Esports is proving to be a lucrative online industry, and every brand is stepping up its game to score huge points with users. From gaming logos to user experience and excellent graphics, video games are all racing with one another to be ahead of the curve.

Statistics tell us that the number of esports viewers has been on the rise since 2016. In 2018, there were 215 million recorded occasional viewers and 165 million recorded gaming enthusiasts, amounting to a total of 380 million. With the industry’s growth rate predicted at 14% by 2021, it’s no wonder why video game developers are always on the ball. 

With a lot of startups thinking of trying their hands out in esports, it’s interesting to look at gaming logo designs and how they contribute to brand identity and the overall gaming experience. 

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1. Call of Duty

Call_of_Duty esports

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s gaming logo may be simple, but evokes a lot of meaning nonetheless. The logo’s silver and gray gradient, together with a digital-looking green font, looks tough and rugged. It’s very apt for the long-running FPS franchise known for outstandingly competitive gaming communities and professional esports tournaments.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

cs go esports

Being one of the most popular gaming brands worldwide, Counter Strike’s logo has become an icon in the gaming industry. Its latest series, CS: GO, uses its classic image of a soldier silhouette, this time over a dark blue and gold background. 

3. Dota 2

Dota_2 esports

Another esports game that has gained a stable following all over the world for the past years, Dota 2’s logo is mostly red and orange, projecting energy, vibrancy, and passion. The jagged edges of the image, together with serif font gives the logo a touch of old-school, almost Mayan-inspired design. 

4. Overwatch

overwatch esports

The logo of Overwatch offers a clean visual, mostly light gray in color. The red, orange, yellow and white gradient that resembles a reflection of light gives the logo a touch of illumination. The logo is breaking away from the plain shapes and typography. 

5. League of Legends 

league of legends esports

With 100 million active players tracked per month, League of Legends is undeniably one of the most popular esports games in the international arena. Unlike other popular esports platforms that bank on strong-looking design, this gaming logo is delicately crafted. It has edges so crisp and coloring and so intricate that it could pass for a movie title card. 

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6. Fortnite

fortnite online game

The extreme simpleness of the colors (or lack thereof) of Fortnite’s logo, it makes up for in the shapes department. The black and white palette allows viewers to focus more on the silhouette, making the intricacies easier to digest even at a glance. 

7. StarCraft II 

starcraft esports

StarCraft II’s complex logo is noticeably sophisticated compared to its other counterparts. The bluish gray typography is texturized to look similar to fabricated steel with a touch of faint yellow light shining on top. The irregular blue lines at the center back give the image a dose of motion and energy. 

8. Rocket League

rocket league esports

Pitting two teams of cars against each other on a football pitch, Rocket League’s logo features an image of a car over with wavy line accents. The optical illusion of reflection is what makes this logo unique and stand out from the rest, giving it an elegant appeal fitting for a luxury car brand. 

9. NBA 2K

NBA_2K19 esports

NBA 2K 19 knows that its biggest asset is the immense popularity of what could be the most watched basketball league all over the world, and it aptly banks on it. With the league’s iconic logo already displayed, it shows nothing more than a simple dark gray typography with a striking red accent. 

10. FIFA

fifa esports

Being another esport platform branching out from a popular sports league, FIFA’s logo stays loyal to its origins’ aesthetics. Its 2019 Global Series logo features a color palette of light and dark hues of greens and blues, giving it a complex and energetic appeal. 

11. Playerunknown’S Battlegrounds

playerunknown's battlegrounds esports

The logo of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is mostly warm in color, reflecting courage and independence appropriate for the online multiplayer battle royale game. 

12. Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege esports

What makes Rainbow Six Siege’s logo enigmatic is its creative use and inclusion of negative space in typography. The artistic layout catches the spirit of Tom Clancy’s l online tactical shooter video game.

13. Hearthstone

hearthstone esports

The logo of this free-to-play online digital collectible card game has an arcade-reminiscent aesthetic, paying homage to Warcraft series from which it was based. 

