25 Award-Winning Logos in History

/ October 23, 2021

Your logo helps form the first and lasting impression on your brand. Using DIY services won’t cut it, and you’ll need the help of professional graphic designers to create a logo that fits your brand and earn recognition or awards. That said, it takes careful planning to create award-winning logos, and here are 25 examples of those that received accolades.

1. Elephant Combs

award winning logo example

A brand refresh earned the Elephant Combs logo the coveted Gold award in the One Club Awards and was shortlisted in the Clio Awards. The design follows logo principles (simplicity, relevance, and memorability), and the pictorial mark cleverly fuses an elephant into the shape of the comb. The newly redesigned logo will stand out in the crowd, which was the hired agency’s goal. 

2. Dunkin’

award winning logo example

In 2018, Dunkin Donuts introduced its rebrand to the world. The famous donut company dropped Donuts to its name, keeping only Dunkin’ to show that they offer more than their signature round treats. Their rebrand and logo won a Merit in the One Club Awards and a Graphite Pencil award from D&AD, making it one of the most famous award winning logos of all time.

3. American Library

award winning logo example

The American Library won a silver at the Brand Impact Awards 2021. The Click Design, the agency that handled the rebrand, explains that the logo represents America and its heritage. Also, they added an open book, which symbolizes a “new chapter” for the organization.

4. Flyence

award winning logo example

Flyence earned top marks at The Best Brands Awards for being the Best Global Brand in 2021. Aeraki.Design was responsible for creating one of the award winning logos of all time and says that the logo represents not only flight but an upward trajectory for the company. In addition, the rotated “f” also represents a checkmark to define trainee success.

5. Dope

award winning logo example

Dope is another winner from The Best Brands Awards. While they didn’t earn the top title, they still earned Silver in the Europe & Africa category. And it deserves recognition for the overall design. At first glance, it may seem like a coffee bean, but with the Registered mark, you can also look at a coffee cup. Plus, when you turn the logo counterclockwise, you’ll notice that it’s in the shape of an uppercase D, also symbolizing Dope.

6. Bikewise

award winning logo example

Another of the Best Brand Awards winners, Bikewise, received the Best Brand of The World title in 2018. The emblem mixes a bike and glasses. The bike represents the bike renting service, and the glasses symbolize the “wise” choice customers will make when choosing the company.

7. English Gem

award winning logo example

English Gem is a Red Dot 2020 winner, and for a good reason. Their logo is appropriate to their audience, and it has a much deeper meaning. The texture resembles clay, which signifies the molding of children’s minds when watching programs on the channel. And as HuskyFox (the agency) explains, the letters “e” and “g” look like a mother and child having a conversation.

8. Subway

award winning logo example

Similar to Dunkin’, Subway’s brand redesign earned its place on this list for getting a Merit in The One Club Awards. In addition, Subway bagged a Silver in the Clios Awards. The rebrand paid off for the sandwich company and has used its logo and other visual elements to get more brand recognition. Thanks to Subway’s clever design that depicts fast food through the arrows, and use of relevant color palettes that imply healthy sandwiches, the brand truly deserves this award.

9. Museo Moderno

award winning logo example

Before landing on their current logo, Museo Moderno wanted to revamp their overall brand, starting with typography. After finalizing their typography, they worked on changing their logo with their custom font. The museum mentions that its logo resembles a sounding board and that it symbolizes an experience that visitors can have while inside the institution. Their overall branding won Visual Identity of the Year in 2020 by the International Visual Identity Awards. 

10. Three Leafs

award winning logo example

The Three Leafs logo gets inspiration from the ampersand symbol, which represents their brand perfectly. The logo has a blade-like structure that gives the number three its shape, relating to the brand name. With the fullness of the number, Three Leafs wants to demonstrate that they only provide high-quality tea leaves. Overall, the icon looks modern and classy, indicating the brand’s objective of providing excellence in their service. 

11. Gelato

award winning logo example

Transforming a lowercase g into an ice cream earned Gelato a silver in the Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA). It represents the playfulness of the brand while honoring the traditional approach of serving ice cream. Gelato’s logo is simple yet relevant, free from any distractions which is great for memorability. 

12. Forest Botanics

award winning logo example

Here’s another WOLDA entry, Forest Botanics gets gold for their logo. As explained by designer Mari Scheepers, the red jumping fox symbolizes playfulness, and that Mother Nature continues to thrive. This is a good example of a logo that perfectly describes its company.

