials make a business more reliable. Personal recommendations have a bigger impact than any other forms of marketing influences.

Use Exciting Graphics

A text heavy email can be a sore to the eyes. It only takes people 7 seconds to make up a judgement, so use the time wisely. A vast majority of the population are visual learners, they respond best to aesthetics and images. Emails with exciting graphics give people the many more reasons to stay. So, include related images to the content and keep the campaign exciting.

An email with exciting graphics scattered throughout the screen will have a higher click-through-rate as well. Graphics appeal to a larger crowd and are perfect to make an email stand out.

Call to Action

Give consumers a sense of urgency within these emails. Allow people to interact with your campaign and explore more with your business. Email marketing campaigns are meant to increase traffic to the site, often a specific landing page. A lack of click-through-rate means no new customers.

Keep it Short and Sweet

An excess amount of text can be overwhelming. Don’t appear to be desperate, it would not like reliable. Most successful emails are short and straight to the point. Don’t mistaken short and simple for vague. Your business still needs to effectively communicate your product or service in the email. To avoid a delay back to work, keep the email short and precise. Only include important messages in the email, consumers are not interested in your company’s backstory. Have an introduction, call to action and one other special feature in your email.

Mobile Friendly

About 66% of opened emails occur on digital devices. Your emails should always be optimized for mobile devices. A pool of consumers have confessed that they check their phones in the morning as their first task. You are potentially missing out on a large number of clicks and sales if your emails aren’t optimized.