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Struggling with Freelancers? Here is the Best Freelancer Alternative for Agencies

May 20, 2020, by

Struggling with Freelancers? Here is the Best Freelancer Alternative for Agencies

We all know that good design can bring in many significant benefits to businesses. Advancement in technology has afforded us the global reach to open the doors for working with people from anywhere in the world. This paved the way for businesses to hire graphic design freelancers instead of using other methods of getting good designs. One of the most well-known places to hire freelancers is As with any freelancing website, it has its ups and downs. If you’ve tried it and still want to explore other options, choose the best freelancer alternative from this list.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Graphic Design Freelancers 

Before we look at the best Freelancer alternative, it’s essential to know why hiring freelancers is a good business decision. While it may work for some, there isn’t always a guarantee that it will work for you. Here are the pros and cons to help you weigh in and see what will work best for your business. 

The Pros  

Hiring a freelance graphic design is affordable. You’ll only pay for the deliverable that you need. And since there is an abundance of freelancers, they can lower their price just to get you to do business with them. 

Their flexibility with time and services lets you get the design you want when you need it. They will work within the time frame you specify as opposed to agencies that have fixed schedules. Additionally, when you hire a single freelancer, you’ll get consistent work every time. 

The Cons

One of the most annoying traits most businesses find with freelancers is their lack of reliability. They may not always be around when you need them and may even disappear without notice. This is something that you won’t find in portfolios or resumes, so it’s hard to avoid this from happening to you. 

It’s also hard to pin them down and have them exclusively working for you. You have to understand that there are times that they’ll leave you when they find a higher paying client. This will result in disruption of work. Plus, most of the time, you’ll get design that’s lacking with consistency as you change designers. offers an easy way to find inexpensive graphic design services. If this is your primary source of designers and you’re struggling with it, it’s time to look somewhere else. Here are the top freelancer alternatives and their pros and cons: 

Online Freelancing Sites: Pros and Cons has had a reputation of offering no protection from scammers, among many others. This compilation of the best freelancer alternatives will help you move away from it and move on towards a better one.   

1. Upwork

freelancer marketplace

The Pros 

When oDesk and Elance decided to join forces, this resulted in Upwork. While’s vetting measures (or lack of it) leaves much to be desired, Upwork’s is one of the best around. They claim to approve only about 2% of the freelancers who create accounts there. It has mobile support, stable features, secured payment method, and many more. 

The Cons 

One of the things most people complain about Upwork are the high fees. The Business Plan will cost you $849 per month and a 3% payment processing and administration fee on all payments to freelancers and agencies. 


freelancer marketplace

The Pros 

Previously known as Coding Ninjas,’s strongest suit is their ability to match candidates to their clients to a tee. They have a high percentage (97%) of clients acquired during the first year that have stayed with them for more than three years already. Also, out of the average 100 applicants they vet, only a mere four manage to pass. 

The Cons 

Their Startup Plan of about $35 to $55 an hour is reasonable enough. What most users complain about is the price when you exceed your allotted time of more than 60 hours per month. Aside from this, the only thing we found to dislike is the simplicity of the UI that isn’t as intuitive as some hoped it would be. 

3. Toptal 

freelancer marketplace

The Pros 

What makes Toptal unique is its feature that offers a trial period for the contractor they assign to your project. A $500 deposit will be asked but is totally refundable if you’re not satisfied. Their vetting process is so tough, you’re sure to get only the top 3% competent freelancers to work for you. 

The Cons 

A bit on the pricey side, hiring from Toptal can cost you up to $3,200 per week for a full-time contractor. Also, you have no say about who will work for you. The platform does the assigning, which can be a deal-breaker if you like to have control over it. 


freelancer marketplace

The Pros made searching for the ideal candidate simple and easy with their user-friendly user interface and no-cost job posting feature. Their extensive pool of talents can assure you of the perfect fit thanks to its filtering system that allows you to set parameters to get you the most suitable workers. 

