Design Pickle is a popular graphic design service globally. They offer graphic design work and video editing for businesses and agencies. However, Design Pickle can be a hit-and-miss for some companies, leading them to switch to better alternatives. If you’re also planning on switching to another graphic design service, here’s our list of the best Design Pickle competitors!

Top 7 Design Pickle Competitors

1. Penji

penji logo

One of Design Pickle’s most popular competitors is Penji. Both businesses are unlimited graphic design services and offer similar design types. However, Penji and Design Pickle are neck and neck; Penji has some advantages over Design Pickle in some areas.

First, Penji offers 120+ design services. This includes ad designs, branding, illustrations, and motion graphics! 

Secondly, Penji has much more affordable pricing plans than Design Pickle. Penji plans start at $499/mo, whereas Design Pickle’s cheapest plan is $649/mo. 

Finally, Penji has an edge on turnaround times. At the latest, Penji designers deliver their outputs within two days. However, as you scale up, you get designs the same day! Design Pickle has a 24-hour turnaround on simple graphic design work and a 48 to 72-hour turnaround time on presentations and motion graphics.

These three reasons (and so much more!) are why businesses love subscribing to Penji. Take a look at our designers’ works to see why Penji is the preferred graphic design service by 25,000 brands and agencies worldwide!

2. Toptal

toptal logo

If you’ve worked with freelancers before and want to replicate that success, Toptal is one of the best places to find the top freelancers worldwide. The freelance site vets freelancers to join their exclusive club, but only 3% make it to the platform. 

You can find logo designers, UI/UX designers, web designers, illustrators, brand designers, and more! Additionally, you can expect to work alongside professional freelancers with experience partnering with big brands like Bridgestone, Microsoft, and Salesforce!

Before using Toptal, you need to prepare $500 in addition to the fee that the designer sets while working with them. However, Toptal says the $500 will be refunded IF you decide not to push through with the designer.

3. Twine

twine logo

Another place to find top designers is Twine. Twine is a creative and tech freelance site.

Twine requires you to fill out a form. It takes around two to three minutes to accomplish. Once done, your form will become a project. Freelancers can submit their pitches or invite someone to do that. However, you can also select from handpicked designers who are ideal for the job. Finally, settle on an agreement with the designer on your terms and payments.

Twine has two pricing plans. First is the free plan, where you can post a job and screen freelancers. However, it has a 5% service fee. Meanwhile, its Business plan will require you to pay $139.99/project. You get access to managed service, consolidated billing, and personalized vetting.

4. Dribbble

dribbble logo

Dribbble was originally a graphic design portfolio site before it expanded to allow potential clients to hire freelancers on-site. It’s a good starter site to check, especially if you haven’t decided on what design style you want for your brand. Upon browsing your preferred design style, you can contact the designer by clicking on their work. 

Alternatively, you can post a job ad and switch between job ads. However, you can further leverage Dribbble to find freelancers with the Hiring Suite. This allows you to search for more designers, filter designers, and send unlimited messages.

The Job Board costs $5/day, and the Hiring Suite is $10/day.

5. 99Designs

99designs logo

Another great Design Pickle competitor is 99Designs. This site allows you to start a design contest or hire a freelancer.

The design contest is ideal when you need multiple design styles. You can submit a design contest for every design including logo, social media, website, illustrations, packaging, and more. However, you should expect to pay more if you want to receive more designs.

Alternatively, you can hire freelancers directly on 99Designs. Like Dribbble, you can check out designer portfolios. From there, you can invite them to work or send them a message.

6. Creativepool

creativepool logo

Creativepool offers three ways to connect you with graphic designers. You can hire agencies, freelancers, or employees! You can post job ads or purchase a Talent Pass to do this. A Talent Pass entitles you to search for freelancers and send them a message.

Creativepool has the top 5% of all creatives worldwide. Plus, you don’t need to pay commissions when you hire an agency! Additionally, if you decide to hire an agency, you must fill out a “studiobrief,” where Creativepool will send your brief to the best agencies for your project. Once an agency is interested in working with you, you can send them a message!

7. Upwork

upwork logo

Our final pick for the top Design Pickle competitor is Upwork. Upwork is a freelance marketplace that allows users to find designers from different disciplines worldwide. Fortunately, Upwork helps you connect to top designers when you search for them. Before you message or hire a designer, you’ll see their ratings and job success percentage. Plus, you’ll know how much they charge hourly. Designers charge hourly for as low as $10/hr.

Why is Penji the BEST Design Pickle Competitor?

Aside from what we’ve said above, the other Design Pickle competitors will still require you to hire graphic designers, which can be time-consuming and costly. You no longer need to hire graphic designers when you subscribe to Penji. Our designers have undergone a vetting process to ensure only the cream of the crop makes it to our team.

Additionally, Penji has a built-in platform where you can send requests, talk to designers, and point out revisions. You don’t need to switch between multiple apps to submit your design brief and communicate with designers.

Finally, you can submit an x number of projects during your subscription. Simply submit a design request, and your designer will get to it as soon as possible. Plus, you also get unlimited revisions. You don’t have to pay extra since this is included in the plan!

If that convinces you to consider Penji as your graphic design partner, watch a video demo to make the switch to Penji!