As more and more businesses emerge, differentiating your brand becomes more challenging. You must think of new and creative ways to make your business stand out. At Penji, our vast experience designing marketing materials tells us that illustrations are a brand’s secret weapon. Here are the top digital illustration services you need to go to for amazing images:

1. Penji

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As mentioned earlier, Penji has the experience and expertise to create digital illustrations for our clients. We only hire the top 2% of applications we receive, so you can be sure that our team comprises only the best illustrators in the industry. You can find our samples of work here

In addition, our unlimited graphic design services mean you can request as many designs as possible in a month. You need not pay extra for revisions, as these are also unlimited. Our digital illustrators will ensure the design you’ll get is the exact one you want and need.

2. Fiverr

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Initially, a place to find workers accepting projects worth $5, Fiverr has become more than that. The platform lets you find digital illustrators with various skills, rates, and art styles. Freelancers will post their offers, and business owners looking for illustrators can choose from them.

Once you find the right candidate, you can work with them and send payment through Fiverr, from which they will take 20%. The site holds the profiles of thousands of freelancers, which can make the selection process a bit tedious. You’ll have to go through these and do the vetting to find the most suitable illustrator.

3. Upwork

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One of the longest and most popular online job marketplaces, Upwork gives you access to thousands of freelancers of different niches. From voice actors to video editors, the platform has them. It also hosts the portfolios of digital illustrators from all over the world.

On Upwork, you can find workers with different rates and expertise in a bidding system. This means you can choose your illustrator depending on your budget and requirements. While it may seem easy, these freelancers are not vetted, you’ll never know immediately if a candidate is legit or a scam.

4. 99designs

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There are two ways you can find a digital illustration service at 99designs. The first is to find one by browsing through portfolios and hiring directly from there. The other one is by holding a contest where you’ll choose from all the entries you’ll receive. There are thousands of candidates to choose from, making it suitable for all budgets and requirements.

99designs focuses on logo designs, which can be limiting if you’re looking to hire a digital illustrator. Also, holding a contest will take up a considerable amount of your time and effort. This isn’t the ideal scenario if you need an illustration ASAP.

5. Dribbble

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A social media platform specifically for designers, artists, illustrators, and other creatives, Dribbble lets them showcase their works for everyone to see. Here, you can find digital illustrators of different experiences, skills, and pricing. You can see their portfolio to see their works and if they are a good fit. 

Dribbble is home to millions of portfolios, giving you plenty to choose from. The downside is you’ll find it hard to go through all those works. Also, as with the others on this list, you’ll have to do the digging yourself, as the platform does no vetting.

6. Guru

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A freelancer platform, Guru hosts a wide selection of professionals and groups that provide illustration services. It works similarly to Fiverr, but unlike it, Guru focuses on the more experienced freelancers. This means you’ll be open to higher-quality work.

The platform charges a handling fee, which is taken from the freelancers. This would be fine if not for Guru’s complicated billing process, which many freelancers can attest to. If this isn’t a dealbreaker for you, finding the right illustration service can be relatively quick and easy.

7. Working Not Working

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A platform that connects writers, designers, photographers, illustrators, and many other types of workers with employers, Working Not Working is another excellent option. You can hire digital illustrators from it by simply posting job ads to attract freelancers with the requirements you’re looking for. Once you create a shortlist of candidates, you can contact them directly for interviews and vetting.

Working Not Working has a large pool of talent, which can both be advantageous and disadvantageous. You’ll have access to more selections, but reviewing all those resumes can be laborious. Also, the potential risks for scammers are high on this platform.

8. DesignCrowd

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A crowd-sourcing platform worth checking out, DesignCrowd works the same way as many of the entries on this list. You can contact an illustrator directly from the many profiles on its massive database of over 800,000 freelancers. These freelancers are scattered all around the world, giving you the option to find one at your desired rates.

While this is an excellent site to search for illustration services, it can charge a steep rate not recommended for startups and small businesses. To post a project on DesignCrowd, be ready to spend around $69 to $780 per job post.

9. Hireillo

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If you want to find an illustration service that’s more specific, Hireillo is the place you need to check out. Formerly known as Hire an Illustrator, it can help you find illustrators and other creatives related to illustrating. You’ll find various artists with varying styles, genres, expertise, and rates.

The platform has filters to help you find what you’re looking for. When you do find a prospect, you can contact them directly. This may take a long time as you’ll also have to vet these freelancers, and their work quality is never guaranteed.

10. IllustrationX 

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If you’re looking to hire an illustration service for a specific style, IllustrationX is the site you need to visit. Its filters can help you narrow the thousands of choices using 3D, watercolor, lifestyle, medical, retro, and many others. The freelancers listed here come from all four corners of the world, giving you diverse potential candidates.

While the comprehensive collection of genres can be enticing to business owners, this is also the platform’s downside. Having too many to choose from can be intimidating and burdensome. If you need an illustrator quickly, this may not be the venue to search.

Final Thoughts

Illustration services is a specialized field, and finding illustrators can be easy. However, finding good illustrators at affordable prices makes the task doubly hard. If you want a fuss-free digital illustration service, you need not look far away.

Penji does all the work for you. You won’t have to browse through resumes or portfolios; you no longer have to interview or vet your candidates; we have done them all for you. Watch our demo video here to learn how we work. You may also want to get the illustrations started by clicking on this link.