Have you ever thought about implementing visuals into your business communication outlets? If you have not, you need to consider it. Business cards, presentations, emails and any other form of communication can easily take a seemingly simple message and amplify it. Take a look at a few of the many ways using visuals in your business communication can help your business thrive.

Visuals Save Time

Visuals convey messages faster than words do. Images can send a message immediately to your brain. We’re more likely to remember content with images, since they process 60,000 times faster. People have a short attention span, so if you can get your message across immediately, you have a better chance of someone paying attention to it. Most people do not want to spend the necessary time to read a message and then process it.

Visuals Ensure the Message in Clear and Unified

business communication
Your message needs to be clear when you are trying to communicate business-related ideas. Unclear and misunderstood messages can cost your business time, money and customers.

Visual Communication Results in Better Retention

Using visuals helps the viewer retain the message clearer than if it were in written form. Images stay in your long-term memory whereas words go directly to your short-term memory. In as little as two-weeks time, only 20 percent of information is remembered when it is delivered via text. However, as much as 50 percent of the same message is retained when visuals are used.  So if you want your message to be remembered, then your best course of action is to include visuals with your text.

Visuals Simplify Complex Data

business communication
The written word is often confusing, particularly when one is trying to explain complex ideas or information to others. Visuals can help with communication so it leads to quicker decision-making. 

Visuals Break Down Language Barriers

The world gets smaller every day. Many people in the United States do not speak English as their first language. Therefore doing business internationally is easier than ever. There is a good possibility that your message will need to reach a broader audience someday, so your native language will be a challenge in the process. Visual communication methods are an excellent way to bridge that gap.  It is a win-win situation for everyone.
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