When we say ‘Facebook Ads Audience,’ we meant exactly just that. It’s the market with whom you plan to show your advertisements within the platform.

Remember that Facebook isn’t about keyword targeting. But rather, you have to identify your exact audience so that your ads will reach them accordingly. The advantage of using the Facebook ads audience for advertisements is that you can intentionally expose and grow your business through your campaigns

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In this post, we want to share with you what the best practices are to grow your Facebook Ads audience. And at the same time, convert them to actual customers. Take note that these tips are from the top-tiered marketers out there.   

Look at Your Customer Base 

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This is the first step that marketers would recommend, and for a good reason. 

If you have been running the business for quite some time now, then you probably have an existing customer base. This means you have the basic information about your clients. Use that to your advantage by lifting essential details that could help you target the right Facebook ads audience. 

For example, have you been selling your products or services to middle-aged male? If yes, what are their common interests? Are they more of an outdoor person, or a homebody highly engaged in online activities? But you shouldn’t stop at this information. You need to stretch your imagination and think of other activities that they might engage themselves in as well. From there, you can create better materials that could spark interest. 

Likewise, Facebook allows you to feed them with actual mailing lists. So aside from sending them newsletters, you can also feed the data to the platform, and your ads will reach them. 

Broad vs. Specific Facebook Ads Audience 

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More often than not, you will hear people say that you have to create ads that will target a specific audience. While that is true in most cases, this depends on your objectives. Targeting a broad audience also has its benefits in terms of introducing or exposing your products and services to unfamiliar markets. 

It’s an ideal technique if you want to see if your brand is appealing to other audiences. This is not to say that you have to randomly choose your target market. Bear in mind that Facebook has billions of users, and that could be a futile technique. Instead, create a persona that would likely be interested in what you are offering. 

Word of caution

Do not focus your budget on this one alone. You see, your ads might get a lot of traction such as likes and comments, but there’s no guarantee that your sales will surge.   

As for targeting a highly specific audience, you have to be careful as well because it is naturally too limited. Refer back to our first tip where we asked you to maximize your customer base. From here, you will know how to categorize your market. You need to identify the right demographic and interests which you can easily configure before running your ads. You may use Layered or Custom targeting for this.

The beauty of this approach is that you can expect to get actual conversions when done right. Remember that these people are already interested in your products and services, and just need a bit of push to purchase. 

You can also reach out to a new set of similar markets using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature. With this, it mirrors the characteristics and personalities of your core audience. And as a result, the same advertisements will be shown to them, sparking interest, and you can potentially convert them to actual consumers.   

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Here’s another tip for you. There’s an audience meter on Facebook that could help you identify if the audience is too broad or too specific. Again, there’s no hard-and-fast rule for this one. Go back to your core objective and see which markets you need to tap into.     

Use Location-Based Targeting 

When you are servicing a local market or a specific region, you might want to use a location-based targeting approach where you can narrow down your audience based on the country, city, postal code, and even specific address radius.

If you are managing a business similar to a home or car repair services where the market wants to hire companies within their area, this could be the best advertising strategy.

Review Data Analytics Regularly and Revise Strategy

When building your Facebook ads audience, you should take advantage of data analytics. From here, you can already see if your advertisements are reaching the right market or if there is an engagement. Seeing this information right away should prompt you to change your strategy if necessary. Or you can create new advertisements that will suit a different demographic.

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Some of you might ask if you need to create different ads for all the potential markets. The answer is NO. If you have several advertisements, it will be more challenging to get data that is significant enough to create brand new strategies.  

You must check and review your Facebook ads based on three metrics, namely Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking where it will be compared to ads competing for the same audience. 

Final Thoughts 

While the platform allows a marketer to configure a specific audience, the result isn’t always automatic. Like everything else, you need to understand your audience and tailor-fit your efforts to make your advertisements effective. 

Depending on your objective, you can choose to target a broad or specific audience. But you have to create a balance and use the right data. Otherwise, you might waste your budget running ads for an audience that will unlikely purchase from you. 

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