Creating the best marketing assets doesn’t start and end in great designs and images. You have to consider fonts as well, as they can influence a consumer’s perception of a brand. Here are websites where you can download free fonts for commercial use:

Font Space

With over 80,000 free fonts and more than 16,000 free fonts for commercial use, Font Space is a good resource. They also have a blog where you can read all sorts of info about fonts. They boast of having over 3,100 designers and that you can get more than just fonts, but logos and more.

1001 Fonts

A popular site to get free fonts, 1001 Fonts has thousands of choices for both personal and commercial use. They have a wide variety of font categories that would suit your every font need. They’re open for submissions for those who want others to use their font designs.


From sans serif to handwritten fonts, Fontesk has fonts free for download. Their curated library offers high-quality fonts for personal and commercial use. Like 1001 fonts, they also accept submissions for font designs.

Font Squirrel

Calling themselves the Free Font Utopia, they claim to understand how hard it is to find fonts that are free for commercial use. And so, on their website, you can find free fonts as well as paid to give you more options. Font Squirrel also has a blog if you want to know more about fonts.

Font Meme

Find free fonts at Font Meme from their massive collection of free and premium fonts. They have a custom preview feature that lets you see how your text will look using a specific font type. Their “Fonts in Use” section enables you to see fonts used in films, books, games, and more.

Creative Fabrica

Based in Amsterdam, Creative Fabrica is passionate about handmade crafts and fonts as they believe these are works of art. They have more than 5,000 designers and over 2 million products on their website. They have Print on Demand assets and The Artistry, a blog about fonts and their uses.

Font Bundles

Offering free fonts for commercial use, Font Bundles also provides the best deals if you’re looking for premium ones. They have a blog, a community forum, and their One Dollar Deals that offer the best prices for their premium fonts.


An excellent source of free and paid fonts, Befonts has a forum they call Font Identification. If you want to know the name of a particular typeface, you can look for answers there. Also, their Designers section lets you explore the works and ready-to-use design assets of Befonts’ Authors.

Creative Bloq

An art and design inspiration website, Creative Bloq has a list of 82 of the best free fonts. They have links to each and short descriptions of how to use them. While on their website, you can read news and articles about topics concerning design and art.

Urban Fonts

Having over 8,000 fonts, Urban Fonts is a designer favorite for cool fonts and dingbats. The site also offers premium fonts that come with free trials if you’re unsure if you want to purchase or not. 


Its vast selection of free fonts for commercial use is what makes Dafont a popular choice. It has a search feature that lets you find fonts by name or by categories. You can find freeware, shareware, demo versions, and even public domain. From fancy, basic, foreign, to bar codes, you can find it all here.

MyFonts by Monotype

Whatever your project is, MyFonts has free fonts for commercial use in their extensive library. They have a whopping 130,000 fonts to choose from, and the numbers are growing. The website has tools and sections that can help you with all your font needs. New fonts are uploaded regularly, so always check their site to see them first.

Abstract Fonts

Not only do Abstract Fonts have abstract fonts, but they also have a variety of other typefaces. They have 3D, cartoon, futuristic, initial caps, and so many more categories. The site also has a web font generator which you can use to convert a font file into a web font.


A design resource for artists and other creatives, Arturth has its own list of the best free fonts for commercial use. There are images to show what the fonts look like and links for quick downloads. You’ll also find their articles informative and helpful.

Google Fonts

It seems that Google has thought of everything with their Google Fonts website. Here you can find thousands of fonts that are free to download and use commercially. A great feature is its Pairings section, where they recommend the best pair to go with your chosen fonts.

Font Library

A simple and beautiful website for free commercial fonts, Font Library has thousands of font families to choose from. In addition, you can take advantage of its How-to Guidebook to make site usage easier. New fonts are added every day by contributors from around the world.

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Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Now that you know where to go for free fonts for commercial use, here are some examples. Take note that while all of these are free to use commercially, there are some with restrictions such as attribution or trial periods. Always check the End User License Agreement of any font you will download to be sure.


free fonts for commercial use

A font type under the serif family, Athene is ideal for logos, fashion, events, magazines, and everything you want to look chic and elegant.

Download here.

Bona Nova

free fonts for commercial use

The Bona typeface was originally designed by Polish designer Andrzej Heidrich. The Bona Nova font type is the digitized version. It is suitable for use in restaurants, web content, magazines, and so much more. Its different variants allow for more uses.

Download here.

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free fonts for commercial use

A thin typeface, Matilde has taller capitals and small detail elements. It exudes class yet has a friendly atmosphere to it. You can use it for food packaging, logos, posters, logo designs, and so many others.

Download here


free fonts for commercial use

Named after a municipality in Croatia, Brela font falls under the serif family. It was designed specifically for editorial designs. It has various styles such as bold, light, numerals, and more.

