Listen up, folks! Your brand’s logo says a whole lot about your business. If you cut corners and settle for a cheap, poorly designed logo, trust me, it’s gonna leave a lasting negative impression. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial for entrepreneurs to invest in custom-designed logos that truly represent their brand.

Now, here’s the deal: not every brand, especially startups and small businesses, has an overflowing budget for fancy branding assets. We get it, money can be tight. But even if you’re working with a shoestring budget, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re gonna spill the beans on where to get customized logos that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re a new startup, a small business hustling to make it big, a fancy agency, or even a big-shot multinational corporation, we’ve got something for everyone. So get ready to explore different options, categorized to fit every business type and budget. This is your ultimate guide to getting the perfect customized logo without emptying your pockets. Let’s dive in!

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Paid Logo Maker Tools (Best for startups with a minimal budget)

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If you’re looking for a quick solution to your logo creation, then a paid logo maker tool is your best bet. These tools are the cheapest among all the options on this list. However, there’s a drawback. 

Paid logo makers might be a quick and affordable fix. However, the outcome might not represent your brand in the best light. Only choose this option if you’re a startup and you absolutely have little to no budget for setting up shop. Getting custom-designed logos from logo maker tools will range from $7 to $40. Here are some options you can look into:


Most online logo makers these days are AI-powered. This means you only have to enter a few details about your brand, and the logo maker will automatically generate the logo. The logo output will be according to the information you specified in the process. 

As for revisions, expect to get none of it. Or expect to be doing it yourself with some restrictions. So you’re limited on the logo design outcome. You also have the option to download it or not. Looka is one example of an AI-powered online tool for logo creation. 


Once you get the logo, you can download it and pay a small fee. Or you may also pay for a brand kit, which costs $7.99 per month. 


LogoMaker lets you choose from over 10,000 logo design templates. Award-winning designers professionally design these templates. LogoMaker claims that they’ve helped over 20 million small businesses worldwide.

Moreover, LogoMaker’s intuitive tool is also fast, allowing you to create a logo in under five minutes. LogoMaker’s platform involves a five-step process:

  • Enter your brand name
  • Choose up to three logo styles
  • Choose up to three logo fonts
  • Select up to three logo layouts
  • Download result


If you’re happy with the outcome, you can download the logo and pay a minimum fee of $40. 


Another online logo maker for your custom-designed logos is Placeit. It boasts over 13,000 logo designs that every brand can choose from. Also, these logos are fully customizable. If you want to select from logo mockups, Placeit has the most extensive collection online. 

On top of that, editing the logo is fast. Click on the logo and edit it on Placeit’s editing tool. Plus, it’s easy using Placeit’s platform as they also provide videos on how to create one with a breeze. 


Subscribe to Placeit’s services by paying $14.95 monthly or $89.69 annually for your logo designs. 


GraphicSprings offers powerful DIY online logo maker software. You can create a logo fast from their user-friendly editing tool. The process goes like this:

  • Choose from professional and high-quality logo templates in vector files
  • Edit the logo’s graphics and text using GraphicSprings’ software
  • Save and download


If you wish to download the high-resolution logo file, you pay only $19.99. 

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Freelance Marketplace (Best for businesses that want quality custom-designed logos at mid-range prices)

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If you’re running a small business that aims for a high-quality logo, then hiring a freelance logo designer is a smart move. The pricing for this option can vary depending on the designer’s level of experience and location. 

Additionally, expect to spend a bit more effort in finding the right logo designer on freelance marketplaces. Finding a quality designer might be similar to finding a needle in a haystack. So be wary of those freelancers magnifying their expertise. Check each designer’s portfolio and conduct test projects before signing on the dotted line. Here are some freelancer marketplaces and graphic designers’ hourly rates:


Toptotal boasts a user-friendly project management system that clients can enjoy using long-term. This platform also has a stringent hiring process and claims they curate the applicants they hire. That said, Toptotal guarantees a professional logo artist for clients. 

The process is also relatively simple. You can click on the button if you want to hire a designer. Then the process takes you to a series of pages with various questions. Here’s what you need to answer:

  • Type of project
  • Duration of project
  • Number of designers you want to hire
  • Level of commitment you require
  • Design skills and specialties you require
  • Number of employees in your company
  • If you’re open to working with remote designers

Once they find a designer who fits your requirements, they’ll ask for your email to connect you. 