14. Magic: The Gathering Arena

magic the gathering arena esports

Magic: The Gathering Arena’s logo is straightforward and powerful owing personality to the thick block typography with sharp serifs. The red fire-looking accent draws attention and adds interest to an otherwise too plain logo. 

15. Heroes of the Storm

heroes of the storm esports

Heroes of the Storm’s logo features texturized font with a design emphasis on the letter O. It is made of three triangular shapes that bear meanings associated with heroes from Blizzard’s franchises.

16. Apex Legends

apex legends esports

Apex Legends’ logo features block letters for its first word, made interesting by irregular lines that resemble scratches fitting for its battle royale theme. The smaller, thinner font of the second word with horizontal lines on either side creates a symmetrical effect and contributes to the overall balance.

17. Gears of War 4 

gears of war esports

Gears of War 4 logo features a prominent red gear with an image of a skull in the middle. The logo has a smudged stamp look and a simple color palette of red and black, reflecting power and excitement. The overall design is fitting for a third-person shooter video game.

18. Arena of Valor

arena of valor esports

The logo of this multiplayer online battle arena features its acronym: AOV. The font style with sharp edges invokes a Viking feel. And the letter O was crafted to look like a target and a round shield at the same time.  

19. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

Super_Smash_Bros esports

The logo of the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series doesn’t veer too far away from those of its previous versions. Plain black in color, the negative space cross shapes on the letters complement the font style shape.

20. Tekken 7 

tekken 7 esports

Tekken 7’s logo features a sleek and edgy text colored white and gold over a background with Japanese characters appearing to have a burning effect.

21. Brawlhalla 

brawlhalla esports

The logo of this free-to-play fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games has a classic look akin to traditional comic books. The warm color palette matches well with the simple font style fashioned in a symmetric arc.

22. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos 

warcraft esports

Being a high fantasy real-time strategy computer video game, the logo of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is anything but simple. The prominent irregular stone-like shape underneath supports the strong appearance of all three layers of texts, all bearing different font styles.

23. Street Fighter V 

Street_Fighter_V esports

Published by Capcom for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2016, the logo of Streetfighter V still shows the original and classic font style with an energetic warm color palette.

24. Forza Motorsport 7 

forza esports

Forza Motorsport 7’s logo is painless but elegant, featuring a letter F with lines that give motion to the image representing the racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios.

25. Madden NFL 19 

Madden_NFL_19 esports

Just like NBA 2K 19, this American football sports video game knows that just using the National Football League logo is more than enough to gain fans’ attention. And just like its basketball counterpart, it uses a very simple font to highlight the actual league it is based on.

26. Resident Evil 2

esports logo design example

This survival horror game is a remake of an earlier version released in 1998. Developed by Capcom, the game relaunched last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The text colors are in white and red, and the typeface features a texture similar to broken glass. The logo is simple but makes a powerful impact.

27. Mortal Kombat 11

esports logo design example

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game now on its 11th installment. The last version before this, Mortal Kombat 10, was released in 2015. Fans were all excited to play the latest variant launched in April 2019. The logo of the game looks clever as it shows the letters MK and the number 11. In the same vein, the font style is distinct but not overwhelming.

28. Far Cry: New Dawn

esports logo design example

This latest version is a spin-off and a sequel to Far Cry 5. A number of its pre-existing gameplay elements are from the original series. However, it also features new elements, making the game even more engaging. The logo is bold, and its font styles are anything but subtle. It’s a unique logo that can’t be associated with any other franchise other than Far Cry.

29. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

esports logo design example

This is an enhanced version of the action role-playing video game first released in 2012. The setting is a fantasy world called Gransys, where players take the role of the Arisen, a human protagonist on a venture to destroy the dragon Grigori. The professional logo design of the game is intricate. In fact, it has fine details not only on the text but also on the illustration behind.

30. War Thunder

esports logo design example

War Thunder is a big hit among players who are into vehicular combat games. The game comes in a cross-platform format available for various gaming consoles. These platforms include PlayStation 4, macOS, Linux, and Xbox One. The logo is simple but meaningful, with a typeface that shows military elements.