Hair Raising Halloween Marketing Ideas are one of the most anticipated holidays by fans of all things scary. Halloween is a great time for businesses wanting to boost brand awareness. If you’re promoting your business and want to increase customer engagement, then you are in luck. 

That said, advertisers and entrepreneurs alike must grab this opportunity to target both existing and potential customers. To do this, enhancing your marketing plan can help. We have the best marketing strategies for your holiday season right here!

Do not fret. We’ll help you kick-start your Halloween marketing campaigns by giving you these free Halloween-themed images and illustrations you can download for FREE. You can then pair those visuals with these Halloween marketing ideas for your customer engagement strategy.

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Even if your store doesn’t offer custom products for Halloween. With this, you can add scary elements to them to give them that holiday spirit. For instance, take this cute example from Oreo. They created special edition cookies with ghosts and pumpkins. This custom packaging is great for optimizing customer experience. You can compete with these big brands but sharpening your branding!

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If your business is service-oriented, you can try this Halloween promotion by The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa. It can be as simple as changing the names to add that special holiday touch. The customer journey is about user experience. Creating a festive and fun environment with a focus on the details will increase customer retention!

Host a Halloween Costume Event

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Ask your customers to come to your store wearing their best Halloween costumes. They can earn a prize or some freebies. Krispy Kreme offers free donuts to everyone who comes in their stores in a costume.

However, you might not have a physical storefront. Try this, you can host one online and ask your followers to post their best costumes and create a poll to choose the winners. Online giveaways are very popular and could increase customer engagement!

You can offer a discount customers can use when they purchase from your online store. Additionally, you can offer a gift card that they can redeem from your brick and mortar store if you have one.  This way, you are truly building a connection with your target audience.

Decorate Your Storefront

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Grow your business by adding in the little details. The holiday season is perfect for improving customer relationships. Creating exciting holiday marketing will make your customers feel excited, and therefore feel more enticed to return.

Branded tools help with customers remembering your business or trusting you more. Adding fun holiday marketing connects you more with your audience. It shows that you care and want to create a better user experience overall.

For instance, M&M’s transformed their UK Twitter account with a Halloween-themed cover photo. Their content marketing is strong this holiday season! A branded social media always boost customer engagement.

Offer Specials and Deals

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To get more customers this season, create Halloween marketing ideas that offer specials and deals that will entice them to choose you over your competition. Set a limited time only to urge them to act fast. Flash deals such as this one by The Patchbay offers exciting deals that are nothing short of hair-raising.

Create smart, effective campaigns efficiently

Meet your conversion goals using visuals that stand out

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Email Marketing

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Send out newsletters to everyone on your mailing list. Design your newsletter with a Halloween theme and remind your customers why they need to visit you on that special day. Let them know of your new products or services or any promos specifically created for that day or month.

Old Navy sent out this cleverly designed newsletter on Halloween 2013 to let their customers know of their in-store sale. It clearly specified the limited time offer making their customers want to get the discounted items before all the supplies are gone.

Offer Halloween Suggestions

You can create Halloween marketing ideas on how your customers can have the best Halloween costume using your products. This example from Payless ShoeSource shows how to create several costumes using some of the shoes available on their stores. Or you can take inspiration from what McCormick did on their website.

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They feature recipes that their customers can make for Halloween such as this Ghost in the Graveyard cupcakes using ingredients that include some of their products. It also includes links to where they can buy the ingredients which makes for a great buying experience.

Organize a Trick or Treat Event

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Halloween is a special time to get the neighborhood together and what better way for your business to do this than by organizing a trick or treat event in your area. You can get local businesses to partner with you to host this event to make it a go-to place for families to have their trick-or-treating activities. Dunkin’ Donuts creates the most creative Halloween marketing ideas like this one for example.

You don’t need your own park to do this, finding one you can rent for the day will do just fine. As always, don’t forget to post your invitations either by email or through your social media platforms to get more people to attend. You can create a raffle for everyone who shares your event posts on their Facebook walls or Instagram accounts and give out prizes for the winners.

Dress Up Your Staff

If you have a brick and mortar store, you can get your staff to dress up in Halloween costumes. Take pictures of them and post them on social media. This is great in widening your reach as people will know the human side of your brand, knowing that your staff loves what they do.

The Tesco staff on their Burnham-On-Sea branch wore their best Halloween outfits for a fundraiser. Not only will this boost the morale of your employees, but you can also get more engagement on social media as well.

If you’re an e-commerce business, you can also do this by dressing up your profile pictures or logos with a Halloween theme. You can take a cue from Pepsi when they modified their logo for Halloween.  

Create Brand Awareness

Halloween may be all about scaring people but making it a fun experience for your customers can bring in more sales and generate new prospects for your brand. This holiday is a great opportunity for you to intensify your Halloween marketing ideas and get the chance to increase sales and create brand awareness.