Download here.

Amethysta Regular

A robust yet straightforward text font, Amethysta was initially designed for printing on low-quality paper. Today it is one of the most downloaded fonts thanks to its minimalistic wedge serifs and terminals. This free font for commercial use can work with posters, web content, and many other designs.

Download here.

Note This

If you’re looking for a light, hand-drawn font, Note This is a good choice. You can use it for sports, fashion, posters, or any design that needs an informal font. Its slight slant makes it great for projecting speed and movement.

Download here. 

FatCow Regular

Lean and tall is what FatCow font is. It is sophisticated and bordering on the classic side. It will work well with posters, online advertising, social media graphics, and packaging, among many others.

Download here.

Aaargh Normal

Thin and light, Aaargh Normal has an Avant-Garde touch. It’s ideal for use when you’re going for a stylish and modern look. It will work well with logos, package design, social media graphics, and so much more.

Download here.


If you want a design that reaches for the stars, the Stars font is it. It is a font under the sans serif family, in bold and block style. Each letter has large and small stars in it, which is ideal for use in logos, online ads, and many more.

Download here. 


An award-winning font, Bree was released in 2008 and has become a designer favorite. It has a charming and appealing look perfect for designs that need elegance, class, and congeniality. 

Download here.

Engebrechtre Regular

A font that falls under the Art Deco sans-serif display typeface, Engebrechtre has a bold and sleek look. It is flexible for many designs such as t-shirts, web and game graphics, logos, ebooks, and more.

Download here.

Yanone Kaffeesatz

Ideal for coffee shops and products, Yanone Kaffeesatz, has a vintage appeal that takes you back to the 1920s. You can also use it on signages, ads, posters, and so many more.

Download here. 


This font was inspired by iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. It is an excellent blend of curves and straight geometry. This elegant typeface has three weights and lowercase, making it great for web headlines, content, magazines, blogs, and many others. 

Download here.

Merge Light

From the san serif font family comes Merge. It has four styles, but only the light is free for commercial use. The font has beautiful curves that are perfect for friendly and casual uses. Its easy readability makes it great for small sizes.

Download here. 


A calligraphy font ideal for fashion, cosmetics, and food, Flanella is light, airy, and chic. It comes in uppercase and lowercase sets and a few special characters as well. You can also use it on social media and web graphics, magazines, and events posters.

Download here.

Lemon Tuesday

For the carefree and fun image, there’s Lemon Tuesday font. A script font that is perfect for the beach, parties, drinks, and all things that need a lighthearted touch. You can use it for logos, posters, social media graphics, and ad headlines, among many others.

Download here.


For web content, magazines, novels, ebooks, and other online advertising copy, Slabo is an excellent choice. Its simplicity offers flexibility and easy readability that is ideal for smaller copy and texts. 

Download here.

Sweet Buttermilk Script

Another handwritten script, Sweet Buttermilk, goes well with food brands, fashion, cosmetics, and many others. It is casual, light, friendly, and heartwarming. You can use it for web headlines, recipes, ebooks, social media graphics, and many more.

Download here.

Titillium Web

With eleven styles to choose from, Titillium Web is a versatile font that offers many uses. It is most suitable for web content, ebooks, magazines, novels, and any advertising and marketing materials. It has a semi-futuristic and formal appeal that goes well with many other font types.

Download here.

Hamster Script

A cursive typeface that adds playfulness to your design, the Hamster script font is perfect for many branding projects. You can use it for signages, t-shirt designs, posters, menus, ebooks, and many more. 

Download here.


This serif font may have gotten its name from the sharp, arrow-like points on some parts of each letter. It has a clean and light look that isn’t common and definitely does not look generic. You can use this font on almost any design project. 

Download here. 

Blow Brush

A brush-lettered font, as its name suggests, Blow Brush is fun, cool, and trendy. It has lower and uppercase, symbols, and special characters. It looks excellent in posters, social media graphics, web content, book covers, and t-shirt designs, among many other uses.

Download here.

Bourbon Grotesque

A semi-rounded font type, Bourbon Grotesque falls under the serif-free display family. It has uppercase, special characters, and numerals. You can use this for online ads, posters, book covers, magazines, signages, and many others.

Download here.


If you need vintage inspiration for your font, Himalaya is a great choice. It comes in script style and comes with lowercase y, g, and tail alternates. This font will look great on signages, logos, t-shirts, web graphics, and so much more.

Download here.

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Final Thoughts

Free fonts for commercial use abound on the internet. It’s just a matter of finding ones that will fit your needs. Whether it’s a brochure or business card, whatever your project is, there is always one that would work well with your brand. All you need is to experiment by mixing and matching or turn to the pros for assistance.

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