The Cons 

The biggest downside to this platform is their customer support, which many find unsatisfactory. They are slow in contacting you about your questions or cases that take too long to get a response to. 

5. Fiverr 

freelancer marketplace

The Pros 

As the name suggests, Fiverr allows you to get someone to work on your project for just $5. Although this depends on the project, it’s still one of the cheapest platforms to get freelancers. They have a good reviewing system which motivates the freelancers to churn out quality jobs at a fast pace. 

The Cons 

Just like, Fiverr has no vetting procedure that we know of. Thus, there is a high chance of getting substandard work. Another thing both clients and workers find objectionable is the inability to contact others outside of the platform. If you find someone that you want to hire and have deleted their account, you no longer have any access to them. 

6. Guru 

freelancer marketplace

The Pros 

To protect both the worker and the employer, Guru uses the SafePay system. The platform asks you to deposit money which will be sent to the contractor only when the job has been finished. It’s also a bidding platform that assures you of finding the most reasonably priced contracts. 

The Cons 

Guru has a review system that sometimes doesn’t go in favor of the employer. If you leave negative feedback for work done poorly, the contractor can pay a fee to have it removed from their profile. This can result in seeing unskilled workers claiming to be professionals on the platform. 

Hiring an In-House Designer: Pros and Cons

graphic artist

If getting a freelancer from these websites proves to be too complicated for you, then here’s an excellent Freelancer alternative. That is to hire an in-house graphic designer. But as with all other methods of getting good graphic design, there are also pros and cons to this. 

The Pros 

An in-house designer can create cohesive materials for all your marketing, branding, and advertising efforts. Being with your company affords them the familiarity with your brand that freelancers won’t have. This will allow them to create design assets that have a certain look and feel that’s specific to your brand.

They are fully aware of their accountability when they’re considered part of the team. This can give them a greater sense of belonging that can motivate them to do more for the company. In addition, you’ll have their commitment that ensures you they won’t leave without a trace. 

The Cons 

Glassdoor states that in 2019, the average salary of a full-time graphic designer is $45,677 a year. This may be the main reason getting freelancers is a better option for some. Having an in-house designer means you have to pay them even if your workload is low. 

An in-house designer can also become stagnant and won’t be able to give fresh perspectives to your brand. This is a possibility which can also happen to a long-term freelancer, but more so for the in-house designer. 

On-Demand Graphic Design Service 

unlimited graphic design

Graphic design for your business should be a smart combination of affordability and high-quality work. Freelancers can cost less than an in-house designer but may produce work that’s not up to par with your standards. An on-demand graphic design service such as Penji offers both quality and affordability. Here’s why it’s a Freelancer alternative you should look into: 

Low Cost 

Penji offers unlimited graphic design services for as low as $369 per month. This means you can send as many design requests as you want within a month. You won’t have to pay per project or pay an in-house designer even when there is little to no work that needs to be done. 

Unlimited Revisions 

Graphic design needs constant revisions to get exactly what you need. Penji offers unlimited revisions to ensure that you get the perfect logo or the banner ad that you need. All included in the fixed monthly subscription rate. 

No Contracts 

With a Penji account, you won’t be tied down to a contract. In the event that you want to opt out, you can easily cancel your subscription, no questions asked. 

Fast Turnaround Time 

We mean it when we say on-demand. You’ll get your design request between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the project’s complexity. 

No More Hiring Process 

We’ve done the vetting of our graphic designers so you won’t have to. The hiring process is a long and tedious task. Our team of professional designers has undergone vetting and training to assure you that what you’ll get is nothing but high-quality design fast. 


Hopefully, this article can help you find the best Freelancer alternative and the graphic designer of your dreams. But if you want a way to get graphic design that’s straightforward as well as inexpensive, then Penji is your best bet. Schedule a demo today to start your journey to great graphic design for much less.

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Cel is a traditional animator for over than 15 years. She is also a Fine Arts Graduate who majored in Advertising and is now a Content Writer.

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