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Find A Web Designer That Matches Your Needs

/ August 23, 2018

To have an engaging online presence, you must have an appealing website. Although social media will help enhance your brand exposure, you must have an ideal landing page to have consumers end up on.  There are many benefits on having a redesigned website. Some startups and small businesses fail to recognize the importance of their website. So, before you go on to find a web designer, consider these things:

Personal Goals and Needs

Before you go to find a web designer, fully access your needs and reevaluate your goals for the future of your business. Fully address what you’re looking for and create a deadline for these demands. Understand the ins and outs of your company in order to know how to continue building onto it successfully.

What You Can Afford

Most small businesses and startups tend to have a budget in order to keep finances under check. Every business is different, some may have more money than others which means they can spend more on marketing or product development. Identify what stage of business your company is in and know what you can be able to afford. There is an opportunity cost in every decision, if it’s a small cost to find a web designer, then definitely consider hiring one.
When developing a business, you have to spend money in order to make revenue at times. You are at least sacrificing one thing when you’re in business. The return on investment for a website design is high, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. A website design has a lot of use and money will always be fickle in the bank at this stage of business. So, evaluate how much you can afford and find a service within that range.

Types Of Web Designers

User Experience (UX) Designer
UX designers are masters of research, but does not do the actual designing of a website. Their job is to get the full picture of who the website is being designed for. This includes competitor research, interviewing current users, and marking pain points for the existing website.
Individual personas are created to show the step by step process of how users use the site. Using the information gathered, the information architecture and site map is created. It goes from paper prototypes to wireframes, which can be anywhere from basic black and white design to interactive design. This process can include everything from a flow chart to a features list.
The visual design is done by the UI designer, not usually the UX. After the visual design is complete, it goes through several rounds of testing. The UX designer makes sure the website is refined and works with the evolution of technology. Audits are done regularly. Even after a website’s launch, the UX designer will be working to make sure the website operates smoothly.
User Interface (UI) Designer
The UI designer designs the visuals of a website based off of the notes of the UX designer. They are in charge of designing each page that the user interacts with. The pages should be based off of the direction that the UX designer laid out.
Many UI designers have a good understanding of coding and front-end development. With these skills, UI designers are able to make the UX designer’s vision a reality. Wireframes, prototypes, style guides, and user flows are communicated, and the UI designer has to make design decisions to keep up with industry standard.
The UI designer is also in charge of creating a UI kit. It includes design components such as patterns, brushes and asl files, different colors, smart objects, fonts, buttons, and whatever else that’s needed to help save time when designing.

Get a Clear Sense Of Communication

Having a clear sense of communication will be important once they begin working on your project. You aren’t allowed to be shy. Be able to speak up and ask a lot of questions in the beginning. You also have to be able to consistently check up on with your work as well. Ask questions such as:

What Services Do You Offer?

Most agencies offer both design and web development for startups in the early stage. Others specialize in just design. For those trying to find a web designer only, a company that specializes in just design is perfect. Design agencies have all types of designers that will help you figure out the style you’re looking for. See what is included in the package you signed up for.

How Will My Project Be Managed?

Get to know your assigned project manager in order to have a friendly relationship with them throughout the project. This is the person who has the overall definite scale on your work. Project managers are responsible to initiate, plan, and make sure the work gets finished. They know all of the problems, needs, and expectations that designers and clients have. Project managers have to find the middle ground between you and your designer, so make sure you have a clear projection of your goals and desires.
Make sure you ask a lot of questions. It is normal to check up on your design projects and to wonder how well it’s doing.

What If I Don’t Like My Initial Design?

Do not panic if you don’t like the first design. This does not mean the agency is bad or the company is the wrong fit for you. Simply, revise the work and let them know what you don’t like about the design. A good design agency will offer unlimited designs as well as unlimited revisions. If you’re lucky to come across this service, take up the offer and request as many designs as you’d like. And if they aren’t up to your standards at first, ask them to redo it. Each revision is a step closer to the perfect product.

Will my website be visible on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices?

Ask about the user experience features that they will include to the design. Find a web designer that is self aware. Nowadays, people access the web through smartphones, or other mobile devices available. So, be able to compromise with your consumers and create a compatible website for their tablets or other devices. Make sure you address these concerns to your designer when finding one.

Check For Experience

The most important thing to look for in a service is qualification. Check for past experience on their area of work in order to know how well their skills are. By doing research, you get a snip-bit of their design style.


Previous design work are displayed on the website, but if there isn’t a section dedicated to that, ask for them. Before you go on to find a web designer, make sure their skills are up to your standards.

Company Culture

If you are looking to hire a long term helper, make sure you enjoy working with them. Know what type of people you’re getting yourself into. See if you guys click together and look on their social media presence for their personality. If these people are fun, driven, and dedicated to their work, consider working with them. Having a strong set of design skills are important, but personality is hard to find.


When you find a web designer, find out if the agency has an efficient process in handling client work. By understanding their process at work, you can determine whether or not they are a reliable company to work with. You can ask the project manager or sales rep who is working behind your design project and how they are handling the work.

Do Research

There may be a lot of pressure to find a web designer that will match your needs. There are endless options to pick from. So, do extensive research on the most popular design agencies and read their reviews. From sources like Quora, Facebook, or even articles on the top 10 design agencies in your area, make sure you do the reading. Also, get on a call with the design agency that interests you the most. It’s not just about their design qualifications to investigate about, you should also find a compatible company that will match your needs.


Design companies such as Penji offers on demand unlimited graphic design. For a flat monthly fee of $349, you get unlimited graphic designs and unlimited revisions without a contract needed. They will ensure your website design is exactly what you were searching for.

Updated August 23, 2018

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