Logos are more than just shapes, letters, or colors pieced together for identification purposes. It is a business’ face that cements its brand in the minds of consumers. A Renderforest branding survey in 2020 tells us that 75% of the respondents believe logos are the most recognizable brand identifiers.

But why a contemporary logo design? At Penji, we get more and more requests for logos with very minimal designs and for good reasons. So we’ll take a closer look at this and list examples that will inspire you to get one as well. 

What is a Contemporary Logo?

Among the different types of logos, why choose a contemporary design? But, before we find out, let’s understand what a contemporary logo is. Contemporary logo design is the genre that is identified by simplicity, clean lines, and delicate sophistication. 

Contemporary logos are modern, sleek, fresh, and minimalistic. It is a good blend of classic and trendy. Thanks to increased use in white space, it has an open-space feel, reduced colors, and somewhat flattened elements.

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Why a Contemporary Logo?

Looking at the evolution of some company logos, you’ll notice how they became more straightforward over time. This is evident in businesses that have been around for quite some time. Take, for example, Pepsi in the image below of its logos from different years.

contemporary logo example

Notice how it became less complex and ended up being as simple as it is today. There are two reasons why this is happening and why you should opt for a contemporary logo, too.

  1. A less complex logo design means less information for the customer to process. This quickens recognition and heralds a faster way for you to communicate your brand. 
  2. The advent of advanced technology has paved the way for the multitude of worlds your logo has to star in. Small and large formats, multiple devices, and the ability to zoom are a few factors. However you look at it, your logo shouldn’t lose any of itself and its power to identify your brand.

While some may think that a contemporary logo is just a fad, these two reasons make it hard to resist. Beware though, it’s possible that you can oversimplify a logo. There may be nothing wrong with this, but it can result in your logo looking similar to others. To prevent this from happening, you will need the help of a professional graphic design team. Watch Penji’s demo video here to learn more. 

Characteristics of a Contemporary Logo

If you’re creating a logo or having a redesign to go towards a contemporary look, it’s essential to keep these characteristics in mind:

Tells Your Brand Story Effectively

A good logo is one that will tell people what your brand is all about. It helps you break through all the noise in the busy marketplace.

Makes Your Brand Unique

Standing out from the crowd can be a challenge if you take away the complexity in a logo. This is the reason DIYing your logo design isn’t recommended. Only a seasoned designer can be this creative to produce a unique logo using the minimalist approach.

It Speaks to Your Target Market

Designing with your audience in mind is the best thing you could do for your logo. A thorough analysis of your target audience can help you know what resonates with them the most. This will result in a logo that your customers can connect with for easy recognizability. 

Brings Authority and Trust

Another FinancesOnline study concludes that 42% of Americans say a logo tells them a brand’s personality. Additionally, Home Business tells us that having authority in business matters. A study conducted found that 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands they trust. A professionally-looking logo can help you achieve this.

It Conveys the Right Message

“A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.” These are the words of graphic design legend Paul Rand. Make sure that your logo conveys the exact image of your brand. If you want to project a reputable image, your logo must be the first to say it.

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Contemporary Logo Designs to Inspire You

And now, our list of contemporary logos that fully embody their brand image. We included some from the big names, some unfamiliar yet, noteworthy, and a few of Penji’s own.


contemporary logo example

One of the most iconic logos of all time, almost everyone knows what Google is. The company has made numerous changes to the logo but stayed true to its identity through the years. Technology evolves, and so should your logo. Expect Google to churn out a new version a few years from now.

Pallavi Kale Interiors

contemporary logo example

Clean and sleek lines are the signature of contemporary design. The logo example below is one perfect example of this. Its simplicity and choice of colors exude elegance and sophistication. These traits fit precisely the personality of the interior design company.

Contemporist Dog

contemporary logo example

Selling finely crafted premium dog products, Contemporist Dog has a logo that is a model of minimalism. The logo uses shapes reminiscent of a silhouette of a dog. The font is suitable as it has a touch of cuteness and sweet charm.

Digital Swan

contemporary logo example

Marketing agency Digital Swan has a logo that’s simple and straightforward. It’s in the shape of a swan with a triangle as its beak. The emphasis on the triangle represents the creatives as part of their team. 

Endor Forest

contemporary logo example

A family-run business specializing in camping equipment, Endor Forest’s logo suits its image quite so well. It is cleverly designed using the company’s initial letters in the shape of a pine tree. The colors are perfect as well as green is the color most associated with nature.

YHD Architectural Drafting

contemporary logo example

With the letters in bold fonts and some thin lines that connect them, YHD’s logo is an excellent example of a contemporary design. It screams “home design team” so loud, it’s hard not to notice. The logo reminds us of the scaffolding that we often see home builders use.


contemporary logo example

A bycocket or bycoket was the hat in fashion in Medieval England, the time of heroic outlaw Robin Hood. And so, the investing app Robinhood adapted the feather in his cap and used it on their logo. It’s memorable and fitting for their brand. The color green is also fitting as it is the color of money and nature, both descriptive of the brand name.

