Explore the captivating world of pentagon logo designs that are known for their mesmerizing symmetry. If you’re looking to get one, below are some of the most fantastic pentagon logo examples made by our talented graphic designers at Penji.

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1. Hamlin & McGill

pentagon logo example

This logo for a made-up law firm, Hamlin & McGill, would do well with a pentagon shape. It has five equal sides, which project equality and fairness. The color choice of yellow adds a warm touch that prevents the logo from looking stiff and dull. The pillar image represents strength and power suitable for a legal company.

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2. Harlem Brokerage and Housing

pentagon logo example

With a cleverly-designed pentagon logo, Harlem Brokerage and Housing uses a house shape complete with a tree and fence. The overall design gives a comforting appeal that’s perfect for a housing company. The use of blue is very appropriate as it symbolizes trust, intelligence, and calmness

3. First Order

pentagon logo example

If you’re in the restaurant business, this logo designed for First Order is worth noting. A food cover is encased in a pentagon with what seems to be wheels to denote speedy delivery. The use of the colors brown and orange are suitable for this business as it connotes warmth, friendliness, and hospitality. 

4. Nintari Global

pentagon logo example

Placed in the middle of the image as part of a gaming controller, this Nintari Global logo uses the pentagon shape freshly and sharply. Its design and color speak directly to its intended market, the young adults. It has details that do not make the design look cluttered but clearly tell viewers what the brand is about. This is it if you want to know what a functional logo design looks like.

5. Ocean Gold Foods, Inc.

pentagon logo example

At first glance, you won’t easily see where the pentagon is in this Ocean Gold Foods, Inc. logo. Upon closer inspection, the round logo has a cute fish in the shape of a pentagon. It uses blue as its primary color to associate the brand with the ocean, which helps illustrate freshness. The font pairing is commendable as it emphasizes the brand name and adds interest to the design.

6. Nintari Global

pentagon logo example

This different version of the Nintari Global brand has a more businesslike atmosphere. Like the one above, it also has a game controller but uses orange instead. While the one before has a playful appeal, this version is more suitable for corporate materials such as business cards, letterheads, and email designs. The dark orange color adds to its professional approach and gives it a more serious tone.

7. Shield Protection Services

pentagon logo example

Whether in the protection industry for people or data, this Shield Protection Services logo design is a good inspiration. It uses a pentagon shape with a keyhole in the middle to give viewers a sense of what the brand does. It uses multiple colors, the primary being the color violet, which is commonly associated with power and strength. The font is a simple type without serifs and has rounded edges to avoid being too stiff-looking.

8. Red Ribbon Corp

pentagon logo example

As its name suggests, Red Ribbon Corp’s logo uses a ribbon with a gold medal and a star on it. Its pure simplicity places emphasis on its promise of high-quality services or products. Of course, the logo would have the color red in it, but the gold perfectly boosts the design to be more exciting and eye-catching. The designer chose black for the font type, which adds an element of sophistication to this pentagon logo.

9. St. Vito Medical Center

pentagon logo example

The health and wellness industry requires a clean and crisp logo design to project an image of sterility and competence. In the case of the logo designed for St. Vito Medical Center, the designers had this in mind. The logo has minimal details, uses a subdued shade of blue, and has a very straightforward font choice. The design has a heart in the middle of the pentagon logo to show the company’s concern for its patients.

10. OMG Cupcakes

pentagon logo example

You’d never think that a cupcake can fit in a pentagon, but here it is, OMG Cupcakes uses it in a quirky way. This is a highly scalable design and would look good in any size branding material. You can use it for company signage, posters, business cards, social media graphics, and many other branding assets. 

11. Sir Tony Skates

pentagon logo example

A pentagon shape beautifully juxtaposed with skateboards and some starts, the Sir Tony Skates logo packs quite the punch. Its big and bold font choice adds power and impact to the black and grey color combination. This design blends sports, danger, and excitement quite well, making it perfect for t-shirts, stickers, and other items relating to skateboarding.

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Final Thoughts

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