A logo plays a super important role in shaping a business’s brand identity. But here’s the catch: it has to be done right. According to Forbes, a logo that hits the mark should exude qualities like trust, honor, pride, integrity, and excellence. It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Here’s something interesting: a survey conducted by StudyFinds revealed that a whopping 60% of consumers actually steer clear of brands that have strange and unappealing logos, even if those brands have great reviews. Can you believe that? It just goes to show how crucial it is to have a logo that resonates with people and makes a positive impression right from the start.

An excellent way to create a logo that works well for your brand is to use fonts in it. They’re easy to understand, memorable, and provide instant recognition, among others. Need an awesome logo for your brand? Check out Penji for unlimited graphic design services or one-off logo designs.

In the meantime, here are cool fonts for logos that you can get for free:


cool fonts for logos

Inspired by the font family Helvetica, Aileron is described as a Neo-Grotesque sans serif super-family of fonts. This was created by the Japanese designer Sora Sagano and has improvements that make it different from its inspiration. 

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cool fonts for logos

This font type got its name from the sixteenth-century Parisian engraver Claude Garamond. Most commonly found in book and magazine texts but can beautify any logo. It is from a family of old serif typefaces, so expect it to give your logos versatility and flexibility.

Akura Popo

cool fonts for logos

If you’re going for that vintage and classic look, Akura Popo is a good font type to consider. It is a condensed serif font/typeface that connotes strength, boldness, and purpose. It is ideal for logos yet can be used for a variety of designs.


cool fonts for logos

Created by designers Alex Frukta and Vladimir Tomin, Koliko is a geometric form sans serif typeface. It has clean curves, functional structure, and Latin and Cyrillic tones. It projects a trendy and upbeat persona that’s ideal for tech, fashion, or furniture logos.


cool fonts for logos

One of the longest-used fonts, Bodoni, was created by the Italian designer Giambattista Bodoni in the 18th century. It has unbracketed serifs and a geometric style that can be seen in almost any type of design. 


cool fonts for logos

This free cool font for logos is a series of typefaces created by Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger around the ’70s. It is the combination of humanistic sans serif typefaces legibility and the geometric lines of the font Univers. It is the font used on Swiss passports, proof of its easy readability.

Sackers Gothic

cool fonts for logos

With broad and squat proportions, Sackers Gothic is a sans-serif typeface created by Monotype Design Studio in 1994. It has an engraver style that is based on Western text with its Roman square capitals. It has no lowercase version and looks good on logos, t-shirts, and other design materials.

Avance Bold

cool fonts for logos

Evert Bloemsma designed the Avance font family. The example below uses bold weight and style. This free cool font for logos is vibrant, energetic, and dynamic is suitable for the automobile industry.

Neo Sans

cool fonts for logos

Designed in 2004 by British designer Sebastian Lester, Neo Sans has clean lines, curved edges, and futuristic notes. When used in Italic style, it projects speed and strength, perfect for sports or car logos. You’’ find this font type in big named brands such as Kia Motors and Virgin Trains.

Bambusa Pro

cool fonts for logos

Hanneke Classen designed the Bambusa Pro font using a bamboo pen, hence the name. This font is an expressive calligraphy type that illustrates a carefree, cheerful, and lighthearted disposition. This font type looks best when used with both upper and lower cases. It can be hard to read when you use all capitals only.


cool fonts for logos

Elegant, stunning, unique, and luxurious are some adjectives to describe the Exodus font. It comes in different styles such as wide, stencil, and striped. You can use it for fashion, cosmetics, and many other niches that require affluence without overdoing it.


cool fonts for logos

This list of cool fonts for logos wouldn’t be complete with the font type Blenda. It is an experimental script font that uses the Lobster font as inspiration. Cafes, restaurants, bars, and many others would have their logos look trendy and upbeat with this font type.

Azedo Bold

cool fonts for logos

Pedro Azedo, a designer from Portugal, created this font type for his brand identity. It is innovative, geometric, and cutting edge. It also has lowercases but looks good however you want to use it. This font is ideal for logos and many other design assets.


cool fonts for logos

Another calligraphic type font that looks fresh, young, and badass. If you’re looking for a distinctly strong yet elegant font for your logo, Badhead is a good choice. It has alternatives that would look stunning as well. It goes well with streetwear, art studio, or any industry that needs an edgy look.


cool fonts for logos

A beautiful script font by Aulya Rahman, Nelda is flirty, playful, and high-spirited. It is an excellent combination of handwriting and brush lettering. This font type would look good in a logo but can be used on posters, business cards, and even social media graphics.


cool fonts for logos

A clean-cut look is what Ginebra font gives you. Designed by Yai Salinas from Argentina, Ginebra would look great for fashion, cosmetics, or anything that requires elegance and crisp lines. It is a serif type that is a cross between old style and neoclassical serifs, with dots in and out of the letters.


cool fonts for logos

Created by Samuel Oakes & Alfredo Marco Pradil, the Orkney font is a simple, geometric sans serif typeface. If you want clarity and legibility in your logo, this is the font to use. It projects an image of professionalism, stability, and strength among many positive characteristics. 


cool fonts for logos

A simple, rounded typeface that’s created by Ryoichi Tsunekawa using “Bebas Neue” as inspiration. It is a sans serif font very much suitable for logos as it’s easy to read. Its versatility will give you the personalization to make it your own.

Final Thoughts

Logo design is a serious business, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Get inspiration from these cool fonts for logos that are absolutely free. You can use them to design your own logos and other graphic design materials. Or you may take the easier and better route, which is to work with us at Penji. Sign up now, and get unlimited graphic design services or one-off logo designs.