From logos to apps, emails to billboards, graphic design affects every step of the process. A great design can cause your business to skyrocket, while a bad design can bury it.

That’s why so many companies trust these 38 graphic design firms to handle their image. If design can truly make or break your brand, why not leave it to the professionals?

On-Demand Graphic Design vs. Graphic Design Firms

While getting the services of graphic design firms significantly help entrepreneurs, new and small businesses might not be able to afford the rates. Graphic design firms come with steep professional fees as you’ll work with a team of experts. 

With graphic design firms, you’ll work with a creative director, designers, copywriters, and marketers. This option is excellent for more significant design projects to ensure the outcome is up to par. 

On the other hand, on-demand graphic design services are a budget-friendly alternative for marketers and entrepreneurs. An on-demand graphic design company operates on a subscription-based model, similar to how agencies work, making it a cost-effective choice. 

Take Penji, for instance, a cloud-based graphic design service that offers unlimited designs and revisions. With its subscription-based model, you pay only when you use the service, cancel anytime without penalties, and even subscribe whenever you need to, all at a fixed monthly rate. 


Website design created by Penji graphic design service on a blue background
Planet X website design by Penji

Penji isn’t your typical graphic design firm. Its team is stationed around the world offering unlimited graphic design packages and single designs. This model has a number of advantages, including transparent pricing, quick turnaround, and a diversity of styles. You gain access to not only a single designer, but an entire design team with various expertise. Penji’s AI matching system automatically places you with the right designer. Simply put in your design request and chat directly with your designer to revise until its perfect.

Location: Philly

Services: Digital, print, social media, branding, packaging, illustrations, web and app design

Notable clients: Uber, CVS, Jos A Bank, Best Buy, Mattel, Hermès, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The New Yorker, Uniqlo, the Henry Ford Museum

Penji’s portfolio

1) Appetite Creative

Pandora desktop ad by Appetite graphic design firm
Desktop ad format for PANDORA by Appetite

Founded in 2015, Appetite Creative quickly racked up impressive awards and high-profile clients. Clutch has named Appetite one of the top B2B companies in the UK four years in a row. It helps that they focus on dynamic digital marketing for modern consumers.

Locations: London, Madrid, Dubai

Services*: Web and app design, interactive packaging, branding, video production, social media

Notable clients: British Airways, Walt Disney World, Tommy Hilfiger, Bayer, Volvo

*Note: Lists of services provided are not complete.

2) The Yard Creative

Retail design by The Yard Creative
Retail design for Bourjois Paris by TYC

As The Yard Creative proudly proclaims on their site, “We only work with clients who want to challenge their sector.” Whether you need digital ads or in-person experiences, TYC is a graphic design firm that pros trust.

Location: London

Services: Products, branding, interior design, retail, digital materials, strategy

Notable clients: Nike, SKINS, Unilever, BP, Heathrow Airport

3) Huncwot

Digital promo design by Huncwot
Digital promo design for Harvard Film Archive by Huncwot

Many of the agencies on this list have won awards for their designs, but how many have won a Golden Lion at Cannes? This studio specializes in creating modern designs for brands with a digital presence.

Location: Warsaw

Services: Digital design, web development, animation, corporate identities, social media campaigns

Notable clients: Facebook, IKEA, Harvard University, MoMA, Pepsico


PayPal ad designed by AGCS
Animated banner ad for PayPal by AGCS

Like DigitalDesign.NYC, AGCS combines graphic design with coding and web development to create a fully rounded digital ecosystem. Their digital focus appeals to a global range of clients, but their graphic design and video production skills make them appealing to marketers.

Location: Amsterdam

Services: Illustration, visual identity, logo design, creative consulting, web development

Notable clients: Universal Pictures, PayPal, Google Play, Philips, DHL

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5) Merit/Andrew

Merit/Andrew’s seasoned team of creatives covers everything from TV spots to static ads. Founded way back in 2002, they bring plenty of design expertise to their ads. If you’re looking to market your brand with a stylish commercial or social media campaign, they’re the ones to call..

