The business world is a fierce jungle, and to fight off the competition, you need the undeniable power of branding. To win the game of survival of the fittest, you need to use gorilla logos to unleash your might. Here are ten of Penji’s best to inspire you: 

1. Go Rilla Gym

Gorillas are known for their giant stature, among many other positive traits. This is why the sports and athletics industries will benefit from using it for their branding identity. This one designed for Go Rilla Gym is noteworthy.

Right off the bat, you’ll find a massive gorilla holding weights in both hands. It has a savage look with red, fiery eyes and large fangs. The designer gave the font a semi-metallic finish to complete the ferocious appeal the business is aiming for.

2. Gori Basketball Team

Gorillas are gentle creatures, but because of their sheer size, they are primarily seen as beacons of strength and power. The Gori Basketball Team understands this and uses it to their advantage. They featured the mighty animal in their branding efforts.

The logo uses a fiercely-looking gorilla with the brand name emblazoned on the front. At the back is a huge basketball but only semi-transparent to give emphasis to the main logo element. A blue and orange combination does an excellent job of creating a tough and competitive personality for the brand.

3. Goril Yummy Ice Cream Shop

The gorilla may be an excellent choice to show toughness and energy, but they can also be fun and joyful. Its versatility is apparent in this gorilla logo crafted for Goril Yummy Ice Cream Shop. The design is cute, cheerful, and vibrant, making it the perfect representation of the business.

This type of business can do great with branding materials that focus on children and young adults. The design uses light and bright colors that truly capture the brand’s personality.

4. Gorira Japanese Food

Using a gorilla’s head incorporated into the brand name Gorira Japanese Food, this logo instantly tells us the nature of business. The animal is wearing a ninja headdress and is contained in a red circle, a nod to the national flag of Japan. In the gorilla logos above, where the mighty creatures are seen with a frown, this one is smiling.

The icon was designed to give the logo an inviting and welcoming appeal, which is necessary for a food business. The colors are subtle, while the typography choice superbly fits.

5. GRL Clothing Line

When you’re in the fashion and clothing industry, you need to show your best to make yourself stand out. In this logo design for GRL Clothing Line, a gorilla is shown wearing a top hat and a tuxedo. It beautifully captures the elegance and sophistication of the brand.

The brand name uses a simple font that makes it easy to recognize and remember. The red against a beige background fits the brand persona quite well. Overall, the design has a modern and classic appeal that oozes refinement and class.

6. Hominids IT Solutions

To show the flexibility and versatility of gorillas as logos, this design for Hominids IT Solutions was created. Instead of the O in the word Hominids is the face of the animal with lines and dots under it. This shows what the brand is about, which complements the same lines and dots on the logo’s background.

The blue and purple color palettes give the logo design an innovative and semi-futuristic look. The fonts used fit the brand and its nature of business perfectly well.

7. King Cong Film Production

Another gorilla logo that showcases its versatility is the one designed for King Cong Film Production. The black and white color combination adds a vintage appeal reminiscent of the movies of the olden times. It uses an icon of a gorilla with eyeglasses to project a keen eye for excellence and attention to detail.

The logo design uses simple font types as the icon is already complex. This is done deliberately to prevent the text from overpowering the main star of the logo, the gorilla.

8. Large Ape Car Wash

In an aggressive and ferocious stance, the gorilla in this logo looks like he means business. The Large Ape Car Wash logo shows its goal of cleaning your car with a madness that only this mighty beast can fully show. The animal has a firm grip on a car with bubbles floating around it, showing how serious they are in its services.

Blue is a perfect color to project cleanliness, and doubly so with the addition of white fonts. Again, the logo uses simple fonts to highlight the fantastic illustration of the gorilla.

9. Play Giant

This adorable and cheery gorilla in front of a kids’ playhouse shows why any business can benefit from a gorilla logo. The mighty creature can deliver a wide array of emotions, not just the fierce and ferocious ones. The look on the gorilla’s face is warm, inviting, and playful.

Additionally, the logo design uses vibrant colors that have proven to entice young children. Even the brand name uses a vivid red color that blends well with the design. 

10. Silverback Cafe

Gorillas are also called silverback, thus, the Silverback Cafe uses one for its brand identity. The logo took the minimalist approach and used a sphere with the face of the animal in it. The design uses a linear style in the illustration of the gorilla, which adds to its classy and elegant appeal.

Since silverbacks are found in jungles, the green and white color palette is an excellent choice. The brand name uses a sans-serif font, while the word cafe was done in a handwriting font type. This font combination suits the business exceptionally well.

Final Thoughts

If your business needs to show strength, power, intelligence, and many other fantastic traits, gorilla logos should be on your priority list. They are versatile and flexible and can convey various characteristics and personalities. If you need a gorilla logo today, click this link to let Penji’s talented designers create one or more for you.

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