A picture is worth a thousand words is definitely true when it comes to restaurant banner designs. They convey their point in a quick manner and they do their job at garnering attention towards the brand or institution in question.

With that in mind, some of the most creative banners that I’ve ever seen actually come from the food industry, particularly restaurants. There’s just something about the way that they are done that makes me feel that I just can’t help but stop what I’m doing and go get a bite to eat.

Whether it’s the rich assortment of different food offerings featured in the design or tempting offers included, there’s often something to catch my attention.

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With that said, I thought I’d share in this article of top restaurant banner designs.

1. The Baroness Bar

restaurant banner design

Who doesn’t like a good burger after a hard day’s work? I know I do. And The Baroness Bar restaurant banner design really seeks to exemplify that. The first thing that sticks out to me is just how detailed the burger appears as a result of its close-up.

It tells me that I have something great to look forward to in a Baroness burger. Furthermore, I love the Happy Hour emphasis – it’s just the kind of thing I’d be looking forward to at the end of the day.

2. La Hacienda

restaurant banner design

La Hacienda‘s restaurant banner designs’ use of green, red and especially yellow really drives their point across. Another thing I like is the typography of the text here. It really conveys that Latin atmosphere and I absolutely love it. The use of Spanish terms doesn’t hurt, either. It only piques my interest further.

3. Azeez

restaurant banner design

Hey, now this is pretty spicy for a restaurant banner design. The first thing that captures my attention is the well-done chicken in the middle of the banner. It does its job well at turning heads. Next is the “Hot Weekend Offer” caption.

What I like about how eye-grabbing it tends to be is the way how it creates a sense of urgency. Plus, the flame pattern is pretty cool to look at.

4. Arni’s Ballpark & Pizzeria

restaurant banner design

There’s something to be said about a restaurant chain that not only serves great food, but they’re also diehard fans for a certain sports teams. Like Arni’s, for example.

This restaurant banner design they have here is a bit on the simple side, but it works to catch the interest of the average passerby by stating that they are the official pizza restaurant of the Indianapolis Indians, one of the many baseball teams in the MLB season.

5. Arby’s

restaurant banner design

Arby’s is well famous for creating some of the best advertising that we’ve ever seen. From their YouTube ads to their social media posts, Arby’s just seems to be on top of things, don’t they?

This restaurant banner design is no different if you were to ask me – I love the different contrasts between the ingredients and the finished foods near the bottom of the banner, as it creates a nice transition. I also can’t help that the boots in the middle really sells the whole Western feel for the banner.

6. Great Raft Brewing

restaurant banner design

Now, this may not be your typical restaurant, but I was so captivated by the restaurant banner design of Great Raft that I couldn’t help but share. As fitting in with their name, Great Raft Brewing has a well-done banner here to signify their grand opening. I just love how their large logo helps to paint a somewhat nautical like poster, combined with the striking contrast of blue and brown.

7. La Curacha Cafe

restaurant banner design

I really like this restaurant banner design for La Curacha Cafe. It may just be me, but with banners with a vintage-like feel will always garner my attention. I also like the fact that “Grand Opening is big and bold, thus easy to spot from a distance. “Great Food, Great People – Chill Pill”. That’s more than enough to at least glance a look at this design.

8. Best Blend Coffee

restaurant banner design

This is another great restaurant banner design. I love the fact that the coffee beans are used as a whitewashed background to carry the whole coffee theme that this ad is trying to sell me. Furthermore, what best way to launch a grand opening of a coffee shop than with free drinks? If there’s one thing I know that people are guaranteed to turn out for, it’s free food.

9. La Crianza

restaurant banner design

Anyone in the mood for some seafood? Well, with this banner design from La Crianza sure puts me in the mood for some. I also love the slightly weathered finish for the board in the image. It tells me that this is set up right by the seaside, further emphasizing the fish. And is it me, or is this typography for the “Bolitas de Jamon” really popular with seafood restaurants?

10. Southport and Irving

Southport and Irving

Now, this restaurant banner design is just awesome. Why? Well, not only is it large, conveys its points clearly and is pretty to look at, I’m also amazed at the fact that this looks to be entirely handmade. That’s some serious dedication, and it will turn heads! Another great point is that it seems to be put in a place where everyone is more likely to see it. Well played!

11. The Noodles

restaurant banner design

Happy hours are always a great time, aren’t they? And The Noodles restaurant seeks to capitalize on that fact with its banner. The typography here is whimsical and striking, especially against the wooden background. Not to mention the offer of 20% off new cocktails.

But what really strikes me is the dual language that the offer is being offered in. Quite the oddity to include on a restaurant banner design, but it makes me pay attention to the design more.

12. Starbucks

When was the last time you had a latte from Starbucks? Not very long ago, I figure. Well, have you seen a more elegant restaurant banner design to go with your cup of coffee? Now, this design is also adopting a chalkboard-like feel with regards to its presentation, but in this case, it feels a bit more exquisite.

I attribute it to the large espresso graphic at the top, combined with the various other fonts that permeate the banner design. It shows sophistication. Maturity. And very good types of coffee.

13. Nara

restaurant banner design

Simple design is always the best restaurant banner design strategy, and Nara here embodies that to a T. By showing some examples of traditional Thai cuisine, they’re subtly telling us that this is the best that Singapore has to offer, and you haven’t been to Singapore until you’ve eaten at Nara. Plus, I love the accolade appearing on the bottom left corner of the design – that further cements why I should check Nara out.

14. KFC

restaurant banner design

Do I really need to give KFC an introduction here? Everyone knows their chicken. But for the 2 people living under a rock that is still unfamiliar with the brand, this restaurant banner design does a quick, yet efficient job at showcasing just what they have been missing out on.

Showing some crisp fried chicken, having some sauce poured on to whet the appetite of the viewer, and the “Hot & Saucy” graphic at the top… what more would you need?

15. The Hungry Gecko

restaurant banner design

From a restaurant banner design, this is showing off a lot of information. However, it’s a good thing that this is so well designed so as to not bore me. The Hungry Gecko blends information with graphics pretty flawlessly, if you ask me, there’s the text that gets right to the point, food images to entice me, and cute little graphics that meld well with the overall design. Plus the smaller typography is spot on and complements the main logo.

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