Running a bar could sometimes be horrifying. When your bar is situated in the middle of a bustling city, next to jam-packed bars, and you look at yours with empty seats and bar counters, it can be tempting to raise the white flag. But have you ever thought of bar promotion ideas that can turn the situation around? These bar marketing ideas will surely get those tipplers through your door!

  1. Share Your Story on Social Media
  2. Advertise Theme Nights Through Flyers
  3. Promote Your Best-Selling Cocktails on Facebook
  4. Offer Loyalty Programs Through SMS or Emails
  5. Advertise a Ladies’ Night Through Posters
  6. Make Your ‘Happy Hour’ Viral on Social Media
  7. Organize Themed Events
  8. Make Your Billboard Stand Out
  9. Cocktail Giveaways on Social Media
  10. Bartender Battle
  11. Support a Cause
  12. Host Artistic Events
  13. Host Game Nights or Trivia Nights
  14. Work with Influencers
  15. Offer Seasonal Cocktails
woman drinking wine
Just one drink, she said.

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1. Share Your Story on Social Media

bar promotion

Connecting with your audience on a personal level is essential. Some consumers choose brands or companies with their interests. Tell your story by sharing your head bartender’s journey, sharing the makings of your best-selling cocktail drink, or a recent funny experience in your bar.

This will create a social media buzz, excite consumers, and even entice them to visit your bar if they want in on the fun. Putting a face on that logo will also humanize your brand, like what Ticonderoga Club did on one of their social media posts.

2. Advertise Theme Nights Through Flyers

woman dancing salsa

Some people visit bars to break the mold and relieve their stress. People who work nine-to-five can feel mentally and physically exhausted. A bar’s role is to amuse and comfort people after a long day.

Creating “theme nights” will give your customers something to look forward to. You can think of many different fun and creative events to attract your target market.

For example, organize a “Salsa Night” to invite customers to dance and drink the night away. Another amazing theme is “Trivia Night.” This will give your customers a new and exciting experience whenever they visit your bar.

3. Promote Your Best-Selling Cocktails on Facebook

cocktail advertising design

With so many bars competing for every customer’s attention on social media, you want to make your online presence heard and noticed at first glance. Upload enticing photos of your best-selling cocktails or dishes. This blue martini looks enticing, I might just nip down to a bar and drink a glass (or two).

4. Offer Loyalty Programs Through SMS or Emails

bar promotion

The top bar promotion ideas involve connecting with your customers long-term. Loyalty offers a great way to build your regular clientele. Sometimes people hop from one bar to another because they don’t feel a connection with the place.

Offer a discount for regular customers through SMS or emails. This way, your customers will feel like they belong to an elite club and want to keep returning for the discounts and freebies! Check out Beer Head Bar’s Beer Club Loyalty Program.

Deliver your message at a glace with the right poster design

Catch your customer using industry specific visuals that make you stand out from the competition.

Design this for me!

5. Advertise a Ladies’ Night Through Posters

bar promotion

A Ladies’ Night is among the most effective top bar promotion ideas. It’s a great way to attract a huge crowd. Women come for the free drinks, and men come for the women. As a result, men pay for more drinks to woo women.

Create inviting and eye-catching poster displays like Unlimited The Break Free Bar’s design. Poster displays are placed on walls, bridges, and other public places, so the design should captivate a passerby’s attention. But it needs to have the right design elements, including images, font, and colors, to name a few.

6. Make Your ‘Happy Hour’ Viral on Social Media

bar promotion

One of the challenges of operating a bar is getting more customers during the slow hours, usually the regular employee work hours. You want to tempt consumers to drop by during these hours to avail of discounted alcoholic beverages. Take a look at Ted’s Bar’s happy hour offer on social media.

7. Organize Themed Events

bar marketing ideas

When thinking of promotional ideas for bars, the best bar advertising tip is to get with the season. People consider major yearly events or occasions important, such as Halloween, Valentine’s, or Thanksgiving. Getting with the season by organizing themed events like the usual Halloween costume party or Valentine’s speed dating event are excellent bar advertising ideas. 

Many people celebrate special occasions with their loved ones, families, and friends. And since most of these special occasions are national holidays, give your customers something special. Also, update your website’s event calendar for any upcoming occasions, national holidays, or significant annual events.

8. Make Your Billboard Stand Out

bar billboard design

Outdoor advertising is an effective way to make your brand seen, especially in high-traffic areas. Investing in a good billboard design benefits your bar in the long run. A captivating billboard or signage design representing your bar and branding is the perfect “bait” for walk-in customers.

This example offers a unique old-school typography, with a green clover symbol that screams an Irish charm.

9. Cocktail Giveaways on Social Media

bar promotion

The best form of marketing by far is through word of mouth. Create a buzz on social media that will expand your following and make people want to visit your social media network occasionally.