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Services: Branded content, animation, social media, campaign development, video

Notable clients: NFL, Nissan, X Games, National Geographic, Logitech

6) Starfish

Weight Watchers app design by Starfish
Mobile branding for Weight Watchers by Starfish

With 20 years in the game, this design firm promises to give your brand experience a complete facelift. Their work is far-reaching, bringing everything from communications to operations together to redesign your business. But it’s not just bells and whistles—they’ve also got plenty of design expertise to go around.

Location: NYC

Services: Advertising, brand identity, digital, TV, print, website design

Notable clients: PwC, Sharp, Weight Watchers, Vornado, Daily Mail

7) North Street Creative

Business card design by Drexel Hamilton graphic design firm
Business cards for Drexel Hamilton designed by North Street

North Street Creative specializes in helping brands in complex industries stand out to everyday consumers. This includes financial services, professional services, construction, real estate, media, nonprofits, and consumer industries.

Locations: NYC and Providence, RI

Services: Brand strategy, logos, website design, packaging, content strategy

Notable clients: MasterCard, The New York Times, Edison Research, L’Oreal, YouTube

8) Alphabetical

Posters at the London School of Economics by Alphabetical
Posters for London School of Economics by Alphabetical

This UK-based graphic design firm has won awards for their inventive work. They pride themselves on an unconventional approach, helping brands reach new audiences with environmental, digital, and sensory branding.

Location: London

Services: Art direction, brand identity, video, audio, print

Notable clients: ASOS, Amazon, BBC, London College of Fashion, United Nations

9) Brighten the Corners

Stamp design by Brighten the Corners
German stamp design by Brighten the Corners

The first thing you may notice about Brighten the Corners is the angular, Bauhaus inspired look of their designs. Few graphic design firms have developed as striking and unique an identity as this German agency.

Locations: Frankfurt, London, Athens

Services: Physical media, website design, brand identity, typography, art direction

Notable clients: University of Darmstadt, Anish Kapoor, Empathy Museum, German Ministry of Finance

10) Pearlfisher

Assorted Bowl and Basket groceries designed by Pearlfisher
Bowl & Basket packaging design by Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher is a graphic design firm whose work you’ve probably seen out in the world, as in the example above. With three decades of design experience, they’ve created stunning brand identities across industries. They’re especially prominent in the food and beverage industry.

Locations: London, NYC

Services: Packaging design, typography, brand identity, strategy, video

Notable clients: Starbucks, Jim Beam, Pyrex, Colgate, McDonald’s

11) Wolff Olins

TikTok digital ad by Wolff Olins
Digital ad for TikTok created by Wolff Olins

Few ad agencies are as decorated as Wolff Olins. They’ve been developing brand identities since the 1960s, working with titans from Google to the Beatles. Along the way, they’ve also been met with a fair share of controversy, such as their derided 2012 London Olympics logo.

Locations: London, NYC, San Francisco

Services: Brand strategy, analysis, visual identity, copywriting, UI/UX, print

Notable clients: TikTok, Uber, StateFarm, Grubhub, The Met

12) LOVE.

Installation at Selfridges by LOVE graphic design firm
Veuve Clicquot installation at Selfridges by LOVE.

Started in 2001, LOVE’s experienced team of designers cover everything from physical installations to digital advertising. They’ve won over 300 awards for their work, noted for combining artistry with commercial appeal.

Location: Manchester, UK

Services: Brand strategy, content writing, digital design, packaging, interior design, video production

Notable clients: Adidas, GQ, Lucky Charms, Vogue, Moët

13) Studio Number One

Planet of the Apes ad projected onto Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Projected ad for War for the Planet of the Apes by Studio Number One

If you haven’t heard of Studio Number One, there’s a chance you’ve still heard of its cofounder, Shepard Fairey. He’s known for launching the OBEY clothing brand and Barack Obama’s iconic 2008 “HOPE” campaign. Launched by Shepard and Amanda Fairey, Studio Number One has created dozens of equally iconic campaigns since 2003.

