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Lincoln Green

Articles written by Lincoln Green:


30 Top Design And Innovation Consulting Firms In The United States ‌ ‌

Nowadays, a brand can scale through killer marketing graphics and creative visual storytelling. All those...


Infographic: 7 Landing Page Elements That Convert

As part of a business’s digital marketing scheme, landing pages are the bait that boosts...

Education Leaders

8 Successful University Rebranding Examples

Branding is important. Aside from a name, a logo, color scheme, and language are the...


50 Most Creative Billboard Ads Designed By Mad Geniuses

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that isn’t any more...

Restaurants & bars

15 Best Restaurant Banner Design Examples

A picture is worth a thousand words is definitely true when it comes to restaurant...

Small businesses

12 Alcohol Packaging Design Ideas To Inspire Your Next Creation

Alcohol packaging should be designed to intoxicate potential buyers and make them want to take...

Restaurants & bars

17 Mouthwatering Restaurant Ad Design Examples That Entice Diners

Food is an essential part of life. Many of us look forward to a hearty,...

Healthcare Professionals

12 Healthcare Creative Agency Tactics That Will Help You Win in 2020

Have you ever had a health problem and turned to the internet for more information...

Logo design

School Logo Design Examples That Increase Enrollment

A school logo design should represent the institution in the best possible light. Logos are...

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