Creating regular online contests will make you stand out on any social media platform. Airstream Cafe’s ‘Cocktail Giveaway’ is a customer favorite. By asking a customer to tag a few friends, you’re already effortlessly creating infinite marketing for your bar. I’m sure a free cocktail drink or two won’t drive your sales down. But your online contest should be accompanied by interesting social media posts. You need your images to stand out, or people will scroll through them.

With Penji, you get to have unlimited graphic design for social media. You can leverage that and post regularly. Make noise online, and you will gain traction sooner or later.  Here’s how unlimited graphic design works.

10. Bartender Battle

bartender battle

Make it exciting for booze lovers and give them a show. If you have enough bartenders, organize a bartender battle. If not, you can partner with other bartenders from other bars and provide them with an offer they can’t resist.

Chances are, some of their loyal customers will support the event and visit. And who knows, you might win some new regular customers. 

11. Support a Cause

charity event at a bar

Bars tend to have that fun and playful vibe. After all, it’s where people flock to whenever they need a breather from work or life in general. So change that stigma instead of making people see that you’re all for fun and games.

One of the top bar promotion ideas that people tend to overlook is supporting a charity. Support a charity or a cause and build an event around that. Mention that the proceeds go to a cause. That way, people try to cough in more cash.

12. Host Artistic Events

bar advertising ideas
Image: Pinot’s Palette

Catering to a broad demographic is one way to get those tipplers through your bar door. And hosting artistic events will reach out to creatives, which comprises a big community in most geographical locations. You can do an art night, where customers can paint and showcase their talents. Another idea is to do a poetry reading event one night a week. This is an intimate gathering for people who want to go out, have a good time, and still immerse themselves in art and literature. 

Here’s an example of a poetry reading event in Loop Bar, a Melbourne-based bar where music, film, and arts flourish.

13. Host Game Nights or Trivia Nights

promotion ideas for bars

People go to bars to socialize outside work or meet other people. You can host game nights so customers can team up and engage with other people. Hosting game nights will also let people look forward to something every week. Of course, game nights like trivia nights mean enticing prizes are at stake. Offer a bottle of expensive rum, whisky, or wine on top of cash prizes. You may even include vouchers from other partner stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. Offer exciting prizes so people will come! The Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood is known to host the best bar trivia nights in that area. 

14. Work with influencers

bar promotion ideas

One of the fastest bar promotion tips that will get your new bar traction is through influencers. Choose an influencer with a substantial following and offer a rate they can’t resist. One post about your bar from a famous influencer will boost your local marketing strategies. It’s also better to get the influencer to visit and host an event in your bar. This way, the influencer’s fans will also come to your bar for the event. Above is an example of a digital creator and luxury lifestyle and events host doing a bar takeover. 

15. Offer seasonal cocktails

summer cocktail
Image: Diageo Bar Academy

Offering seasonal cocktails is one of the most appealing bar marketing ideas that will get more customers. If your bar is located in an area that goes through all four seasons, leveraging local seasonal ingredients means patronizing other small businesses, too. 

Spring can get you more berries or herbs like cilantro, sage, basil, or mint. This will add brightness to your drinks, such as Spring Sangria or Moscow Mule. Summer also means refreshing and vibrant alcoholic beverages with seasonal ingredients like apricots, cucumber, cherries, or peaches. 

Once the temperature drops, fall can offer you fresh ingredients like persimmons, pumpkin, or pomegranate. You can also concoct fall drinks with apples, butternut squash, or pears. Finally, winter keeps fresh ingredients limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create cocktails from dried fruits and warm spices. How about a ginger snap cocktail, a peppermint martini, or a gin with hints of anise, cardamom, and juniper?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attract customers to your bar?

With tried and tested marketing strategies and SEO, you can definitely have visitors turn into patrons. You may have the same offerings as other bars in the area, but one way to attract customers to your bar is through events. For example, you can hold events like office parties or wedding parties.

How do I promote my bar?

There’s no one way to promote your bar. Diversify your marketing strategies to ensure more people flock to your bar, not your competitors. Here are some examples of how to promote your bar:

  • Social media
  • Flyers
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Posting on listing sites like Yelp and Angie’s List

How can I make my bar fun?

Aside from the traditional happy hour and trivia night, why not try paint-and-sip events? This one sounds fun because you’ll let customers unleash their creativity while sipping wine or other alcoholic drinks. And it’s one way for people to get together in one venue and get to know each other.

Another way to make your bar fun is through charity events. You want to show that you have a philanthropic side to you. It will be fun because you’ll have like-minded people show up for a cause. Whether there are drinking contests or trivia games, you’ll know your customers will have fun while doing a good thing.

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Final Thoughts

Considering the number of bars and the competition, it is high time to be aggressive with your marketing. To ensure that people will appreciate and be enticed to go to your bar, use the power of visuals tailor-fit for your market. 

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