Location: LA

Services: Art direction, strategy, brand identity, advertising, guerrilla marketing, social media

Notable clients: Adidas, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Disney, Esquire

14) FutureBrand

Peru tourism ad by FutureBrand graphic design firm
Tourism ad for Peru by FutureBrand

With a laser focus on branding and rebranding, FutureBrand has become a highly sought-after graphic design firm for large-scale enterprises. Their work ranges from luxury to medicine, always with an emphasis on maintaining and shaping brand identity.

Locations: London, Milan, NYC

Services: Experience design, logos, digital media, print, packaging, brand architecture

Notable clients: American Airlines, Bentley, Costa Rica, NFL, Libraries Without Borders, Sephora

15) Critical Mass

Adidas customization tool designed by Critical Mass
Adidas custom sneaker tool designed by Critical Mass

This prolific Canadian graphic design firm has been helping brands stay ahead since 1996. Critical Mass’ work covers a wide range of styles and industries, but consistently has an effortless, engaging feel.

Locations: 11 offices including NYC, LA, Sāo Paulo, Tokyo, London

Services: Brand strategy, social media, UI/UX, product design, campaign creation

Notable clients: Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Marriott, Mistubishi, 1-800 Contacts

16) SGK

Halloween themed Pringles cans by SGK
Pringles Halloween packaging design by SGK

Formerly known as Anthem Worldwide, SGK is a graphic design firm dedicated to simplifying and amplifying brands. They specialize in packaging and brand experience, helping companies all over the globe grow their audience.

Locations: Des Plaines, Chicago, Pittsburgh, São Paulo, Singapore, London

Services: Packaging, marketing strategy, branding, consumer insights, retail experiences

Notable clients: ASICS, Pringles, L’Oréal, Heineken, Air France, Nike

17) Turner Duckworth

Subway sandwich wrapper with modern S logo by Turner Duckworth
Subway wrapping and logo design by Turner Duckworth

Have you ever looked at Subway’s slick modern redesign and wondered who did it? That would be Turner Duckworth. This graphic design firm, founded in 1992, has delivered iconic refreshes for everyday brands like Subway and Coca-Cola.

They don’t stop at redesigns, however. With a wealth of campaigns, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Turner Duckworth design out in the world today.

Locations: San Francisco, NYC, London

Services: Branding, illustration, video, packaging, digital advertising

Notable clients: Maker’s Mark, American Red Cross, Amazon, Metallica, HSBC

18) Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Modern NBC peacock logo
NBC peacock logo designed by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv has been in the design game for 65 years. In that time, they’ve designed iconic logos for NBC, Mobil, National Geographic, and dozens of other brands. On top of logos, they’re known for their graphic art and architecture. For instance, they designed the animal sculptures at the St. Louis Children’s Zoo.

Location: NYC

Services: Graphic design, brand identity, print, motion graphics, art in architecture

Notable clients: Warner Bros. Discovery, HarperCollins, PBS, Pew Research Center, US Open

19) McFaul_Day

New Balance ad campaign by McFaul_Day graphic design firm
Designs for New Balance by McFaul_Day

Founded in 2014, McFaul_Day prides itself on bringing English craftsmanship to its designs and ad campaigns. They’ve been New Balance’s design team of choice for nearly a decade, along with dozens of other iconic brands.

Location: London

Services: Brand consulting, graphic design, product design, copywriting, creative direction

Notable clients: Pepsi, Toyota, Sony, British Airways, Lucasfilm

20) Landor

Kellogg's cereal box designs created by Landor
Kellogg’s packaging redesigns by Landor

If you want to work with a graphic design firm that really knows their stuff, look no further than Landor. They’ve been active since 1941, pioneering some of the techniques that all the other firms on this list use today. Famously, they were headquartered on a boat in San Francisco Bay during the 1960s-80s. While the boat has passed, its outside the box spirit remains.

