Fonts are an essential element of graphic design, typography, and branding. Using the right fonts can make your design attractive and stand out. It’s also affordable, as many companies offer accessible font collections, including fonts for commercial use. Here is a list of websites to get free commercial fonts for your graphic design and branding projects. 

1. The League of Moveable Type

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The League of Moveable Type is a collective of designers and developers who created open-source fonts for the web. The platform is launched to raise the design standards of the web. The League of Movable Type offers a catalog of well-curated fonts that are free to use. Likewise, they regularly update the fonts, fix bugs and add new features. The website also offers a newsletter, podcast, and courses to improve typography skills.

2. Google Fonts

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Google Fonts has one of the most extensive free and open-source fonts. It is a reliable option for web developers and designers looking for high-quality, customizable typography for their designs. One of the fantastic features of Google Fonts is that it supports languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, and many others. If you’re considering an open-source website that offers easy-to-use free commercial fonts, Google Fonts should be your top option. Once you’ve found the font you love, download it to your computer or copy the code to embed it on your website.

Google Fonts features the Fonts Knowledge section, which provides original guides about the world of typography. There, you can learn how to achieve the perfect font combination.

3. Font Squirrel

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It’s time to get trendy fonts licensed for commercial use only at Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel is quite different from the other websites in our collection. They compile fonts from other websites and provide links to them. Meanwhile, all the fonts are free for commercial use and come in OTF or TTF format. At Font Squirrel, you can filter your fonts by type, category, tags, and more.


free commercial font example sells various fonts but provides more than 1,300 free font families. The platform allows you to filter these by classification, weight, width, language, etc. As you explore each font, suggests examples of how it will look in your project. They allow you to test it with flyers, banners, logos, and other mock-ups. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive collection of fonts with various licensing options to suit your needs, is a go-to website. 

5. DaFont

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Here’s a popular site that offers a massive collection of free fonts that can be used for commercial purposes. DaFont is one of the oldest and best sources for downloading fonts. However, filtering through such a comprehensive library can take time and effort. So, Dafont set up a category system at the top. This is the best place to start. Explore a sub-category like Cartoon or Handwritten.

6. Font Bundles

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Font Bundles is a website that helps designers save money by curating font bundles. Through the free fonts section, you can download and use it once you sign up for an account.

Unlike other websites on this list, the collection on Font Bundles keeps changing dynamically. Every week, one premium font gets featured on the Free Font of the Week page. If you’re a budding typographer, bookmark this page and return to it every week.

7. Behance

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Behance is a platform that runs as a part of Adobe with a mission to showcase and discover creative work. Search for free commercial fonts, inspirational typography, and graphic design. It is where several professional designers share their creative work. Some designers use it as a portfolio website or display and share their work, whether design assets or fonts.

8. Dribbble

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Dribbble is a similar platform to Behance, which is mainly preferred by UI designers. The fonts available on Dribbble are designed by skilled typographers and designers, ensuring they are visually appealing and easy to read. A wide selection of modern, script, and serif fonts are available. Downloading fonts from Dribbble is quick and easy, with most fonts available in multiple file formats, including OTF, TTF, and WOFF. Search for “free fonts” to get started.

9. UrbanFonts

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UrbanFonts is an easy-to-use website for free commercial fonts. It has a structure similar to Twitch DaFont, which makes it easy to navigate. You’ll find a list of fonts you can filter depending on category, popularity, or release date.

You can try out UrbanFont’s excellent preview feature. You can preview fonts using custom text on a black background. Then, you’ll see the entire alphabet in the preview box when you hover over the preview.

10. Fontext

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Fontext provides a curated library of free commercial fonts across various styles and themes. All the fonts on the website are available for personal use, with over half of them also free to use commercially—you can easily filter depending on your needs. You don’t need any registration to download the fonts and no limitation on how many you can download.

11. Fontspace

Fontspace offers over 110,000 legally licensed fonts that you can download for free. These free fonts with customizable previews are perfect for your design projects. In addition, each font is reviewed by an in-house moderator and checked for quality issues. 

Enjoy a monthly selection of free commercial fonts, or use the font generator to create fonts that are easy to copy and paste. 

12. FreeTypography

13. FontFreak

FontFreak is one of the most visited open-source font libraries on the net. Here, you can download thousands of free commercial fonts from 400+ designers. Most fonts are compatible with PC and Mac. The fonts are sorted alphabetically for a hassle-free download. You can find free calligraphy fonts, cursive fonts, graffiti fronts, and other cool fonts on the website. Feel free to visit their website often because new fonts are added daily. 

14. Abstract Fonts

This website has more than 10,000 fonts for quick download. Abstract Fonts contain eclectic categories, such as medieval, circus, and pixel-bitmap. You can also browse alphabetically or filter by collection, designer, or popularity. 

15. TypeType’s Free Fonts Project

Free Fonts Project is a free commercial font resource from TypeType Design Studio. While the resource has fewer free fonts than others in this collection, each font includes extensive font family and creative team information. You can download fonts from the Free Fonts Project for commercial and personal uses without limitations. 

What Are 3 Font Licence Types?

Font licenses come in different types, and it’s crucial to know them when getting or using a font to avoid breaking copyright laws.

1. Free for Commercial and Personal Use

This means you can use the font for personal and business purposes without cost. It’s a good choice for websites, marketing, or personal designs, reducing the risk of copyright issues.

2. Free for Personal Use

Fonts with this license are free for personal projects but can’t be used for commercial purposes. For example, you can create fun designs for friends but need help to use them on websites or for business promotions.

3. Requires Purchase

Some fonts are copyrighted but can be used legally if you buy a license from the owner. The license terms will specify if it’s for a single-use or multiple purposes. Some fonts might be accessible for personal use but require payment for commercial use. Understanding this is crucial to avoid copyright problems, ranging from a warning to a serious lawsuit.

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