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Barbara Anne Isla

BA Isla is a Content Writer and also an Events Host. She left the corporate world to do what she loves and to spend more time with her amazing kids. She hopes to bring valuable change to society with her words.

Articles written by Barbara Anne Isla:


Channel the Minds of These 20 Marketing Agencies in Portland for Your Business

Portland is a city that holds an intriguing culture. Back in the days, it was...


20 Charleston Marketing Companies with Proven Success Rates

Charleston, South Carolina is known for its historical spots and currently has a vibrant tourism...

Social media marketers

The Link Between Graphic Design And Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a relatively new field compared to more traditional channels like television,...


What Exactly Is New Media Design, And Why Is It Trending For 2020?

Designs in general, are important but subjective. A person might think that a particular design...


The Best Advertising Tactics For Your 2020 Campaigns

Advertising and marketing generally share the same objectives. And at times, a lot of people...


The Hot New Topics In Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is an interesting field because the techniques change over time. It’s challenging and...


Software Every Startup Needs In 2020

Starting a business is not an easy feat. As they always say, there will be...


Why Design Thinking Is Every Designer’s Best Kept Secret

As humans, we naturally solve things according to what we are accustomed to. It’s like...


The Top Portfolio Websites All Have These 5 Things In Common

Do you have your own portfolio website up and running? If none, then this is...

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