Barbara Anne Isla, Author at Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Barbara Anne Isla

BA Isla is a Content Writer and also an Events Host. She left the corporate world to do what she loves and to spend more time with her amazing kids. She hopes to bring valuable change to society with her words.

Articles written by Barbara Anne Isla:


21 Top Marketing Materials That Will ACTUALLY Bring in Business

With the rise of digital marketing, many people think that traditional marketing materials will be...

Social media marketers

Creating a Facebook Ads Audience That ACTUALLY Converts

When we say ‘Facebook Ads Audience,’ we meant exactly just that. It’s the market with...

Social media marketers

Facebook Advertising Strategy: Ad Examples That Stopped the Scroll

Facebook is an excellent platform for advertising, not just because it has millions of users....

Social media marketers

If You’re a Marketer Not Using Facebook Interactive Ads, You’re Missing Out

As marketers, it is a must that you know the trends that will keep the...

Social media marketers

Creating Social Media Ads on a Tight Budget

Social media ads are a must if you want to boost your marketing efforts. But...

Small businesses

Testing Your Website UX for the Best Interactions

Do you want to know if your website UX design is effective? What are the...

Email marketers

15 Email Design Examples that Subscribers Love

You probably know by now that email marketing is an effective way to reach your...


10 App UX Secrets Insiders Won’t Tell You

When designing apps, you should not only work on visual appeal. While it is important...


A Non-Designer’s Guide to Good App Design

In 2019, there are roughly five billion mobile phone users around the world. Thus, it...

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