Graphic design is the centerpiece that grabs attention, and so do cool fonts. When chosen appropriately, whether it’s a custom or free font, the font choice will convey the right message. When one displays fonts and stellar graphic design, expect to enthrall more brand supporters. Why? 

According to Engadget, here are eight reasons why font, or typography in general, is the end-all-be-all in marketing. 

  • Communicates to your audience
  • Attracts your readers
  • Maintains audience attention
  • Invokes certain moods and feelings
  • Establishes structure 
  • Creates design harmony
  • Exudes professionalism
  • Establishes authority 

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So when you’re thinking of exclusive fonts to make your designs or logos stand out, make sure they’re akin to your identity and image. Let’s cut to the chase, and let us show you 64 cool fonts that build brand recognition.

Cool SERIF Fonts

1. Fakedes by Cyril Mikhailov 

cool font example

Because of its clean, rounded nature and double lines, Fakedes is a cool font that’s excellent for headings.

2. Forum by Denis Masharov

cool font example

This awesome font, Forum, is reminiscent of an old Roman scripture during the Roman Empire, with a modern flair. 

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3. Muchacho by Jeff Schreiber

cool font example

This cool font exudes a retro style. Because it’s an all-caps font, this style is perfect for headings or titles.  

4. Barbaro Western by Iván Núñez

cool font example

If you want a bit of Wild Wild West feel to your designs, the Barbaro Western is both modern and gallant. 

5. Le Super Serif by SuperBruut

cool font example

This one is a unique and special font that emanates style and class. I can almost see it on fashion boutique windows, selling high-end couture dresses.

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6. Lovato Light by Philatype 

cool font example

For a more tasteful and straightforward serif font, Lovato Light is a perfect choice. It’s fresh and creates an uncluttered appeal. 

7. Valkyrie by Hendrick Rolandez

cool font example

Cool fonts include a punch that makes your designs pop. One example is the playful serif font, Valkyrie. 

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8. Palacio by Nathan Thomson 

cool font example

Who says traditional and contemporary don’t mix? The Palacio font is cool enough for your modern designs but is stripped down into a beautiful conventional look. 

9. Blnc by Swist’blnk

cool font example

Another awesome font with an Old Western style is Blnc. It’s suitable for almost anything print or digital. 

10. Modum by Jonathan Hill

cool font example

The rounded aesthetics of the Modum font creates a friendly and contemporary vibe, making it nice and refined. 

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11. Matchbook by Simon Walker

cool font example

This excellent font screams Western and machismo apt for your project headings. The serif style is a bit extended, which makes the font pop even more. 

12. Kawoszeh by GLUK

cool font example

What makes the Kawoszeh a stunning font to use for any design is its fine and delicate strokes that are like no other.

13. Bobber by Dmitry Goloub

cool font example

For your design headings, nothing could beat the uniqueness of the Bobber font. It’s all-caps and slab-like. 

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14. Dude by Dan Gneiding

cool font example

If you think cowboys are cool, then this font style will suit all your fun and creative designs, with a hint of an old Western vibe. 

15. Choplin by René Bieder

cool font example

The Choplin font style is simple and neutral. Choplin in bold weight is also apt for posters, or any marketing print medium. It’s even a readable font for the web as well.


16. Arcadia by Manh Nguyen

cool font example

Feminine design projects could go hand in hand with this classy and girly sans serif font.

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17. Stig by Alex Hedin

cool font example

Stig reminds me of a powerful car with a horsepower that of a Ferrari. It’s clean, classic, yet dynamic. 

18. Koliko by Fontfirma

cool font example

Accented with geometric shapes, Koliko font contains letters from Slavonic languages.  

19. Rometric by Thomas Richardson

cool font example

This artistic font dwells in geometry and lines. When both are weaved together, the outcome is this unique font, perfect for the neo yet classic designs. 

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20. Certa Sans by Glen Jan

cool font example

Simple yet competent, Certa Sans can make all your designs come to life. It also adds a modern touch to any typography or graphics in general. 

21. Ralev by Ralev

cool font example

Some of the letters in this font appear aslant, which make the Ralev sans serif font stand out. 

22. Dozer by Aaron Amar

cool font example

Dozer is a heavy font that is great for big print collaterals. However, the weight doesn’t dominate the style in any way. 

23. Baron by Font Fabric and Frank Hemmekam

cool font example

Another all-caps font, Baron exudes a touch of contemporary mixed with a dash of classic appeal. Lastly, the creative bars finish it off uniquely.

24. Rhyder by Adrian Candela

cool font example

For designs that resonate with a fun and casual audience, Rhyder is a suitable font. It’s unconstrained, laid-back yet carries a professional tone. 

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25. Fins by Jake Kho 

cool font example

Mixed with round and tapered edges, this font reminds you of the ocean elements. And yes, it is inspired by the fish in the ocean! 

Cool SCRIPT Fonts

26. Alex Brush by TypeSETit

cool font example

For soft and delicate cursive strokes, Alex Brush could do the job. It can represent any company with more formal branding.

27. Lobster Two by Impallari Type 

cool font example

What makes the Lobster Two font cool is it’s versatile enough to use in any type of graphic design.

28. Arizonia by TypeSETit

cool font example

I can see Arizonia on wedding invitations or a jewelry store logo. This font is both classy and stylish. 

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29. Tangerine by Toshi Omagari 

cool font example

The tender strokes and light weight of Tangerine create a luxurious appeal, apt for prominent and conventional brands.

30. Euphoria Script by TypeSenses

cool font example

This cursive font isn’t intimidating nor rigid. Instead, it’s fun and professional at the same time.

31. Scripting Pro by CheapProFonts

cool font example

This font deserves to be on this ‘cool fonts’ list because of its delicate cursive strokes.