Locations: 25+ offices including Barcelona, NYC, Paris, Mexico City, London, Sydney, Tokyo

Services: Packaging, digital media, typography, brand identity, strategy

Notable clients: Barclays, LEGO, NFL, Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile

21) MetaDesign

New York Philharmonic ad on a taxi by MetaDesign graphic design firm
Taxi ad for the New York Philharmonic by MetaDesign

Germany’s MetaDesign partners with brands around the world to create logos and branding. The graphic design firm’s work is often simple, angular, and colorful. These unique identities are designed to stick people minds.

Locations: 8 locations including Beijing, Berlin, NYC, San Francisco

Services: Brand strategy, UI/UX, audio/video, packaging, web and app design, POS

Notable clients: Volkswagen, T-Mobile, Yves Saint Laurent, 23andMe, University of California

22) Happy Cog

Website design created by Happy Cog
Website design for the Posse Foundation by Happy Cog

Since 1999, Happy Cog has built websites, apps, marketing campaigns, and interactive experiences. Their clientele range from nonprofits to global brands featuring memorable and unique campaigns.

Location: NYC

Services: Brand strategy, market research, web and app design, branding, analytics

Notable clients: &pizza, City of Philadelphia, White House Correspondents’ Association, David’s Bridal, Books-A-Million

23) The Chase

Simple business cards by The Chase graphic design firm on a red background
Business cards for Mando designed by The Chase

For 35 years, The Chase has brought elegant designs to the UK and abroad. They derive their design philosophy from an old adage about a craftsman who carves wooden elephants from blocks of timber. Asked how he did it, he replied, “I just cut away the wood that doesn’t look like an elephant.”

Locations: Manchester, London

Services: Brand strategy, audio/video, digital design, physical media, printing, social media

Notable clients: AstraZeneca, Tesco, Royal Mail, Kingston University

24) Mucho

Unique fish packaging design by Mucho graphic design firm
Tuna packaging for JC Mackintosh by Mucho

While The Chase prides itself on classical craftsmanship, Mucho imbues its work with modern flair. The Spanish graphic design firm often creates unconventional packaging and branding. Their use of minimalist colors and shapes modernizes brands.

Locations: San Francisco, Barcelona, Melbourne, Paris

Services: Brand analysis, consumer insights, packaging, brand identity, social media

Notable clients: Apple, Venmo, Levi’s, Fútbol Club Barcelona, Salesforce

25) Studio Dumbar

A still image of interactive typography displaying the letters DEMO on a red background
Moving typeface for Design in Motion Festival by Studio Dumbar

Founded in 1977, this Dutch graphic design firm remains on the cutting edge. They’re known for their bold, moving typography, but their work extends to video, print, and much more.

Location: Rotterdam

Services: Visual identity, branding, motion graphics, video, print

Notable clients: Spotify, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nike, Van Gogh Museum

26) House Industries

Text-based logo for The Cher Show created by House Industries
Logotype for The Cher Show designed by House Industries

What sets House Industries apart from other graphic design firms is their laser focus on delivering unique, memorable fonts and wordmarks. Their work goes far beyond simple typeface design. The Delaware based studio incorporates text into print, physical media, digital ads and more with stunning panache.

Location: Yorklyn, DE

Services: Logos, typography, brand identity, product design

27) Pentagram

Multiple branding images created for IFundWomen by Pentagram
Brand identity for IFundWomen designed by Pentagram

Pentagram proudly touts themselves as “the world’s largest independent design consultancy.” With 50 years of experience and locations around the globe, it’s easy to see how they’ve grown to such substantial heights. Their work is simple, but deceptively fresh, perfect for established brands and brands looking to get there.