Toptotal’s hourly rates range from $60 to $210


Upwork is one of the biggest freelancer marketplaces to date. It has thousands of designers you can choose to cater to your logo design needs. If you want the cheapest custom-designed logos, you can have one for as low as $5 on this platform.

Unfortunately, there’s no quality check when it comes to freelancers’ work. So you’ll have to find one at your own risk.


Browse through thousands of logo designers with hourly rates ranging from $25 to $150


Dribbble is where all curated creative minds meet. It’s an invite-only platform offered to those with exceptional design skills. The platform aims to get as many ideas from multiple graphic designers. Also, Dribbble has a feature called Talent Partner, which helps clients sort through the thousands of designers and portfolios quickly. 


Find a logo designer with hourly rates ranging from $40 to $100


With a unique contest-driven platform, 99designs is a fun marketplace to look for logo designers. You only have to provide the design requirements and details, then create a contest. 

Many designers will then take part in the design process, hoping to win. You can choose between the many submitted design results. 


Logo packages start from $299 to $1,299

Design Agencies (Best for big businesses and agencies with complete branding needs)

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If you’re running a big business that needs an entire branding package, then an agency is a worthy investment. Also, if you’re running an agency that handles many clients for their designs, hiring an agency would be a huge help. 

Take note, however, that hiring an agency is expensive. This option is the most expensive on this list for custom-designed logos. That’s because you’ll be working with an entire team of creatives. These creatives will conduct market research and competitor analysis to ensure that your branding assets stand out. 

The logo design takes place after a thorough process dedicated to your branding. The upper hand of hiring an agency is that you’ll get many creative perspectives as the team offers diverse skills. You’ll get a modern logo design suitable in today’s visually-centric era. 

Agencies are all about client satisfaction. Therefore, expect that your logo and branding designs are relevant, high-quality, and professional.


Branding packages that include a custom-designed logo start at $10,000

On-demand Design Services (Best for startups, small businesses, or agencies that aim for quality and affordability)

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On-demand graphic design services are growing in demand these days. This is due to its efficient process, quality output, and affordable rates as most on-demand design services run on a subscription-based model. That means you only pay a fixed monthly rate when you’re subscribed to a particular plan. 

Most on-demand design services offer these features:

  • Unlimited custom designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Fast turnaround of 24 to 48 hours
  • Custom design platform
  • Ability to add team members to the platform
  • High-resolution files
  • Cancel anytime with no contract
  • 15-day money-back guarantee

Some on-demand design services’ pricing will vary, depending on the included features. 


Here are a couple of on-demand graphic design services:

Design Pickle’s lowest plan is $499, and the highest plan is $995, exclusive of custom illustrations. 

ManyPixels’ three pricing tiers are $449, $549, and $899 a month.

Flocksy offers two plans at $420 and $995 a month. 

Penji offers the most affordable rates at $399, $499, and $899 monthly, including all graphic design and custom illustration needs. 

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Where Should You Get Custom Designed Logos

When looking for a professional logo designer, there are a couple of factors to consider. Here are a few:

  • Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Industry expertise
  • Social proof
  • Communication skills
  • Specialties
  • Transparency

The last and final factor every client considers before hiring is the logo design cost. Because brands have different limitations, smaller businesses won’t be able to afford to hire design agencies. 

On the other hand, huge corporations will probably not even acknowledge online logo maker tools. And while hiring freelance logo designers might seem like the best option, the hiring process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Finding the perfect match among hundreds of portfolios can be quite a task. Additionally, freelancers cherish their independence, which means they may not limit themselves to working with just one client. They often seek to take on as many projects as they can handle to maximize their income. Consequently, when faced with challenges, freelancers may prioritize higher-paying clients and leave behind those offering lower compensation.

Trying out an on-demand graphic design service is a safe choice. For one, you don’t have to pay hourly or per-project rates, which can go sky-high. Also, you don’t have to worry about being bound to a contract. You can cancel anytime if you no longer have any design requests in the queue. 

Finally, you don’t only get custom-designed logos, but you get all design types your brand needs. All these features are offered at fixed monthly rates. If you want convenient, quality, and affordable packages, check out Penji

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