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The Custom Web Design Service That You Haven’t Tried (And You SHOULD)

July 31, 2020, by

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Every business owner thinks of ways to make their businesses more profitable. One way to do this is to save on things that they consider as secondary. Sadly, many believe that web design is one and isn’t much of a priority. They look for ways to get it without spending too much.  

Because of this, websites that offer to help you create instant web page designs are very tempting. They’re quick and cheap. These services are quite inviting as you can see the results in just a few minutes. But are they really worth it?

Penji is one of the custom web design services that you probably haven’t tried yet, but you should. Let’s show you the many different ways to get beautiful web page designs and why Penji is the best choice.

Custom Web Design vs. Web Templates

Business owners have a lot on their plates. So it’s no surprise if they wouldn’t know the difference between custom web design and web templates. Here’s a brief explanation of what these two are and how they’re different:

Web Templates

As the name suggests, a template website lets you create your website from their libraries of templates. These are ready-made websites that you put in your business details and images. Most of them are drag and drop, so you get the results in minutes.


Getting your own website is quick and easy with these web templates. Even without any tech or design skills, you can have one right away. And with a meager price tag, it’s preferred by most small businesses or startups.


Internet Live Stats tell us that there are over 1.7 billion active websites in the world. Imagine if all of these websites used a template. The chances are remarkably high that you’ll have a website that looks similar to a hundred others. Using a web template won’t guarantee you that your website will look unique or even professionally-made.

Custom Web Design Services

When you hire a web designer to design your website for you, that already the job of custom web design services. They create one from scratch using the information you provide them. It isn’t getting a design from a collection, then altering it to make it your own.


You get a website that’s professional-looking, unique, and stands out from the crowd. It allows you to incorporate your branding to make the site distinctively yours. This adds credibility that is the number one deciding factor that shapes prospects’ opinion of your website, according to Blue Corona studies.  


Custom web design services can be expensive. Hiring a freelancer to do it can have many complications. But when you work with Penji, you won’t have to worry about pricing and quality design as we have combined them in our services.

Penji’s Custom Web Design Service

Penji is an on-demand graphic design service that provides you with high-quality custom web design services as well. We can create unique web page designs for your business in as little as 24 to 48 hours. And the best part of it is you get unlimited graphic design for as low as $369 per month.

design packages

Hiring a freelancer to design your website has its benefits, but there’s no guarantee that what you get is what you pay for. You’ll never know if they’ll just use the same web templates and pass the work as their own. 

With Penji, you don’t have to worry about our web designers doing that. Our high standards of recruiting designers ensure that you get all-original work. Our team of graphic designers is vetted to be on the top 2%, that’s why.

Here are some samples of our previous work:

penji portfolio

Is Custom Web Design Worth It?

With any other platforms, it’s questionable, but with Penji, it’s a resounding yes! With Penji’s custom web design services, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind website. One that can help you gain credibility, authority, and trustworthiness for your business. 

While other channels give you only web design services, Penji can provide more. You can send requests for your graphic design needs, such as logo design or custom illustrations. Our Team and Agency plans allow you to have custom illustrations that you can use on your web page designs.

Our business plans allow you to cancel any time should your workload decreases. There is no contract that you need to sign. You can sign up again once the number of your projects pick up.

If you’re still unconvinced, see our demo video today. Click here to learn more

Benefits of Custom Web Design

Shopify estimates that there are about $4.9 trillion retail eCommerce sales from 2014 to 2021 worldwide. This is spread among the massive amounts of eCommerce stores around the world. The number ranges from 12 to 24 million online stores.

Any business owner worth their salt understands the challenge of competing against that vast amount. This is the reason you don’t leave your website design to just anyone. It has to be designed by a professional for it to look professional.

A Business2Community study shows that 94% of people cite poor design to mistrust or reject a website. A custom-designed website includes all your branding assets that templates won’t be able to do. The designs are made specifically to suit your business requirements. 

Penji’s Website Creation Process

The first thing our designers will ask you for when you send a request for web page design are the following:

  • A short overview of your business
  • Your target market
  • Business goals and objectives
  • Your brand colors, typography, and other digital assets

Once they get these requirements from you, they’ll create “Wireframes/Low Fidelity Prototypes” of your website. These are like the blueprints when having a house constructed. This will give you an idea of how the web pages will work, how things are placed, and how many pages there will be.

They will do this in black and white to allow you to see the site’s functions and behavior. This helps you to avoid being detail-oriented and see the main functionality of the website first. Then they will add in the details for you to see it in its full glory.

Unlimited Graphic Design and Revisions

What makes Penji the best source for custom web design services is our unlimited designs and revisions. You can have your designs revised as much as you need to. We want to give you only the best designs, and this will only be possible if you’re satisfied with our work.

Our turnaround time is anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. For revisions, we strive to finish them within 24 hours. This may not be as quick as templates, but you’re sure that what you’re getting is worth waiting.

Requesting Your Web Design on Penji

To submit your web design request, go to the Penji dashboard. Here’s what it looks like:

penji platform

Click on the +New project button to start the process. Type in the project title and choose the category. If your project isn’t on the drop-down list, click on the Create a custom project button. For web design, this is what you’ll see on the dashboard:

penji platform

It will ask you for details of your project or links to your existing website if any. Click on Next. You’ll then see the description box where you’ll type in what you want to have on the design. This is also where you can include attachments that you wish the designers to use as references.

penji platform

Select the level of customization, the file deliverables, and then the New brand folder. This is where you’ll describe your brand and upload the associated files. Make sure to do this as this will make it easier for you when requesting your next projects.

penji platform

Click on the Create project button. Wait for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of your project. You’ll receive email notifications about the progress of your request. You can also check the dashboard regularly to see how your project is going.

When you receive the design, you can now review it and send revisions if needed. When satisfied with the work, you can now mark the project as complete. You can also leave feedback for the designer and the service in general.

All your files will remain in our system for up to 90 days when you cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you can keep coming back to your files any time you need to. Also, everything you request will become your property. You get full ownership of the designs and use them for whatever purposes you have.

Final Thoughts

Finding a competent yet inexpensive web designer can be frustratingly difficult. Penji has made web and graphic design affordable and accessible. If you’re tired of finding that perfect designer, stop right now and contact us today. We are the custom web design service you’ve always wanted.

About the author

Carla is a freelance writer and television producer. She is also the founder of Inspired Space, a blog and eCommerce shop for freelancers and passion pursuers.

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