13. Fry Box 

award winning logo example

Elevate your logo design by incorporating the shape of a familiar food favorite like this one from Fry Box. Instead of it being a wordmark, it takes the shape of a French Fry holder with the landscape of Sweden. The agency responsible for the logo design mentions that the colors contrast the dullness of Stockholm. The design earned a Bronze in the 9th WOLDA.

14. Hydroid

award winning logo example

Motion can be difficult to convey in a static logo. But this logo by Hydroid shows that distortion can make a difference. Terminal Design elaborates further on the meaning of the logo, saying that it catches the eye, relates to how we see things in the water, and signifies innovation. That said, Hydroid was a Red Dot Winner in 2019.

15. Math Alive

award winning logo example

A’Design bestowed Math Alive a gold award for its brand. Their logo, in particular, takes elements from Mathematics, particularly, the parabolic graphs that make up the letter A & V. The graphs symbolize the connection between the student and instructor and enable anyone who uses the platform to become a master in Math.

16. Cochon Dingue

award winning logo example

The HOW Logo Awards awarded Cochon Dingue for having one of the best logos of all time. Cochon Dingue modernized its brand while honoring its humble beginnings. The pig on the logo follows the color scheme of the French flag. Also, with the added typography, the overall brand identity seems more playful and friendly to attract more diners.

17. Wonder Years

award winning logo example

Wonder Years scored Gold in the Indigo Awards. Their logo is closely related to the work they do in their practice, which is aquarium therapy. A circle and star represents the brand, wherein the circle signifies the stage of life, and the star(fish) acts as a beacon of light to those in need.

18. Eurovision 2020

award winning logo example

The popular European singing contest changed its logo for their Eurovision 2020 competition. With that, the European Design awarded them a Silver in 2020. Their logo is a vignette presenting the 41 participating countries in the contest. Clever’Franke (the agency) further elaborates that the logo is data-driven (order of the flags is based on wins) and that there’s an opportunity for growth as well.

19. Love Triangle

award winning logo example

Shortlisted in the DesignWeek Awards 2021, Love Triangle deserves as much praise as other award winning logos on this list. Interabang helped Love Triangle achieve a nostalgic look for its logo while integrating the three concepts (founders, ingredients, and objectives) to make a cohesive and consistent brand.

20. Australian Space Agency

award winning logo example

The Australian Space Agency earned a Merit from the Australian Graphic Design Association in 2019. The story of the logo is one rooted in its history and ancestry. Plus, it also integrates constellations that are associated with Australian culture. Ogilvy Australia combines the (colorful) constellations to form the country’s map on a black background, signifying space, rightfully earning their place in this list of award winning logos.

21. Emme

award winning logo example

Emme is one of two winners on this list from the Print Awards. Deerfield produced the company’s logo, adding Athena (goddess of wisdom) riding on the tiger. This symbolizes empowerment. Meanwhile, their logotype wordmark with a mirrored E signifies their commitment to making a change and achievements, especially in women’s health.

22. Fisher-Price

award winning logo example

Fisher-Price is the other brand to get recognition from the Print Awards. The popular toy company tapped Pentagram to work on their rebrand, and Pentagram delivered by making them a fun and modern brand. The color and typography bring out a sense of silliness and play, which is what they want from their target audience.

23. Luminum

award winning logo example

Luminum earned the Silver Award in 2014 in the European Design Awards. It’s a cursive wordmark that works well for the brand name. Plus, the wordmark also looks like light waves, which illustrates the brand’s work. Although legibility is a requirement in logo design, brands must know how to make their typography work by integrating relevance, memorability, and simplicity.

24. Project Zero

award winning logo example

Although Project Zero didn’t earn major accolades, it was part of the shortlist for the D&AD Awards 2021. Their logo is worth noting, considering that the percentage looks like a Z for Project Zero. Plus, it represents the goal to get down to 0% of waste in the ocean, one project at a time.

25. Bandido

award winning logo example

The Bandido logo received a Graphic Pencil award from D&AD. The pictorial mark, as represented by the bandit mask, enables the brand to communicate its playfulness to its consumers. Plus, the pictorial mark serves a double purpose since it becomes the letter B—for Bandido when the mask is turned counterclockwise.

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Updated October 23, 2021

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