University students either fall into the Millennial and Generation Z age group. Marketers tend to focus on the upcoming demographic in order to convert the most amount of sales. Generation Z will be the crowd where they will start buying product and services the most. Products such as a car, groceries, computers, a house, and etc. These are also distinctively the audience who will go to university.

Every marketer knows marketing to new generations will be hard. They all have a new communication style, interests, and goals in mind. Kids perceive the world differently and are passionate about different things, unlike older generations. So, it will be hard to market to a drastically different crowd. But, there are many other ways to market to Millennials and Generation Z.

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In the meantime, learn how to connect with the target market for universities:

Put Your Message on Multiple Channels

The new generation does not know a world without technology and social media. So, be careful about where you market your university. The most reliable platform to reach younger generations is through social media. There are many social media channels to market off of. Finding a social media platform is not the hard part, searching for a platform that your target audience uses is.

In order to prevent miscommunication, put your message on multiple channels. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter have an array of different types of users. Younger generations tend to have accounts on all social media channels, or others only use one of the four. So, get to know where users will be more prone to be exposed to your marketing. Art students will tend to be on Instagram, activists will be on Twitter and etc.

Align Your Interests With The Younger Crowd

Times have changed and the generations have different priorities. In order to genuinely connect with the target market, then you have to align your interests with the younger generations. Millennials and Generation Z have a very specific interest: memes. This new trend have become an integral part of their generation in how they depict comedy, communication, and news. So, project the same interest into your university marketing in order to attract the target audience.

Create smart, effective campaigns efficiently

Meet your conversion goals using visuals that stand out

I need this!

Millennials and Generation Z tend to respond the most to social media marketing. That is why Snapchat and Instagram have many promotion opportunities. Due to social media marketing, it has created a lot of many new careers. Social media influencers and Youtubers connect the strongest with Millennials and Generation Z. These figures have become the spokesperson for the two generations. So, hire an influencer to promote your university. Celebrities like Will Smith have even became a Youtuber in order to improve his marketing. Follow the new trend and innovate your marketing strategies.

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Make It Personal

A good marketing strategy will make the consumer feel special. Even better, if a campaign is exceptionally well crafted, then most people won’t even notice that it is a marketing campaign. A promising way to do that is to make the campaign personal. In order to do that, use lines such as their name, interest, major, etc. For example, look at the Coke bottles with the personalized name labels. That is a prime example of including small features in your marketing campaign in order to make consumers feel unique. Be authentic with your message.

A simple way to personalize the university marketing experience is through direct communication. Ask questions, have a poll, etc. Just appeal to the needs of your consumer. Universities tend to have a poll in order to improve their student’s school experience. So, keep implementing their needs more and appeal to their wants and needs.

Get Them Talking About You

The fastest way to reach your target audience is through word of mouth marketing. So, one of the best strategies to do word of mouth marketing is to be trending. Follow the viral trends in order to connect with Millennials and Generation Z. So, get them talking about you through good content. Do things such as create a viral video, viral tweet, famous Instagram photo, or anything that makes Millennials and Generation Z laugh or love.

What Would a University Student Want

Every consumer has a demand. University students all have one goal in mind: a degree. So, when it comes to marketing, share the educational opportunities that the school has to offer. Although students will look for a school with a fun atmosphere, the focus is on getting a good degree. Advertise what a university student would want out of a school. That includes: student life, education, internships/job opportunities, and more.

Three Steps to Requesting Designs on Penji

Now that you have tips to attract your target audience, get the lowdown on how to request designs from Penji.

Step 1: Create

penji platform

Upon subscribing to a Penji plan, head to your dashboard and click New Project. There, you need to provide details of your design brief. Make sure to fill in the following:

  • Project Title
  • Design Category
  • Description

If you can’t search the design from the drop-down, you can choose to Create a Custom Project instead.

Make sure to follow the What to Include in your design brief. This way, your assigned designer will get an idea of how to produce your requested visual.

When you submit your design brief, we’ll assign the project to a designer. They will provide a draft within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 2: Revise

penji platform

When you receive your first draft, you can either revise or download it.

All Penji subscribers have access to unlimited revisions. Unlike freelancers or other design services, you won’t have to think about revision limitations. Plus with Penji, revisions don’t cost extra. It’s integrated into your plan. So, point out the revisions until you’re satisfied.

In doing that, use our point-and-click feature. This enables you to specify how you want the designs improved.

Step 3: Download

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Do you love the design you received? Click Download, and the design(s) will be saved to your computer. You don’t have to request an email link or download it from an external website. You can do it on the Penji platform.

Connect with Your Target Audience by Using Penji

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