Locations: London, Berlin, NYC, Austin

Services: Brand identity, graphics, campaigns, packaging, audio/video

Notable clients: Warhammer, Jack Daniels, Verizon, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

28) Saffron Brand Consultants

Meta branding and logo by Saffron
Facebook rebranded as Meta, in collaboration with Saffron

Like a few other graphic design firms on this list, Saffron is primarily concerned with brand consultancy. They’ve launched some iconic rebrands since they started back in 2001, including the Meta logo pictured above.

Locations: London, Madrid, Istanbul, Vienna, Mumbai

Services: Brand strategy, audio/video, testing, product development, UI/UX, campaigns

Notable clients: YouTube, City of Vienna, T-Mobile, Santander, Gulf Air

29) A Practice for Everyday Life

Minimal website design by A Practice for Everyday Life
Website design for Yinka Shonibare by A Practice for Everyday Life

With A Practice for Everyday Life, the name says it all. This uniquely elegant graphic design firm often works with publishers and clients in the arts. They also have a type foundry, where you can buy a host of graceful typefaces.

Location: London

Services: Brand identity, graphic design, printing, art direction, exhibition design, website design

Notable clients: Architects’ Journal, British Council, Victoria and Albert Museum

30) Triboro

Paul McCartney book cover by Triboro
Paul McCartney: The Lyrics book cover designed by Triboro

Triboro is a graphic design firm founded by designers David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler. Since 2004, they’ve been designing sharp, colorful campaigns across industries. Their work is inspired by modern art, giving brands of every stripe a chic, eye-catching feel.

Location: NYC

Services: Printing, exhibitions, packaging, digital media, brand identity

Notable clients: Marc Jacobs, Sweetgreen, Google, Zola Jesus, American Express, MoMA

31) Made by Alphabet

Unique spice packaging designs by Alphabet
Packaging designs for TIQLD Spices by Alphabet

Yes, there’s a prominent graphic design firm called Alphabetical and another called Alphabet. To be fair, Alphabet’s branding work truly does cover the spectrum from A to Z. The UK firm has worked in industries from hair care to crypto, producing dynamic and unique branding packages.

Location: Manchester

Services: Brand creation, strategy, visual identity, packaging, UI/UX, campaigns, illustration

Notable clients: NHS, USA Volleyball, OnePlus, The Bureau

32) DIA

Graphics from a Verizon ad by DIA graphic design firm
Graphic designed by DIA for Verizon 5G

Like Studio Dumbar, DIA specializes in kinetic typography. Since 2007, they’ve produced exciting brand experiences for companies in arts, commerce, philanthropy, tech, and everything in between.

Locations: NYC, Geneva

Services: Branding, graphic design, audio/video, animation, web design, strategy

Notable clients: Squarespace, Nike, Samsung, United Nations, The New York Times

33) Hey

Colorful coffee packaging by Hey
Hola Coffee packaging designs by Hey

If you’re looking for a design, just say Hey. This Spanish graphic design firm has your back, crafting fresh branding and packaging for companies around the world since 2007.

Their work covers a broad range of industries, but the throughline is a spirit of color and creativity. If you just like the name “Hey,” there’s also a Norwegian design studio by the same name.

Location: Barcelona

Services: Art direction, branding, campaigns, packaging, video, web design

Notable clients: Huawei, Wired, Uniqlo, Mayor of London, ESPN

34) CRX (Casa Rex)

Purple, yellow, and green hand sanitizer bottle designs by CRX
Packaging for Lux hand sanitizers by CRX

CRX is the consumer branding department of Casa Rex, a globally recognized Brazilian design house. Where Casa Rex is known for stunning prints and creative campaigns, CRX brings that spirit of inspiration to the business world, particularly packaging.

Locations: São Paulo, London

Services: Visual identity, packaging, branding, campaigns, strategy

Notable clients: Dove, Kellogg’s, SKYY Vodka, Avon, Campari

35) Radish Lab

American Cancer Society website redesigns created by Radish Lab
Website redesign for American Cancer Society by Radish Lab

Radish Lab proudly describe themselves as “a purpose driven creative agency.” The graphic design firm emphasizes their work with nonprofits. They help organizations around the world reach a broader audience with engaging visuals and campaigns.