32. Burlington Script by ShyFonts

cool font example

Burlington Script is a semi-bold font with sleek and clean curves, similar to that of a marker.

33. QumpellkaNo12 by GLUK

cool font example

If you want a bolder font without losing touch on the decorative strokes, QumpellkaNo12 is an apt choice.

34. Kingthings Wrote by Kingthings

cool font example

The most striking feature of Kingthings is the graffiti-like lines that make it unique among other script fonts. 

35. Condiment by Angel Koziupa

cool font example

The boldness of Condiment doesn’t take away the mellowed-down appeal of script fonts. 


36. Trashco by Loosy Design

cool font example

Trashco has an old Western look, making it ruggedly attractive. 

37. Green Piloww by Billy Argel 

cool font example

I could almost see the letters moving along to a cartoon or cooking show’s background music. The chalk-like style is perfect for fun design projects.

38. Sniper by Billy Argel

cool font example

Sniper has a washed-out look that makes it fresh and uncommon.

39. Pentagon by Lime

cool font example

Pentagon has a retro Western look. However, the stars sprawled all over each letter add a modern flair. 

40. Vtks Sonho by Douglas Vitkauskas

cool font example

This font could pass for Halloween invitations and posters, or Gothic parties due to its eerie look.

41. KR Keltic One by Kat’s Fun Fonts

cool font example

Although KR Keltic One should be used sparingly, the style stands out for its Celtic art. 

42. Love Letters by Aileen Lau

cool font example

This decorative font dons a bold look, but the small hearts tone down the stately composure. 

43. Rebecca by Parallax 

cool font example

The beautiful curlicues of this seemingly handwritten script make this font stick out. 

44. Fiddums Family by DJ-JohnnyRka

cool font example

Based on the Addam’s Family font, Fiddums Family is creepy, melancholic, and bewitching at the same time. 

45. KR Floral Script by Kat’s Fun Fonts

cool font example

We can’t end this ‘cool fonts’ list without including an overly soft style. The boldness and femininity of this font are timely for designs with women-based audiences. 

Cool MEDIEVAL Fonts 

46. Royal Font by Aldus

cool font example

This medieval font screams “royalty.” It’s one of those fancy old English fonts that you can use for invitations or even tattoos. According to users, the font only works if you press the caps lock on your keyboard.

47. Black Magic by Ice Dragon

cool font example

Black Magic leans into a more dark representation of medieval times. It’s a cool font to use for fantasy or historical-themed designs. 

48. Anchor Steam NF Font by Nick’s Font

cool font example

Anchor steam’s typeface is a superb blend between Art Deco and certain medieval elements. The stylized uppercase “A” and “U” look tasteful. 

49. Sable Font by Kevin Richey

cool font example

Sable is a medieval font that looks like calligraphy with broken lines. Even though it seems fantastic, the font must use it sparingly as the uppercase design is challenging to distinguish. 

50. PentaGram’s Salemica Font by FULL MOON Design House

cool font example

Occult and magical themes inspire this Salemica Font’s design. The stylized “A” looks interesting as it looks like an arrowhead or an incomplete triangle. 

Cool ANTIQUE Fonts

51. Coffee Tin by Rick Mueller

cool font example

The Coffee Tin font features a two-toned typeface. It’s a cool antique font that’s perfect for labels, signages, and posters. 

52. Treasure Map Deadhand Font by Gemfonts

cool font example

This fabulous antique font looks like handwriting. Some users incorporated the font in their themed birthday, invitation, and game design. 

53. Faulmann Font by Daredemotypo

cool font example

Glyphs inspired this antique typeface. The font designer based it in a book called “Das Buch der Schrift” by Carl Faulmann. 

54. Coventry Garden Font by Nick’s Font

cool font example

The letterhead designs of old books inspire Coventry Garden’s swash uppercase treatment. 

Cool 3D Fonts

55. Xtrude Font by Garphynk

cool font example

This fantastic 3D front has a dramatic extruded effect. Overall, the effect looks like a shadow is cast on the typeface.  

56. Adamas Font by Colorblind

cool font example

This font has an excellent geometric effect that looks like a wireframe. It’s a fun typeface to use for futuristic types of design. 

57. Neon Lights Font by Allen R. Walden

cool font example

Neon Lights Font is another cool 3D font that’s perfect for futuristic designs. The typeface effect looks metallic and somewhat shiny. 

58. BLOCKHEAD Font by Rebecca

cool font example

Blockhead is a fun 3D font that looks hand-drawn. It’s best for quirky design outputs. 

59. Wednesday Matinee Shadow Font by Brand Labs

cool font example

Wednesday Matinee Shadow is inspired by the old-style theater marquee letters. The designer gives it a modern twist by incorporating a dramatic shadow effect. 

60. BPmolecules Font by Backpacker

cool font example

This font has a fun 3D dot-to-dot effect, making the letters look as if formed by molecules.  

61. Demon Cubic Block Font by FOD

cool font example

The Demon Cubic Block looks like a typeface seemingly inspired by the game of Tetris. It has a fun 3D effect that has cubic blocks stacked together to form a letter. 

Cool HOLIDAY Fonts

62. Sketch Bones Font by Character 

cool font example

This incredible font has a sketch-like feature that involves bones to form letters. It’s perfect for Halloween or horror-themed design projects. 

63. Candy Stripe Font by Aenigma Fonts

cool font example

This superb holiday has a candy cane stripe effect. It’s a fun typeface to use for Christmas design projects. 

64. Easter Bunny Font by Dieter Steffman

cool font example

Let’s end this list with a quirky and fun holiday typeface that’s perfect for Easter design projects. 

Requesting Graphic Designs with Cool Fonts

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