The importance of Facebook Business cover photos can’t be stressed enough. Think of it this way: if the profile photo is the face of the brand, the Facebook cover photo is the welcome mat that greets your guests as they enter your virtual space.

Needless to say, a well-thought-of cover photo can make a good impression and amp up your creative strategy. These examples will inspire you to craft an image that’ll put your best foot forward.

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15 Facebook Business Cover Photos that Let Branding Shine Through

Here are Facebook Business cover photos from businesses worldwide. See how each brand made the most out of an image to make a great impression among page visitors.

1. BMW

facebook business cover image

The cover photo of this German multinational automobile and motorcycle company is a short video of BMW M235i xDrive. The material shows the best features of the car. At the same time, it gives the viewer a teaser of how it feels like to drive it. Additionally, the car used for the video has a blue hue, reminiscent of the brand’s logo.

2. Coca-Cola

facebook business cover image

This carbonated beverage company’s photo reflects who they want their brand to be associated with happy moments. The placement of the Coke bottle within the image is strategic. Cover photos display at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones and 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers. Thus, the brand image should be displayed near the center to make it prominent on both configurations.

3. Victoria’s Secret

facebook business cover image

This brand of women’s lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products is well-known for its annual fashion show. Therefore, many were shocked to hear the cancellation of their 2019 show. Despite this, however, their cover photo looks like a series of behind the scenes snapshots of a fashion show.

4. Peet’s Coffee

facebook business cover image

Most coffee brands would feature their coffee packaging design on their cover photo. However, Peet’s Coffee goes against the grain by using a vision of the coffee experience you’ll enjoy when you have their product. Consequently, the food styling is exquisite and will make any coffee lover crave for a cup. 

5. JCPenney

facebook business cover image

The department store chain’s Facebook Business page features an eye-catching gif. The image shows a spread of some of the items available on their store, including apparel, shoes, accessories, and toys. Despite it being a gif, however, the limited moving components prevent it from being too noisy.

6. Microsoft Surface

facebook business cover image

Microsoft surface’s cover photo showcases their line of products without being overpowering. The mixture of pictures and graphics makes the image look dynamic and creative. The color palette of the background is simple. Thus, the viewer’s attention goes straight to the products.

7. Lipton

facebook business cover image

Lipton’s banner graphic is a gif image featuring their tea packaging design. The photo shows a box of their green tea variety besides a clear cup of steeping tea. On top of the cup are green leaves whimsically falling. As a result, the image looks relaxing and peaceful without being boring and lackluster.

8. Shake Shack

facebook business cover image

This New York City-based fast-casual restaurant chain features a Facebook cover photo with a warm color palette. The hues of their golden burger buns look very well with the oranges and maroons of the image. The image showcases the chain’s best-loved menu items. At the same time, the food styling made the spread look lovely and festive – a table that you’d want to share with loved ones.

9. Panda Express

facebook business cover image

This American Chinese cuisine fast-food used their Facebook for Business cover photo to bring attention to an on-going promo. The layout, typography, and color palette of the text go well with the image of the item. Furthermore, they made sure that the resolution of the image is crystal clear, which is a must when you’re marketing food.

10. Amazon Prime

facebook business cover image

If you’re looking for ideas of Facebook Business cover photos, check out Amazon Prime’s Facebook Business page. The photo features a load of boxes one on top of another. The boxes feature their signature logo of what looks like a cross between an arrow and a smile. 

11. Kate Spade New York

facebook business cover image

Kate Spade New York’s FB page features a unique cover photo – a pattern that features a repetition of their spade logo. This image looks great, especially on mobile. This is because the cover photo serves as a nice background and leads the viewer’s eyes to the profile pic. If you’re planning to create something similar for your page, make sure that you follow Facebook cover page size in inches, which is 40×15 inches on a default resolution of 75 pixels per inch

12. IKEA

facebook business cover image

Priding itself in using responsibly-sourced wood for their furniture, IKEA is one of the most well-known sustainable businesses in the international arena. Consequently, the living room setup in its cover photo features natural elements. At the same time, instead of going for a generic template, they choose a photo with a color palette that looks well with their logo.

13. Adidas

facebook business cover image

The best feature of Adidas’ cover photo is its energy and dynamism. The image is promotional material for the brand’s Goodbye Gravity line. Just like other brands, they took advantage of the chance to draw attention to a product collection.

14. Nike

facebook business cover image

The sports shoes, apparel, and accessories brand opted for a minimalist cover photo. Some viewers might find this image to be too plain. After all, even the black and white palette is as basic as you can get. However, it looks very well, especially when viewed through mobile.

15. Lacoste

facebook business cover image

This French apparel and accessories company takes a classic approach with their cover photo. The image shows their iconic green crocodile logo on a white shirt. Despite the plainness of the graphic, however, the sleek elegance of the brand shines through. At the same time, anyone who knows the brand would recognize the photo at first glance.