Locations: NYC, Berlin

Services: Brand strategy, web and mobile design, analytics, visual identity, illustration, print

Notable clients: Sesame Workshop, American Cancer Society, (RED), UNICEF, Women’s Refugee Commission

36) Eat Creative

Photography ad campaign created by Eat Creative graphic design firm
Herbalife ad campaign designed by Eat Creative

Japanese graphic design firm Eat Creative has produced vibrant work for companies around the globe. Their work has helped international brands reach an audience in the Asia/Pacific region. It’s also bridged the gap between local companies and audiences abroad.

Locations: Tokyo, Hong Kong

Services: Brand development, photography, illustration, video, web design, print

Notable clients: Wise, Mitsubishi, The Peninsula Hotels, TEDx, Herbalife

37) Winkreative

Kindred Works logo designed by Winkreative firm
Logo for Kindred Works by Winkreative

Launched in 2007, this graphic design firm is renowned for their work in travel and hospitality. While their work covers many industries, motion and discovery are running themes throughout their designs.

Locations: London, Zürich, Tokyo, Toronto, Hong Kong

Services: Branding, packaging, advertising, website design, strategy

Notable clients: BBC, British Airways, government of Thailand, Lexus, American Express

38) Big Spaceship

Colorful promotional mail campaign by Big Spaceship
Promotional materials for All In to Vote designed by Big Spaceship

Since 2000, Big Spaceship has been providing dynamic designs and advertising for companies around the globe. Their work includes stellar graphic design for dozens of iconic brands, as well as commercials, brand strategy, and much more.

Location: NYC

Services: Brand strategy, BI, graphics, audio/video, product design, web design, social media

Notable clients: Starbucks, Google, HBO, ASOS, Lucasfilm, NFL, JetBlue, Converse

Considerations Before Choosing a Graphic Design Firm

Here are a few factors to look into before committing to a graphic design service provider:

Project Complexity

Before choosing a graphic design firm, it’s important that you identify what graphics you need. 

For example, you might need social media graphics. How much would you need? Is it a month’s worth, a year? Or, would it be for a one-time campaign? You have to keep these questions in mind. If it’s something major like a rebrand, it can get complex and comprehensive. You can expect the project to be longer. Plus, firms will create multiple assets before landing on the best design.

Graphic design firms are usually worthwhile, especially for significant graphic design work, like campaigns and rebranding. Some might provide you with packages to make it more affordable for you. Ideally, if you need a couple of graphics, you can use DIY graphic design work or hire a freelancer for one-time projects. However, if you have a regular demand for design work, graphic design firms are the best option.


Graphic design can become expensive, especially if you want full-service graphic design work, from branding to marketing. 

However, it doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you have money set aside for graphic design work. Most graphic design firms charge around $10,000 to $200,000. That could turn away some small business with a limited budget for designs. 

That’s why some businesses turn to DIY graphic design apps to do the work themselves. However, they don’t have to do the graphic design work alone. Fortunately, there are companies like Penji that have affordable plans for small businesses for graphic design work!

Style, Designs, and Niche

Some graphic design firms specialize in various design styles and mediums. Additionally, a handful of these firms work with a specific industry or sector. It will take some time to browse and select the best graphic design firm. However, you can choose a design service like Penji, which helps any business with its graphic design work!

The Future of Graphic Design Firms and Your Brand

For businesses contemplating their next step in brand development, the decision to engage with a graphic design firm should be guided by a clear understanding of their brand’s needs, values, and aspirations.

In choosing a graphic design partner, consider the following:

  • Quality of portfolio and client list 
  • Approach to design challenges
  • Understanding of digital trends
  • Alignment with your brand’s vision

Choosing Penji as your graphic design partner offers you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your brand’s visual identity is in capable hands. Explore how Penji can be the catalyst for your brand’s next chapter, where creativity meets strategy.