With the emergence of AI writing tools, many are wary of documents written by AI. While AI writing tools are excellent for expediting written work, education, publishing, legal, and recruitment organizations ensure humans write every document. And this is why some industries use AI detectors, such as Chat GPTZero. But how does GPTZero work? Here’s the lowdown on the most reliable AI detector. 

What is GPTZero? 

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Trusted by many professionals worldwide, Chat GPTZero is the leading AI detector. It checks whether AI writing tools, such as ChatGPT, have written a document. The GPTZero model was trained to detect AI in sentences and paragraphs. The platform was trained to detect several large language models, such as ChatGPT, GPT4, LLaMa, Bard, and other AI models. 

GPTZero has catered to around 2.5 million users worldwide in more than 100 organizations in multiple industries. Due to its multi-step approach in AI detection, GPTZero reaches maximum capacity with the most minimal false positives. 

GPTZero even tested their models on a set of human and AI-written articles. The outcome detected that 99 percent of human-written articles and 85 percent of AI-written articles were correct. 

How Does GPTZero Work?


GPTZero leverages a multi-layered approach and end-to-end deep learning model. It’s trained to detect accurate GPT4 datasets. GPTZero detects AI-written documents based on seven components. 

Education Module

GPTZero offers an education model that is tailored to student content. This model was trained with data that focuses on student work than its regular model. This increases the accuracy of AI detection for educational documents. The Education Module model differentiates ESL and AI-written work, too. 

Internet Text Search

Another component of GPTZero is the Internet Text Search, which detects if parts of the text are found on the internet. However, the model also classifies commonly used text which isn’t tagged as written by AI. 

GPTZero Shield 

The GPTZero Shield aims to defend the model against other tools that exploit AI detectors. The platform maintains a database to bypass AI detection, such as spacing attacks and homoglyphs. 


The burstiness aspect of the GPTZero identifies the patterns in AI-written text. When documents are written by humans, the tone and style change throughout the article, making the text punchy. Meanwhile, AI-written content remains the same, almost monotonous, throughout the document. 


GPTZeroX is one of the initial models that was developed in March. It analyzes every sentence in the context of the text and determines if it’s written by AI.


The Perplexity test identifies what word is coming next after a specific word. It checks if the AI model’s suggestions match the words in the text. 

Deep Learning

The seventh component of GPTZero is using an end-to-end deep learning approach. This model is trained on massive text collections from education datasets, the internet, and our synthetic AI datasets. 

How to Use Chat GPTZero

Using GPTZero is easy. You can either use its dashboard or as a browser extension. 

GPTZero interface

The first is to sign up for a free account on GPTZero. You can then paste the text or upload a file, and the model will detect the entire document. GPTZero returns a sentence-by-sentence highlighting where AI is seen. Unlike other AI detectors that only return a number, GPTZero detects every sentence written by AI. 

GPTZero interface

You may also download the Chrome Extension, which lets you scan the entire document in one click. You can type https://gptzero.me/ in your browser.

Next, click the “Try it” button. Then, paste the text in the “Input text box” section. 

Why Choose GPTZero Over Other AI Detection Models?

There is no shortage of AI detectors online. You can choose from many AI detection models, such as Copyleaks, Winston AI, Kazan SEO, Hugging Face, GLTR, Crossplag, etc. But what makes GPTZero more reliable? Why should you choose this AI detection model over other AI detectors?

  • GPTZero is deemed the most accurate AI detector, according to TechCrunch, after testing multiple AI detectors.
  • This model is trained regularly based on large datasets to ensure accuracy in AI detection. Meanwhile, other AI detectors don’t undergo additional training. 
  • GPTZero is fine-tuned for academic prose and student writing. 
  • GPTZero aims to provide users with accurate AI detection tools so they can adopt AI technologies safely. 

What are the Limitations of AI Detectors?

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Although AI detectors are trained in natural language processing, they still have some limitations. 

  • AI detectors are prone to cultural, demographic, or perspective biases, which can lead to unfair outcomes. 
  • Some AI detection models may struggle to understand context. This may lead to misinterpretation or incorrect predictions.
  • AI detectors can become too specialized in the training data and struggle to generalize to new, unseen data. When exposed to slightly different contexts or inputs, this overfitting issue may lead to incorrect predictions or classifications.
  • Many AI detectors, especially deep learning models, are often seen as “black boxes” due to their complex architecture. It’s challenging to explain how these models arrive at specific decisions, which can be problematic, especially in sensitive domains like healthcare or finance.
  • AI detectors, particularly in applications involving personal data, raise privacy concerns. The collection and usage of sensitive information for training models can infringe on individuals’ privacy rights and lead to ethical and legal challenges.

How to Use and Interpret Results from GPTZero

GPTZero returns a document-level score that identifies if the whole document was AI-generated. The completely_generated_prob score is as follows:

  • At a threshold of 0.88, 99 percent of human documents are classified as human, and 85 percent of AI documents are classified as AI
  • At a threshold of 0.5, 96 percent of human documents are classified as human, 96 percent of AI documents are classified as AI

Experts recommend using a threshold of 0.88 or higher to decrease the number of false positives. Identifying human writing as AI is currently more destructive than vice versa. 

GPTZero Pricing

GPTZero rates
  • Basic – Free (Up to 10,000 words per month)
  • Essential – $10 (Up to 150,000 words per month)
  • Premium – $16 (Up to 300,000 words per month)

Is Chat GPTZero Worth it? 

If you’re in the education, publishing, or legal sector, using GPTZero is essential to control the use of AI in these fields. While using GPTZero does the job of detecting AI-generated content, it’s still recommended that you manually check the content itself. One of the nuances in AI-generated and human-written content is the tone. Check if the tone or style changes throughout the document. If the entire text sounds robotic, it’s probably AI-generated. Otherwise, if the write-up has more flair, human creativity must be one of its core ingredients.