Skief Labs

contemporary logo example

Data marketing strategist Skief Labs is based in Switzerland but got its logo from Penji. If you look at their website, you’ll notice its vibrant personality, which is also evident in its logo. It uses the letter S-shaped in blocks that give it a three-dimensional appeal. 

Wine Line

contemporary logo example

This logo of a wine bottle in a cellar fits the Wine Line identity completely. The whole of the logo seems to be placed in a straight line. Nothing can be more appropriate for the company than this contemporary logo.

Andalusia Tourism

contemporary logo example

A beautiful and scenic region in Spain, Andalusia uses a colorful logo for its tourism website. As colors evoke emotions, this contemporary logo expresses life and vibrancy. You can feel the excitement and anticipation that goes with exploring a new place. This logo shows that contemporary design doesn’t mean using black and white only or bland colors.

The Verge

contemporary logo example

Media and news company The Verge has an interesting logo. It uses colors that are bright and eye-catching, perfectly gives the brand authority and a commanding personality. It uses a black background that effectively brings the logo into the forefront, as what a news provider should be. 

Young Wear

contemporary logo example

A clever play on the letters Y and W, this logo from Young Wear is an excellent example of minimalism. The logo is easily recognizable and wins high scores for memorability. Unfortunately, this kid’s wear company, based in Myanmar, apparently has no website and may have stopped doing business.


contemporary logo example

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, chances are you’ve heard of the website CoinMarketCap. Its logo is a scribbled M inside a C, simple yet appropriate for the brand. It has no colors or any other fancy elements, just a logo descriptive of what the website is all about—providing info.

Coffee Dream

contemporary logo example

A specialty coffee shop in the Philippines, Coffee Dream’s logo is pure and uncomplicated. You can see the shape of a cup from a bird’s eye view. It also has a cute cloud image over it to represent the dream part of the brand. The color combination is crisp, clean, and straightforward. The choice of font also contributes to the cute and young image they seem to project.


contemporary logo example

The Vespa logo uses a hand-written font in a diagonal placement. Notice how the letter V was made to curve, resembling scooter handles. The logo has a classic but contemporary look that is timeless and will probably see more years to come.

Harvard Business Review

contemporary logo example

The Harvard Business Review logo is an excellent example of simplicity and minimalism. It has balance and symmetry in the simplified shield inspired by the Harvard Business School logo. In addition, it is in black, which signifies authority, power, elegance, and sophistication. All these are characteristics that you’ll find in the brand.

Boco Tea

contemporary logo example

From Colorado, Boco Tea is a loose leaf tea company owned by twin brothers. The contemporary logo uses only black against a white background. It has a tea leaf in the middle of two circles, presumably to depict the twin owners. It includes the brand name in a font with circular strokes that adds to the logo’s appeal.


contemporary logo example

A computer software company, Parabola provides businesses with automation tools for repetitive tasks. They give non-coders the building blocks to create complex data flows. Its logo shows this effectively. It uses overlapping shapes to spell the brand name and a blue and white color scheme.

X – The Moonshot Factory

contemporary logo example

A technology company founded by Google, X – The Moonshot Factory has a logo worthy of its space in this list. It is an X in block form using very few lines and black and white colors. It is simple, easily identifiable, and ideal for the company it represents. 

Helpful Tips When Designing a Contemporary Logo

A contemporary logo does not necessarily guarantee success in your branding endeavors. There are general rules you must follow to ensure that what you design will work to your advantage. Here are some helpful tips you can do:

Keep It Simple

This may be redundant as contemporary logos are, in itself, simple. Simplification for the sake of doing so may not be the answer to this. Overdoing it may result in providing your customers a narrow understanding of your brand. In short, you’re not letting people know your true self. Therefore, it pays to know when to simplify and when to stop.

Don’t Follow Trends

While it’s true that a contemporary logo is something new and fresh, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow trends. Remember, trends come and go, great logos live long lives. You have to consider what your logo will look and feel like a few years ahead. Yes, a redesign isn’t far behind, but don’t deprive your logo of life after the trend has died.

Show Your Personality

In the digital age, people connect with others around the world through varying methods and devices. It gives so many benefits, but we may not realize that it increasingly kills the human touch. Make an effort to ensure that your logo shows your personality to provoke emotional responses from prospects. 

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Final Thoughts

Logos primarily show people what your brand is about. Effectively communicating your vision and mission using contemporary design is possible. However, designing your own logo may not be the right solution. 

Let Penji assist you in creating a contemporary logo that will speak to your target audience clearly. Our professional designers have the skills and qualifications to do it. All you need is to sign up here to get them started.